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Update roadmap

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The project roadmap[0] is currently outdated. We should assess the state of affairs and update accordingly.

Is the roadmap still applicable? Have our goals changed?


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Several other pages should be updated:


Perhaps a meeting should be called?

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As with these process tickets #1119 #1120 this is important to formalize to meet requirements for funding, auditing, etc.

There's several distinct issues:

1) Where is the master roadmap? We have:

http://trac.i2p2.i2p/roadmap (tickets only)
http://trac.i2p2.i2p/wiki/Roadmaps/1.0 (good work by str4d)
http://www.i2p2.i2p/roadmap (ancient)
http://zzz.i2p/forums/10 (unused)
The one in my head - see below.

A Trac-based one may be better than a wiki- or website-based one. However can Trac effectively deal with date-based milestones or can it only handle releases? Any Trac plugins that may be helpful? Should a roadmap be based solely on tickets and releases or can it be more vague?

All existing roadmaps must be consolidated into The One True Roadmap.

2) Whose job is it to maintain the roadmap? Who is allowed to modify the roadmap?

3) What's the content of the current roadmap?

No idea. but here's what's in my head today. This is date-based, not release-based, since it's medium-to-long term. This is certainly different than any of the other documented roadmaps.

Continuing throughout
Website improvements
Android improvements
Syndie improvements
Usability improvements
Documentatiom improvements
More marketing
More translations
Restart C++ port / start other ports
Dev recruitment

Early 2014
All updates via torrent
All updates using su3
Reseed using su3
Class M floodfill
Susimail fixes / improvements (needs maintainer)
Prerequisites for new signing algo (addressbook)
Update to izpack 4.3.5?
Possibly rebuild jbigi with latest libgmp and new archs
I2CP message status codes router->i2cp->streaming->proxy

Mid 2014
Require Java 6
Jetty 8 + Tomcat 7
Prerequisites for new signing algo (shared tunnels)
Select new signing algo + curve
NetDB DHT improvements
Plugins move to su3 packaging and keys
Bittorrent UDP announce
NTCP handshake obfuscation
Fix transport DH

Late 2014
New leaseset signing algo
Get into Debian wheezy+1
DUST-like transport?
Class L floodfill?

Early 2015
Require Java 7

4) What about the far future?

Our docs have referenced things like 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, mixing/batching/padding, restricted routes, full auditing, full confidence, no bugs, etc. forever. A lot of that won't ever happen. But which ones won't happen? Which are still important? We've gotten criticism in the past for alleged handwaving and claims of stuff like this. Who can go through and make the decisions and scrub our docs?

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ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2026

Currently all over the place, none official, none current:

Various posts on this site

I'm declaring the following location to be The One True Roadmap;


It will be a release roadmap. Project goals that are not part of the Java desktop I2P release will be put somewhere else.

We've tried several times over the years to have a blue-sky roadmap meeting. It never works. So I'm taking a shot at updating it based on what we're actually doing, plus what's in my head.

We will review and update the roadmap in one or more meetings March 4-6.

Pushed complete rework of roadmap.

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