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#1213 open defect

Orchid: Excess circuit creation for unknown host

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Component: apps/plugins Version: 0.9.11
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The first Orchid bug I found but I don't think I entered a ticket on it until now.

More logs at http://zzz.i2p/topics/1106?page=2#p7730

When I try to connect to a clearnet host that doesn't resolve,
e.g. openExitStreamTo("foobar.baz", 80),
it doesn't fail-fast.

Orchid attempted to open a stream to that host and a new circuit about
539 times over the next 14 minutes.

Heard back from Bruce L., he acknowledges the following as a probable Orchid bug, but says he's busy and doesn't know when he could get to it, or any easy way to work around it.

sample logs:

xx:50:55.157 DEBUG [20-thread-12] id.circuits.OpenExitStreamTask:
Attempting to open stream to
xx:50:55.158 DEBUG [-18-thread-1] d.circuits.CircuitCreationTask:
Building new circuit to handle 2 pending streams and predicted ports
xx:50:55.182 DEBUG [20-thread-13] chid.circuits.CircuitBuildTask:
Opening a new circuit to [WerkbankTorRelay,tortoise,afo4]
xx:50:55.182 DEBUG [20-thread-13] onnections.ConnectionCacheImpl: Get
connection to 9001 WerkbankTorRelay
xx:50:55.182 DEBUG [20-thread-13] rchid.circuits.CircuitExtender:
Creating 'fast' to Router[WerkbankTorRelay (]
xx:50:55.349 DEBUG [20-thread-13] id.circuits.TapCircuitExtender:
Extending to tortoise with TAP
xx:50:55.868 DEBUG [20-thread-13] rchid.circuits.CircuitExtender:
Adding new circuit node for tortoise
xx:50:55.879 DEBUG [20-thread-13] d.circuits.NTorCircuitExtender:
Extending circuit to afo4 with NTor inside RELAY_EXTEND
xx:50:55.963 DEBUG [20-thread-12] raph.orchid.circuits.CircuitIO:
Closing circuit Circuit (Exit) id=47387 state=Open [Dirty 0s]


#2583: Orchid doesn't timeout unresolvable requestsclosedzzz

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Probably not fixed yet. Needs to be retested after the bitcoinj merge. See also #1220.

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Add a subticket #2583 (Orchid doesn't timeout unresolvable requests).

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