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remove i2prouter i2psvc etc from $PATH for debian package

Reported by: psi Owned by: killyourtv
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Component: package/debian Version: 0.9.13
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today on irc someone invoked /usr/bin/i2prouter as regular user while having the daemon running as i2psvc and expected something magical to happen.

suggesting moving /usr/bin/i2prouter → /usr/lib/i2p/i2prouter (or something of that nature) and such so that it stays out of the way of new users and reinforces the use of i2p via init scripts.


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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by killyourtv

You can run I2P as a system daemon using initscripts, but you don't have to. A regular user can run I2P as him-/herself. Running as a system daemon is opt-in. It is not set that way by default. A user has to go out of his or her way to do it. That is to say it requires a conscious decision by the user. The user should know that if he/she sets it to run as a system daemon that you interact with it as one interacts with any other system daemon: sysvinit or systemd.

Tor is the same way—a user can run Tor as a normal user by typing tor at a prompt.

Deluge can also be run as a system service on a debian system, but a normal user can run it at a prompt or from the menu.

A number of other services that can be run via initscripts on a debian system can also be run as regular users.

What "magical" things did the user expect?

There could be improvements to the current system. Maybe documentation could be improved (documentation can almost certainly always be improved), or maybe modifying the i2prouter script to issue a warning in case the initscript is activated would work.

But stashing a script that is intended to be run by end users into a non-standard directory that no one would think to look in? I don't think so.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by str4d

Keywords: usability docs added; initscripts removed
Milestone: 0.9.15

+1 for docs, +1 for modifying i2prouter.

Does anyone else have an opinion? If not then this ticket should be closed, and a new one created for any i2prouter modifications.

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