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i2pbote delay: per ID and pre message [0.02 BTC]

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( I offer small tip of 0.01 Bitcoin - so a beer at current prices - for who ever implements this, e.g. from )

To not repeat security mistakes of Freemail, FMS we need better random-delay settings.

No setting should be global, as it lowers security somewhat by correlating all your IDs if you use nonstandard settings.

  • number of hops to use
  • random delay at each hop min..max time
  • frequency of checking for new mail

This should be configured for each identity (on creation of identity, with default value taken from the current global settings)

Also, when composing a new message, it should again ask for settings related to sending:

  • hops
  • delay at each hop

To not require user to have javascript, I propose adding following options:

From [ ….. ] (the same as it exists now)
Security: number of hops: [x] use default for selected sender,
… or deselect above checkbox and select value here: […]
Security: delay at each hop: [x] use default for selected sender,
… or deselect above checkbox and select value here: min […] max […] minutes

PART B, additional 0.01 BTC:

ALSO, few details about delay of "cronjobs" - especially the "check email" action:
For each account, where T is the configured time of action, e.g. 10 minutes for "check email each 10 minutes":
and L option:
Sometimes pretend to be offline for up to …. hours to make others confused about when your computer is online.

1) At start, job should delay random(T*0 to T*2)
2) After running the check, job should schedule next run, to be randomly between time from now

sleeptime = random(T*0.5 to T*1.5)
if random(0..100) is < 30 then sleeptime += randomGauss(0 to L/5)
if random(0..100) is < 10 then sleeptime += randomGauss(0 to L)

choose the scheduled time: ID.nextrun = now() + sleeptime

OTHER IDEA (for future)

Add options
[ ] fake random timezone (can delay actions like message check or send for up to 1 day)

on ID creation set ID.timezone
choose a random timezone, based on amount of darknet users in given timezone, including at least:
all USA time zones separately, USA Eastern, USA Pacific, …. , Timezones for Europea, Timezones for Russia
at least 10 timezones, with weighted probability correlating to say number of tor users or something.

Now look at ID.nextrun scheduled in previous points.
Convert it to a day, in the ID.timezone.

If (ID.behaviour == type1) then
start = hour 8:00 of that day wake up
end = hour 23:00 of that day
go to sleep

If ID.nextrun < start, then ID.nextrun = start; wait until user "wakes up"
if ID.nextrun > end, then change to next day, and run algorightm again
user sleeps already

if time was changed as above, then add random(0,T*0.1) + randomGauss(0.5,1.5)

(Future idea: take into account: other pattern (only in morning and evening, not "in work"),
and randomly based on ID.skipwork chance (e.g. 1%) use other behaviour)

Make above scheduling be used for checking messages, but also to sending messages (otherwise they are placed in a queue, with a checkbox to bypass fake timezone on message composing)


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