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Reject tunnels if Linux's load average is above 1

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Looks like load average on a VM running I2P is proportional to the number of participating tunnels. Once it is near 1000, the system becomes unresponsive (including for other services on the same VM), job lag increases, etc.

I think it would be a nice idea to limit maximum participating tunnels based on /proc/loadavg. This also would allow automatic shrinking of I2P activity in case of other load is present on the same system.


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bad idea, I do not see any issues with it. I do run several I2P routers in VMs and on standard linux systems, even with a high load >2000 participating tunnels, and they all do behave well, even with a load >10.
And if a machine is hogged, the message delay time gets up and the accepting of new participating tunnel is closed/limited.
Result: loaded server does not accept more tunnels, thats what you wanted, already implemented.

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Agreed. The load average is of course linux-only, and is only loosely related to whether I2P is getting enough CPU.

We already have several checks to reject tunnels when we think we are running behind. The primary one is a check for the time from when a build request is received to when it is processed. If tht limit is exceeded there will be a message in the summary bar saying "Dropping tunnel requests: too slow".

Do you see that message?

Also, I looked at the way we look at the job lag, which is another measure of delay, and I think we could improve it.

What's the job lag listed in the summmary bar when it goes bad? Can you guess what the threshold is between a good and bad job lag?

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