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Add a first run startup wizard/mini-tutorial for new installs

Reported by: rhoze Owned by: sadie
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.9.38
Component: apps/console Version: 0.9.17
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As discussed on IRC:

< norbert> for UI stuff, why not have a choice, like Tails does or VLC does, that's basically like, "More Options? Yes/No?"?
< norbert> that is, on router reseed or until the choice is made
< norbert> VLC has three levels iirc
< norbert> that might make sense for i2p, too
< norbert> VLC does it in their Preferences dialog, if anyone is confused by what I'm talking about
< norbert> maybe i2p runs a wizard/mini-tutorial in browser on startup?

< norbert> anyway the Starting Up splash could definitely be re-worked a little, I think it's a bit of information overload
< norbert>
< norbert> if there was a clear little front-and-center friendly box that could click through some basic cards about I2P and the router console, configuring bandwidth, etc., that could be a much more useful thing
< norbert> would probably have to be an iframe to avoid js, but definitely doable
< norbert> maybe even hide the infobar on the left for the first card or two, then introduce it
< norbert> and of course have some convenient "Skip" "Skip and Don't Show Again" on each card, for the experienced users

<+str4d> norbert: a startup wizard has been on my mind for years
<+str4d> At one point I thought it could be integrated into the installer. Now I think that will have too many problems, and it should be part of the routerconsole.
< norbert> indeed, better for headless installs as well
< norbert> my thoughts were a little iframe hypercard thing
< norbert> basically approximate in a web page what many programs do on first run, with a little box in the middle of the screen with "Next/Back/Skip/Skip? forever"
< norbert> Much of the text could even be lifted straight from the existing page, but by giving it more focus and breaking it up it could be much less overwhelming
< norbert> although I think some notes on the interface would be good to add, and do an actual walk through the bandwidth and port config

So I'm taking on the writing and general design/principles of such a startup wizard/mini-tutorial. If anyone has thoughts to contribute, I'll be glad to have them here. I'll be adding to this ticket as I develop these ideas more. Stay tuned!

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#2321: Bandwidth detectionclosedzzz

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related: http://zzz.i2p/topics/1830 (educate users about the risks of simultaneous clearnet traffic)

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@str4d please review and respond with a proposal

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here are some ideas from when str4d and I discussed this:

-welcome page similar to Android

"i2p lets you communicate privately, torrent, etc "

get started with configuring i2p to work for you ( or whatever we want to say)

There are two steps- first configuring your bandwidth and then your browser


Configure Your Bandwidth

( insert rationale for this, use speed test?)


  1. Configure Your Browser

use colour/ order hierarchy to push user to best browser to use)



Welcome To I2P: Set Up Applications

  • bote


  • email
  • host your own services

This is pretty bare bones, but wanted to share the initial ideas.

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Add a subticket #2321.

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Wizard was added in the middle of the 38 dev cycle in Nov. 2018; styling in 7e2155b5c33a281341003939a89d58e100f0e56b 0.9.37-13. Needs review of text before tag freeze, but pretty much done.

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