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I2P-Bote: half-logged-in (for mail fetching)

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Component: apps/plugins Version: 0.9.18
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It would be nice to be able to fetch mails even if the use has password-protected his Bote account and is afk.

str4d, therefore, suggested a state of being "half logged in", as in: the public key is decrypted, thus exposing your identities, while the secret key is not decrypted and thusly emails cannot be decrypted.

from irc:
<fox@irc2p> str4d: has the idea of having a ~/.bote folder with private keys and addrs been thought of?

  • fox@irc2p was setting up i2p and realized multi user bote would be so useful

<str4d@irc2p> fox: multi-user Bote would definitely be useful, but impl would be tricky
<str4d@irc2p> If done in same Bote instance, users could read each other's mail and use their identities, if no password set
<str4d@irc2p> (which would need to be the case if auto-checking was to be done)
<str4d@irc2p> But an idea just occurred to me: I wonder if it is possible for I2P-Bote to be in a half-logged-in state, where only the public portion of the EmailIdentities? is exposed?
<str4d@irc2p> That might be sufficient to download EmailPackets? without unencrypting them.
<str4d@irc2p> and then they could be decrypted when the user next logs in (which would then fire off the deletion packets)
user: you couldn't send the deletes then
user: you'd send the deletes only when the user actually logs in, giving more information about the actual user behaviour
(for mitigating this, see subticket)


#1484: I2P-Bote: batching delete packetsassignedstr4d

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Add a subticket #1484.

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optional enhancement: choose randomly in which of the following mail fetches the deletes should be sent, just in order to distract a bit more from the actual time the user logged in.

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