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I2P-Bote: manual bootstrap

Reported by: user Owned by: str4d
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Component: apps/plugins Version: 0.9.18
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especially for android where dropping a file in the config dir is not as esasy as on a PC, but even on PC this should be much more noob-proof and comfortable.

user: str4d: an option to manualy bootstrap Android Bote would be nice. This way users could simply exchange one b32 over irc or forum and with that bootstrap their Bote.
<str4d@irc2p> Mmm
<str4d@irc2p> It might also be a necessary feature, as Botedroid can't use Seedless
user: str4d: http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=11937
<str4d@irc2p> Or I might just need to update the hardcoded peers list
user: and an easy one.
user: don't see your 'or' as an XOR
<str4d@irc2p> "easy" - not necessarily. UX needs to be right.
user: sometimes updating hardcoded ones and doing a new release can take some time, whereas if you have both options, users can always find ways ….
user: UX: yes, it should not have to be a long b64.
<str4d@irc2p> mmm
user: maybe just entering one short address in a line would suffice
<str4d@irc2p> That's not what I meant
<str4d@irc2p> There's a lot more than just having a text box to enter a line
user: it should be as easy as copy and paste, easy to find but not in the way
lay: <str4d@irc2p> Manual bootstrapping is something that nearly every user will have no experience with, because they are used to centralized services.
user: i know. but telling them is not hard. everyone can copy a strong from a forum or a message
<str4d@irc2p> So in addition to having an actual box, we need to be able to explain what it is and why it is necessary to the user, as well as inform them there is an alternative when issues occur.
<str4d@irc2p> So while I agree it is a nice idea, I dispute "easy"
<str4d@irc2p> (You're not the one who has to actually implement it :-P)
user: no one 'has to'
user: and i referred only to the back end as being easy. I guess the rest evolves over time. People ask a question about what something means, and the wording can be changed
<str4d@irc2p> Regardless, manual bootstrap deserves a ticket.


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could look like on
if it is in the settings people more easily believe they can accept bootstrap peers from others, whereas if you tell them copy some obscure strings into a file deeply hidden in your settings, they wonder if this is dangerous or not. Also they need to find the file, stop Bote while changing it, etc.

so this ticket is about these 4 points 1) bootstrap from url 2) bootstrap from file 3) provide a single peer directly in the form. 4) create file a bootstrap to share
it should prefer (or even be restricted to) in-i2p and local sources, and be cumulative, i.e. add to exisiting list of peers.

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