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Superseeding ( ) can help speed up getting a complete copy of your upload to the network and is at the same time more bw efficient.
I suggest adding it to i2psnark.

1) if you're the only seed → turn on superseeding (superseeding is more efficient bw usage)

2) if only one leecher in swarm, then send all that he wants but decrease priority more and more towards the end. (depends on inter-torrent priorities)
(waiting for pieces sent to him to appear on other nodes would deadlock this torrent unless others join. If later others join, and that one leecher has almost the entire file you will not want him to leave and you have to start over. OTOH, you don't want to force him to stay connected eternally even if no other leechers ever show up. Manually setting that torrent to not use superseeding overrides this priority descent, because it could be a file transfer destined to exactly one person)

3) unless disabled, allow overseeding: if NO other active torrent is using the bw, send out more requested data despite superseeding mode.
(If you do have the ressources, no need to slow down the entire swarm artificially. People who want have a data volume cap may want to disable 3.)

Considerations: Consider the case of 2 leeches, one of them a bad one who does not upload anything to the other.
tit for tat makes he hardly gets anything from the other either. even worse, the bad peer is not reporting back to super seeder what he got from good peer.
Both peers look equally bad now.
aims to accomplish in this situation:
1) punish that behaviour - accomplished: since both peers seem to be behaving badly they are not getting much anymore due to superseeding (after good ones joined, only the really bad guy is punished)
2) abolish that slowdown - accomplishable: this condition will be overcome as soon as more good peers join the swarm
3) not deadlocking torrent - also possbile: even if no good peers join, due to "overseeding", the torrent is not deadlocked.


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re point 3: should again try to send ech piece only once (even though now for the second time) and thus get all pieces out instead of serving those requested repeadedly more than this one second time. Maybe simply by resetting the counters, and starting over.

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dup of #818, closing this one, added reference to this one from that one.

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