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Improve translation update process

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<zzz> grr pulling translations isn't as straightforward as it should be…
<str4d> zzz: re: translations, make a ticket with keyword "release", and we can look into streamlining it sometime
<zzz> not sure it's fixable on our side
<zzz> the issue is po files from tx with fatal errors that you have to either fix or back out
<str4d> What's the problem?
<zzz> it's usually param problems ( {0} etc. ) but also can be UTF-8 issues
<zzz> look in .tx/config where I've annotated the broken ones
<str4d> So really just a process issue
<zzz> well, transifex allows things that aren't legal
<zzz> the other process thing that might be fixable is there's no automatic way to find completely new translations.
<zzz> even if we use the globbed .tx/config like you do in your repos (but isn't in i2p.i2p), there's nothing to tell you to mtn add it
<str4d> Not yet
<str4d> Could easily script it
<str4d> And therefore hook into release process
<zzz> right now it's tx pull, ant testscripts, then mtn revert all the broken ones, then skim tx looking for new ones, then look in .tx/config to see if the new ones are already marked as broken
<str4d> If I had carte blanche, I'd have a separate in-mtn list of broken translations
<str4d> Then use glob in .tx/config
<str4d> So process would be tx pull, ant testscripts
<str4d> testscripts would update the list of broken translations automatically.
<str4d> And then the build script would exclude translations on the broken list.


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