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I2P-Bote: webui tweaks

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I think great progress has been made, UI-wise with the new material design.

But in order to unclutter the webinterface even more, I would love to see the follwoing features:

The "To" column in inbox as well as the "From colum" in outbox are only useful at all if you really have set up different identities and really actually use them. And even then, it is not a must. For many users, I guess, it would sufice to show that in the individual mail view.

point 1: make the disply of "To" (inbox) and "From" (sent) columns optional, and default to hide them, so that we get rid of them in default case.

(⇒ otional and off by default)

point 2: The date would look much better if it were aligned to right margin.
In this context I'd prefer '09' or ' 9' instead of '9'.

point 3: The "Know" column is good to have, but ugly.
Especially, as actually it should have been "Known" but for space reasons was shortened to "Know". Transaltiosn do not look better.
IMHO, an icon indicating that this is a secure e-mail authenticated as to have been sent by a trusted peer.
Then the collumn should remain. it could move close to the sender name as they are its context. The mail is verified to come from that peer (signature is present AND valid AND peer is locally known.)
Maybe even use a double checkmark for it, as it really stand for two checks: verifying signature AND verifying the key is the one of the identity we know under that name (if signature is wrong or missing, displaying a check on known is moot. Because anybody could have sent that. So 'known' is in fact something that needs to be checke IN ADDITION to verifying the sig, so if that succeeds, it means two complete checks and could also be indicated by a double chekc so users get the notion of that not just one check was performed in the background.
As the column title, an icon with a tooltip would definitely look better here than current "Know" or "Conoc." or whatever. (For text-only browsers "Know" or "Known" should remain though.)

These 3 measures would make the webinterface look much tidier than now.

OTOH: When opening a mail, all info regarding that mail should be visible, so I would like to see in the individual mail head not only "Signature : valid", but also "This identity name is known to us and its key matches the locally stored one." - or something along the line. My sentences are not the most beautiful ones. This one is currently missing and only visible in the inbox. Both should be there in the mail view - all the info about that mail should be in one place.


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Taking inspiration from some webmail sservices:

The dates:times in the inbox could be displayed like this:

  • for current day: only show time. User can deduce the mail date is same as today's date
  • for mails not from today: only write the date in inbox/outbox (the full info - date and time, should still be available in the individual mail view.)
  • even a visual separation between: Today; Yesterday / This week; Earlier would be nice, optional as it is a matter of taste.

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