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Use compressed graphics to speed up i2p, eliminate duplicates

Reported by: jogger Owned by:
Priority: trivial Milestone: undecided
Component: apps/console Version: 0.9.28
Keywords: graphics file size speed memory Cc: str4d
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a quick check on 0.9.28 source with ImageOptim? (at lossless/insane settings) revealed that i2p graphics file sizes can be optimized by using a similar utility by more than 20%, resulting in faster operation, since these images are transferred over and over again.

Furthermore, development and deployment could be faster by eliminating the following duplicates:

2 3down.png
2 3up.png
4 add.png
4 arrow_refresh.png
2 bg.png
2 cancel.png
2 cd.png
3 complete.png
3 config.png
2 configuration.png
2 console_status_running.png
2 console_status_starting.png
2 console_status_stopped.png
3 control_back_blue.png
3 control_fastforward_blue.png
3 control_play_blue.png
3 control_rewind_blue.png
3 create.png
4 delete.png
3 details.png
3 downloading.png
3 errortriangle.png
3 eta.png
3 file.png
2 folder.png
2 graytile.png
2 h2bg.png
2 hat.png
3 head_rx.png
3 head_rxspeed.png
3 head_tx.png
3 head_txspeed.png
2 header.png
3 hidepeers.png
6 i2plogo.png
5 link.png
2 link_dark.png
2 magnet.png
4 move_bottom.png
4 move_down.png
4 move_top.png
4 move_up.png
4 newsbullet_mini.png
4 newtab.png
3 nopeers.png
2 plugin.png
3 priority.png
3 remove.png
3 seeding.png
3 showpeers.png
3 size.png
3 snark_add.png
3 snark_create.png
3 stalled.png
3 start.png
3 start_all.png
3 status.png
4 stop.png
3 stop_all.png
3 stopped.png
2 tick.png
2 tile2.png
3 torrent.png
3 trackererror.png
3 up.png


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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by zzz

Component: otherinstaller
Priority: minortrivial
Status: newinfoneeded_new

This has been suggested before, possibly in a ticket, although I can't find it atm.

I really don't think it's worth the trouble. Console images are served from localhost. Dup files might not add much space if we're lucky since there's zip or gz compression. And there's no obvious and maintainable way to copy all the de-duped files to where they need to go after install.

Everything's a tradeoff. Just because something is "faster" doesn't mean it's worth doing. If you'd like to provide more justification, please comment below.

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by Eche|on

Status: infoneeded_newnew

Just to add: better compression means more CPU usage, which reduces I2P overall behaviour. Currently not needed IMHO.

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by slumlord

Reducing file sizes could be marginally useful, there are programs like optipng that reduce filesize by a considerable amount in a lossless manner. It would be a matter of collecting the images in one place and running optipng on them. However, since these images are usually loaded over localhost there wouldn't be much noticeable difference. I could imagine a small performance gain when accessing a remote I2P router, say over an SSH tunnel or a VPN connection.

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by zzz

Cc: str4d added
Component: installerapps/console
Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

recent huge UI changes make the OP list obsolete, no idea if there's more or less dups now. but I stand by all objections in comment 1. wontfix.

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