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I2PSnark: Hide Up/Down rate columns when there's no activity

Reported by: Reportage Owned by: zzz
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.9.35
Component: apps/i2psnark Version: 0.9.33
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The up/down rate columns should be hidden when there's no activity in I2PSnark, to streamline the interface, and only shown when there's activity in the relevant column. Currently a seeded torrent with no active peers displays 0Bps in the up rate column, and also activates the down rate column.

If just seeding torrents, the down rate column should be hidden; if downloading, the up/down rate columns should both display.

Additionally, the ETA column should be hidden unless there's an active download.


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comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

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We've previously gotten complaints about the formatting changing refresh-to-refresh, which is almost unavoidable with HTML. Deleting/adding columns based on state would make it a lot worse and make the display "glitchy". The columns are gone when snark isn't running, which is a strong visual clue. Removing them even when it is running could be confusing. Also, "streamlining" for the no-traffic case doesn't seem like much of a win. Not sure, but I'm not inclined to do this.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by Reportage

The removal of inactive columns when I2PSnark has no torrents running removes distracting elements from the UI and also allows more space for other columns, specifically the column listing the torrent name, which is a definite win on smaller screens where the torrent name can often appear truncated or wrapped. When torrents are running, removing inactive columns would gain the same space benefit, and also remove distracting UI elements, reinforcing the UI paradigm of hiding inactive columns. Redundant text (0Bps!) also disappears, another win.

Regarding formatting changing from refresh-to-refresh, it seems the changes post 0.9.31 have gone a long way to stabilize the layout; formatting changes on refresh appear only to occur when the torrent status changes and text in that column expands. So hiding inactive columns shouldn't glitch unreasonably, no more so than the transition from stopped → started torrents.

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by Reportage

To clarify:

  • when not downloading: hide download rate / ETA columns
  • when not actively seeding (ie 0 connected leeches): hide up rate column
  • only show 0Bps when actively downloading or uploading
  • when nothing has been downloaded/uploaded during the session, hide the 0B indication in the footer
  • when no peers connected, hide show/hide peers button
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comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by slumlord

I agree that when no data is being transferred (i.e. no peers connected) the upload rate column should be blank. It doesn't seem necessary to display 0 Bps when no peers are connected, it is redundant. I think Reportage doesn't mean actually removing the columns, just hiding their contents if there isn't anything meaningful there to show.

Another thing about the i2psnark interface, why is the default sort for the Upload/Download? rate columns ascending? To look at my active torrents, I have to press these buttons twice - or press once and scroll to the end of my list of torrents. It would make more sense to me to have the default sort order be in descending order.

comment:6 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

re: columns ascending, always bugged me too, but never enough to change it until you said it.
In acc0b7ae76a0f0d59017943ebc510448d35d8570 0.9.33-20-rc

comment:7 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

Milestone: undecided0.9.35

Hide per-torrent "0 Bps" up/down if no peers (comment 4 bullet 3, comment 5 paragraph 1)
in 3e87ced36a83ff62de747764f4ab07b5edc7297f to be 0.9.34-14

not going to hide whole columns, it could be glitchy as I said in comment 2, and it's not easy

not going to hide the totals in the footer, because they are totals

leaving open to consider hiding the show/hide button

comment:8 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

Resolution: fixed
Status: openclosed

Hide peers button if no peers on that page (comment 4 bullet 5)
In f73e221229af38a432716cdc8d9803e8d21f1c24 0.9.34-14

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