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     5Regarding exposing the setting on the http client tunnel edit page, I disagree regarding flexibility. Being able to set the UA globally for all http traffic, either internal or external, is something that's not easily achieved otherwise. Each client has to be configured individually, and for some clients the setting may be unavailable.
     7Furthermore, configuring separate user agents for internal and external traffic is harder still. Allowing a bespoke UA for either internal traffic, external traffic, or both is something that's most easily achieved by configuring the proxy itself, in this case the http client service.
     9As for MYOB spiders, enabling unique ips on the http server tunnel is a fairly easy path to selective blocking, given that the spiders seem to be using long-lived dests; courteous users running spiders may still elect to advertise their bot via a tunnel pref if given the opportunity. 
     11This proposal requires very little in terms of implementation: exposing the parameter in the UI and adding a new pref. If it were more complex, I'd be more inclined to agree with the low priority assessment. Sometimes things can be achieved more rapidly than the time it takes to respond to bug reports/enhancement requests, given the inclination!