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    11 #!text
    1211What systems will I2P run on?
     13While I2P has been reported to run PCs as meagre as a low-end Pentium II with
     1464 MB of RAM, you'll have a much better experience on a Pentium III (or better)
     15with 128MB of RAM (or more). A chart comparing the performance of the various
     16JREs can be found at, but in short: it's at all
     17possible, use Sun/Oracle Java or OpenJDK.
     19I2P has been tested on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD (see the note below), OSX, and
     20OpenSolaris. There is work underway to bring I2P to the Android platform.
    1422> Change references to e.g. raspberry pi
    2230    trac.i2p2.i2p ticket (preferred method)
    23 > add clearnet link: ticket (preferred method)
     31> ticket (preferred method)
    2432    pastethis.i2p and follow up on IRC in #i2p
    2533    Discuss with the developers on IRC in #i2p-dev
    3644links? (link)
     46The default subscription is to http://www.i2p2.i2p/hosts.txt which is updated
     47rarely. If you don't have another subscription, you may often have to use
     48"jump" links which is annoying.
     50Here are some other public addressbook subscription links. You may wish to add
     51one or two to your susidns subscription list. You don't need to add all of
     52them, as they sync with each other periodically. The links using a cgi-bin
     53application employ various strategies to minimize the number of duplicate
     54addresses delivered, so they should be more efficient. Note that subscribing to
     55a hosts.txt service is an act of "trust", as a malicious subscription could
     56give you incorrect addresses. So think about whether you want to trust any of
     57these. The operators of these services may have various policies for listing
     58hosts. Presence on this list does not imply endorsement.
     60    http://i2host.i2p/cgi-bin/i2hostetag
     61    http://stats.i2p/cgi-bin/newhosts.txt
     62    http://no.i2p/export/alive-hosts.txt
    3864> Split into 3 Qs: "cant find host? explain destinations" "what is a
    3965> subscription?" "what are some good subscription links"
    4369What happened to * What happened to jrandom? Is I2P dead? (link)
     71Jrandom was the lead developer of I2P and Syndie for several years. We do not
     72know if or when jrandom will return. The * domains were left in a
     73non-functioning state after a power outage at the hosting company.
     75See this page for jrandom's parting message and additional information on the
     76migration of * to this website.
     78I2P remains in active development.
    4580> Remove
    4984My router is using too much CPU?!? (link)
     86There are many possible causes of high CPU usage. Here is a checklist:
     88    Try to use either OpenJDK or Sun/Oracle Java if it's available for your
     89    system. You can check which version of java you have installed by typing
     90    java -version at a command/shell prompt. Performance tends to suffer with
     91    other implementations of java.
     93    Are you running a BitTorrent client over I2P? Try reducing the number of
     94    torrents, the bandwidth limits, or try turning it off completely to see if
     95    that helps.
     97    Are your bandwidth limits set too high? It is possible that too much
     98    traffic is going through your I2P router and it is overloaded. Try reducing
     99    the setting for share bandwidth percentage on the configuration page.
     101    Make sure that you're running the latest version of I2P to get the benefits
     102    of increased performance and bug fixes.
     104    Has enough memory been set aside for use by I2P? Look at the memory graph
     105    on the graphs page to see if the memory usage is "pegged"—the JVM is
     106    spending most of its time in garbage collection. Increase the setting
     107 in the file wrapper.config.
     109    Is the CPU usage simply higher than you would like, or is it pegged at 100%
     110    for a long time? If it's pegged, this could be a bug. Look in the logs for
     111    clues.
     113    You may be using the Java-based BigInteger library instead of the native
     114    version, especially if you are running on a new or unusual OS or hardware
     115    (OpenSolaris, mipsel, etc.). See the jbigi page for instructions on
     116    diagnosing, building, and testing methods.
     118    If your native jbigi library is working fine, the biggest user of CPU may
     119    be routing traffic for participating tunnels. This uses CPU because at each
     120    hop a layer of encryption must be decoded. You can limit participating
     121    traffic in two ways - by reducing the share bandwidth on confignet.jsp, or
     122    by setting router.maxParticipatingTunnels=nnn on configadvanced.jsp.
    51124> Try to categorize
    57130storing, or accessing them? (link)
     132Hmm. I2P is an anonymous network, so that's a tricky one. I2P is designed to
     133withstand censorship, providing a means for everyone to communicate freely. The
     134best way to keep your PC free of (encrypted) traffic that you dislike is to not
     135use I2P. Freedom of speech has some costs. But let's address your question in
     136three parts:
     138    Distribution - All traffic on I2P is encrypted in multiple layers. You
     139    don't know a message's contents, source, or destination. All traffic you
     140    route is internal to the I2P network, you are not an exit node (outproxy).
     141    Your only alternative is to refuse to route any traffic, by setting your
     142    share bandwidth or maximum participating tunnels to 0 (see above). It would
     143    be nice if you didn't do this, you should help the network by routing
     144    traffic for others. Over 95% of users route traffic for others.
     146    Storage - I2P does not do distributed storage of content. You must be
     147    thinking of Freenet. Nobody's content is being stored on your computer by
     148    running I2P.
     150    Access - If there are some eepsites you don't like, don't go there. Or, use
     151    a blocking proxy like Privoxy or some type of "net nanny".
    59153> Reword
     170You may need to reseed your I2P router. With recent versions of I2P you can go
     171to http://localhost:7657/configreseed and click the Save Changes and Reseed Now
     172button. If this method doesn't work—or you're using a very old version—you may
     173need to reseed manually.
     175The reseed URL changed a few years ago. If this is your first install and you
     176have installed an old ( or earlier) release, or you have not run I2P in
     177a long time, you must change the URL and then click "Reseed" on the console to
     178find other routers. After your router is running, on configadvanced.jsp, add
     179the line i2p.reseedURL= OR
     180i2p.reseedURL= (either should work), then click
     181"Apply", then click the "reseed" link on the left.
     183This works if you are running or later. If you are running release
     1840.6.1.31 or later, you probably don't need to do this. If you are running
     185release or earlier, either follow the manual reseed instructions below
     186or install the latest release. Possible alternate method - add to
     188wrapper.config, shutdown the router completely, then start again, then click
     189"reseed". Let us know if this works.
     191...but you *really* should upgrade to the latest version.
    76193> Update answer
    80197My router has very few active peers, is this OK? (link)
     199If your router has 10 or more active peers, everything is fine. Changes in
     200releases and improved the efficiency of the router and
     201effectively reduced the number of active peers. The router should maintain
     202connections to a few peers at all times. The best way to stay
     203"better-connected" to the network is to share more bandwidth.
    82205> Update answer
    89 > Include text about default outproxy with a new I2P install (meeh's outproxy)
    90 > Short text about telegram/i2p outproxy
     212No. Unlike Tor, "exit nodes" or "outproxies" are not an inherent part of the
     213network. Only volunteers who set up and run separate applications will relay
     214traffic to the regular Internet. There are very, very few of these.
     216> Include text about default outproxy with a new I2P install (meeh/mikal)
     217> Short text about telegram/i2p
    91218> Include link to outproxy guide on i2pforum.i2p/
     22118 May 2018
     224I can't access regular Internet sites through I2P.
     226> Remove mention of "old outproxies", update answer
     230I can't access https:// or ftp:// sites through I2P.
     232> Update answer, verify with meeh if false.i2p does any HTTPS proxying
     233> h2ik's HTTPS proxy likely isn't around, remove
     234> Default HTTP tunnel also carries HTTPS traffic (verify)
     238Is using an outproxy safe?
     240> Update answer, include brief discussion as to how SSL/TLS prevents snooping
     241> of traffic which is relayed (also applies to Tor)
     245How do I access IRC, BitTorrent, or other services on the regular Internet?
     247> Update answer, include brief discussion as to anonymity aspects when using
     248> BitTorrent (also discuss Vuze's I2P plugin)
     252Most of the eepsites within I2P are down?
     254> identiguy.i2p is online, update answer if required
     258How do I set up my own eepsite?
     260> Related ticket: #2214 - Review/update eepsite help page
     261> Include a brief summary of instructions listed on eepsite help page?
     265Why is I2P so slow?
     267> Review bandwidth limits mentioned in answer (verify that the default limits
     268> are accurate)
     269> Diagram showing path traffic takes through the I2P network, with explanation
     270> that latency adds up and maximum speed possible is based upon lowest
     271> bandwidth setting amongst all routers that traffic passes through?
     275Bittorrent / I2PSnark / Azureus I2P Plugin Questions?
     277> Update answer, link points at forum.i2p which is no longer online
     281How do I connect to IRC within I2P?
     283> Update answer (XChat -> HexChat)
     287How can I access the web console from my other machines or password protect it?
     289> Include information about SSH tunnels
     290> Update answer to use a specific IP instead of "bind to all interfaces"
     291> (
     292> Remove '.jsp' from console links
     296How can I use applications from my other machines?
     298> Include information about setting a specific IP for I2CP to listen on as well
     299> as SSH Tunnels
     303Whats an "eepsite"?
     305> Update answer? I think we decided to change "eepsite" to "Hidden Service"
     309How do I configure my browser?
     311> Update answer, include e.g. proxyfoxy
     312> about/browser-config - website has bad TLS cert
     316What do the Active x/y numbers mean in the router console?
     318> Include information about more of the numbers shown in the router console
     322Is it possible to use I2P as a SOCKS proxy?
     324> Update answer
     328What ports does I2P use?
     330> Reword
     331> Improve formatting for readability
     335How do I reseed manually?
     337> Answer seems good, update if required
     341I'm using FreeBSD and when I start I2P I receive an error about!
     343> Remove answer if it is outdated?
     347In wrapper.log I see an error that states "Protocol family unavailable" when
     348loading the Router Console
     350> Update if required
     354Is installing Java required to use I2P?
     356> Update if required
     360I have a question!
     362> Update link for forum ( / i2pforum.i2p)