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Changes to debian download page — at Version 7

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This page looks horrible, and need to be tidy and upgraded/easy to explain

the text should be at least:

Currently supported architectures include amd64, i386, armel, armhf (for Raspbian).

Note: copy/paste the commands and press Enter, it uses "sudo". if you dont use "sudo" then remove it from the command after login with "su". e.g: 

apt install x package (copy/paste the command without sudo)" 

1- make sure that "apt-transport-https" and "curl" are installed: 

"sudo apt update
sudo apt install apt-transport-https curl"

2- add i2p repositories: (it will be added to /etc/apt/sources.list.d )

Note: to make sure which distro is stable and when its end of life please visit [ Debian LTS]

For Stretch (Stable)

echo -e "deb stretch main\\ndeb-src stretch main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list > /dev/null

For Jessie (old-stable)

echo -e "deb jessie main\\ndeb-src jessie main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list > /dev/null

For Wheezy (obsolete)

echo -e "deb wheezy main\\ndeb-src wheezy main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list > /dev/null

Note: If by any chance you are running debian sid (testing), then you can install I2P directly from the main repos:

sudo apt install i2p

3- Download the key used to sign the repository and add it to apt: (this will download the key to home folder)

curl -o i2p-debian-repo.key.asc

4- Check fingerprints/owners without importing anything:

gpg -n --import --import-options import-show i2p-debian-repo.key.asc

5- If it looks good add it to APT's Keyring:

sudo apt-key add i2p-debian-repo.key.asc

6- Update Packages and Notify your package manager of the new repository

sudo apt-get update

7- You are now ready to install I2P! Installing the i2p-keyring package will ensure that you receive updates to the repository's GPG key:

sudo apt-get install i2p i2p-keyring

These commands wont be exist without the referral to whonix-i2p


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comment:2 Changed 18 months ago by slumlord

Would you care to explain your proposed changes?

comment:3 Changed 18 months ago by anonymous maybe

Its general question which i don't understand how to explain or which part you mean.But i will discuss the main differences:

1- i make it clear that our commands under sudo and if the user doesn't use them then that's fine as well and i have explained how to make that work. as in the current i2p debian download page is mixed between two commands e.g:

the command here mentioned without using sudo

Download the key used to sign the repository and add it to apt:
    apt-key add i2p-debian-repo.key.asc

the command mentioned here with sudo

 After the installation process completes you can move on to the next part of starting I2P and configuring it for your system.

Note: If the https address does not work, either:

    sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

so that makes a confusion for the user and also one of the commands will not work directly as copy/paste without differentiate the commands which will work under su or sudo.

2- Debian by default doesn't install apt-transport-https , so making it in the last step is not really helping. because as the user will add i2p https repos in the beginning and then run "apt update" it will for sure not work for him as apt-transport-https not there in the first place. so instead i make at the top of the list

3- i added curl to the equation as it make the user just copy/paste the command and pressing Enter without to care on how to save the PGP from the link presented in the current i2p instructions? where to save it? avoiding the mistake of running "apt-key add i2p-debian-repo.key.asc" not in the same path of where he saved the PGP …etc and this all can happen by new users. so curl will solve this by downloading it by default on /home and he can run " apt-key add i2p-debian-repo.key.asc" after that without the need to check where did his browser saved the pgp or any mistake i addressed above …

4- i added "gpg -n —import —import-options import-show i2p-debian-repo.key.asc" command for security/convenient check up before trusting it.

5- Its very important not to encourage users to use an outdated distros + notifying them that their distro is obsolete and as well that i2p team aware its outdated (as the case with wheezy). so thats why i added Debian TLS link.

6- i made i2p repos to be added to apt with one command as this will avoid the user to have more time in doing that manually by multiple steps or even go reading another websites on how to added repos to apt and where to add to them and what path he should address them …etc. instead one command will do all of that for him and no need to make him go here and there to look for anything rather than reading the instructions and copy/paste the commands.

7- since i2p inside official debian sid repos , its very important to make that clear for users who are using debian sid or any debian derivatives who r built on top of debian sid.

i dunno if i have missed any change but thats what i remember.

also it is very important to consider that the new user/comer has very unbelievable basic knowledge on how to use things so instructions should be targeting him and on the same time targeting other skilled users. so automation commands make that happen smoothly.

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Summary: upgrade debian download wikiChanges to debian download page

Changed summary, it's not a wiki

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