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Translate console help page

Reported by: zzz Owned by: zzz
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.9.42
Component: apps/console Version: 0.9.36
Keywords: Cc: sadie, slumlord
Parent Tickets: #2330 Sensitive: no


ref: #2239 #1401
We can now do the same with the help page at /help.

Currently split up into 8 files (1 jsp and 7 jsi) but displayed to the user as one. There are 7 tabs at the top, linking to anchors for 6 parts and the change log.

> wc help*
   44   582  4903 help-advancedsettings.jsi
   33   284  2335 help-configuration.jsi
   80  1383 11075 help-faq.jsi
    9    58   637 help.jsi
   47   160  2219 help.jsp
   34   354  3350 help-legal.jsi
   72   742  5861 help-reachability.jsi
  111  1480 10088 help-sidebar.jsi
  430  5043 40468 total

We should be able to do this for 37. It's similar to what we did for the eepsite help and the console home page, but need to figure out the structure first. Do we keep it all as one page or split it up… if so, how?

After those decisions, we can rewrite/reformat for translatability.

cc: sadie and slumlord for general guidance


Change History (13)

comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by slumlord

I am going over the various files that make up the /help page and making the following changes:

  • Each sentence on 1 line
  • Adding in a missing space after a period
  • Remove italics due to readability issues with certain scripts (e.g. Chinese, Arabic)


  • help-sidebar.jsi:
    • The following portion is commented out. If not required - remove?
      The router's view of whether it can be contacted by other routers. See <a href="#confignet">below</a> for more information.</li>                                                                                   
      */                                                                                                                                                                                                                 %> 
    • Remove link to (I have changed it to for now)
    • Another commented-out section:
      <b>Tunnel lag:</b> This is the round trip time for a tunnel test, which sends a single message out a client tunnel and in an exploratory tunnel, or vice versa. It should usually be less than 5 seconds. If it is consistently higher than that, your computer is very slow, or you should adjust your bandwidth limits, or there are network problems. Problems may be indicated on the <a href="logs">Logs page</a>. <a href="configstats#tunnel.testSuccessTime">[Enable graphing]</a> (tunnel.testSuccessTime).
      <b>Handle backlog:</b> This is the number of pending requests from other routers to build a participating tunnel through your router. It should usually be close to zero. If it is consistently high, your computer is too slow, and you should reduce your share bandwidth limits.</li>                                                       
  • help-configuration.jsi: did not touch this file, seems to have translation-related stuff in there already
  • help-reachability.jsi: did not touch this file, seems to have translation-related stuff in there already

Changes are in dba1ad61c390f95055923ae1fb35e60552f617c6

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

Milestone: 0.9.370.9.38
Status: newaccepted

re: configuration and reachability, that's really strange, I didn't realize those files were tagged. From looking at the mtn logs, those strings were previously tagged when they were in /confignet, so they remain tagged when str4d/drz moved them to help-xxx

here's some relevant checkins:

Revision: b324a96172089b549e53fb1c0c2a01807fe64699
Author:   str4d@mail.i2p
Date:     10/31/2013
Branch:   i2p.i2p

Split routerconsole help into several files (no frontend change)
The old full-page translations of help.jsp are deprecated. The help text will
be tagged for translation on Transifex.


Revision: f253b24b4a6d5c841605792653ed57344dade6c4
Author:   str4d@mail.i2p
Date:     05/01/2016
Branch:   i2p.i2p.str4d.ui

Collate help topics under /help


Revision: 645f60a4d23af4116ae660b09dfff32d19a65c32
Author:   str4d@mail.i2p
Date:     05/08/2016
Branch:   i2p.i2p.str4d.ui

Missing files from revision f253b24b4a6d5c841605792653ed57344dade6c4

so note that the plan from 2013 to tag everything never happened., but those strings in configuration and reachability were previously tagged when they were in a configxxx.jsp and so the tags stayed when moved to a help jsi.

So yeah, don't touch the tagged strings for 37. We're going to have only cleanups for 37 because we're pulling in 37 and there's no time left. Keep going with those. The restructuring, including tagging everything or uploading it to transifex in html format, will wait to 38. How to translate it will depend on how we structure it, hopefully we'll get some guidance from sadie soon, maybe on mattermost.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by sadie

Early thoughts on redesign would be to mimic the /home page - use icons, a brief description per help category, and link to a new page. Let's keep consistency re is it "summary" bar or "sidebar.

Here are some new icon ideas - source is The Noun Project for inspiration. Would like to move to simple/minimal icons.

"Summary Bar/ Network Status"


"Advanced Settings"


"Legal" ( lets get rid of "stuff")

"Change log"

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comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

Parent Tickets: 2330

comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by zzz

Milestone: 0.9.380.9.39

Moved to .39 per sadie

comment:6 Changed 3 years ago by sadie

moving this to .40 or beyond for the moment. We can add this as an agenda item in our weekly design meetings post .38 to discuss solutions.

comment:7 Changed 2 years ago by sadie

Sensitive: unset

Getting back to this today.

Initial thoughts are that there needs to be some restructuring first. Advanced Settings for instance seems to be more or an internals / configuration item and not a Help/ Faq item. Is there any benefit to having I2P Internals, Configuration and Help/ FAQ sections in the summary bar?
Or , since all of the options ( except Troubleshoot ) are options on the page when you choose "Help and FAQ , remove these from the summary bar as options?

comment:8 Changed 2 years ago by sadie

Help Page:

First there are two links to the same page in the sidebar - one on I2P Internals and the Help&FAQ bar

the Help in the "I2P Internals" section in the sidebar has a tooltip that says Router Help and FAQ - this makes sense to have this info, ie sidebar, peers, any advanced and network and tunnel help here. It should only have one link from the sidebar not two.

As for FAQ -, further assistance, legal and change log - that is "FAQ" content
this should be on its own

comment:9 Changed 2 years ago by sadie

-Remove floating menu
-put help topics on related pages where we can ie: Peer help can be added to I find it confusing to separate the help information from the actual topic page. I find that I access things from the sidebar. I would expect that if I click on Peers I would find all information regarding to that topic in one place.

  • FAQ should be on its own
  • there are too many links to this page from the sidebar

comment:10 Changed 2 years ago by zzz

Milestone: 0.9.390.9.42

OK, let's not do this piecemeal any more. Here's an update of the chart from OP, in order they appear on /help, with subsections for the summary bar part. Please update this chart to add annotations for each section and subsection you want to move or delete, and where you want to move it to. When you're done with that, I'll make it happen.

Further Assistance: help.jsi
Summary Bar Information: help-sidebar.jsi
  Router Info
  Bandwidth In/Out
  Local Destinations
Configuration Help: help-configuration.jsi
Reachability Help: help-reachability.jsi
Advanced Router Config: help-advancedsettings.jsi
Abridged I2P FAQ: help-faq.jsi
Legal Stuff: help-legal.jsi
Change Log: history.txt

comment:11 Changed 2 years ago by zzz

Initial work in 29f639ff6970fc6a81bde1da98f8c177fad729ec 0.9.41-3
More to follow

comment:12 Changed 2 years ago by zzz

these were the changes in -3, more or less:

Further Assistance: help.jsi                               KEEP w/ rewrite
Summary Bar Information: help-sidebar.jsi
  Router Info                                              KEEP w/ mods
    Local Identity                                         /netdb above our info
    Version                                                REMOVE
    Clock Skew                                             KEEP
    Memory                                                 REMOVE
  Peers                                                    KEEP
  Bandwidth In/Out                                         /config in the existing box
  Local Destinations                                       /i2ptunnel above status messages
  Tunnels                                                  /tunnels new box at top
  Congestion                                               REMOVE
Configuration Help: help-configuration.jsi   (tagged)      /confignet   UPNP tab on /peers or top of /confignet 2nd box
Reachability Help: help-reachability.jsi     (tagged)      KEEP
Advanced Router Config: help-advancedsettings.jsi          /configadvanced box to top, rest to bottom
Abridged I2P FAQ: help-faq.jsi                             KEEP
Legal Stuff: help-legal.jsi                                KEEP but replace with LICENSE.txt contents
Change Log: history.txt                                    KEEP

kill floating menu
remove 3 links on /configclients
any text not tagged needs to be tagged

comment:13 Changed 2 years ago by zzz

Resolution: fixed
Status: acceptedclosed
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