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All configuration files and operating files need to have an option to be placed where the software is installed.

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All configuration files and operating files need to have an option to be placed where the software is installed.

Yes I know Windows and Linux suggest you litter your C: drive with all sorts of configuration and operation files. I also know in the config file you can change this but it's a bit cryptic. I would do it with the config file but I haven't a clue how to do this while saving the present configuration of my changed config files, the partial torrents I have downloading and there's no documentation to do that so I leave it alone.

It seems to go against the philosophy of having a private system to communicate if all the files it is using are scattered all over including the main drive. If you look at Linux they seem to be moving to this very sort of installation. Flatpak, Appimage And Snap. The scattering of files also goes against basic principles. Not sure if get this right but isn't one of the basic principles of programming "The principle of least surprise"? Not knowing where your files are surely seems surprising and to find them you have to hunt all over.

I think Microsoft is also including all the program files in most programs now. It would seem to me the scatter approach has been a failure. Yes I know it's the way things are done but it doesn't have to be.

It would be nice to have a installation mode that puts "ALL" files in the folder that you installed from or where you tell the computer to put them. Otherwise it would install in the scattered approach.

One last point. All these files on the main computer drive fill it up and in my case, any many others, we only have a much smaller SSD drive that is much faster. The rest of our drives are WAY bigger and can better handle all the extra files for torrents.

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Disagree with most of your premise.

  • Files aren't scattered all over, they are in two directories, the install dir and the config dir
  • Two directories is not a failure
  • Two directories is a requirement for Debian/Ubuntu? package installs
  • Separate directories a requirement if two users on the same computer are going to run the same program

The all-in-one dir setup is supported and we call it "portable". The use case is to put it all on a USB stick and leave no traces on the computer's hard drive. We have never created an official portable installer, but other people have. I don't know if anybody has recently. We don't have any plans to do so, or to add that option to the installer. This would be a specialized setup for a specific use case. It doesn't sound like that is your reasoning - you just want to put it all in one directory, because you don't like two directories. We're not going to do that.

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