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The information you requested.

Reported by: Steve Smith Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: undecided
Component: unspecified Version: 0.9.45
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I am running arch linux and have installed i2pd from my distro. I then installed i2pbrowser from a download and have been using that as my web browser. As far as Java installs go, I used 8,10,11, and 13 where 13 is the default and they all gave me the same java errors. The jre and jdk are installed. After doing some research, I noticed that there are some classes that I can download in jar form which I did but could not get them to work. I also noticed that /var/lib/i2pd/addressbook/addresses.csv does not exist.

This is pertinent output from the only log I could find.


17:16:07@884/info - Log: min messages level set to info
17:16:07@884/info - Log: will send messages to /var/log/i2pd/i2pd.log
17:16:07@884/info - i2pd v2.30.0 starting
17:16:07@884/info - Daemon: bandwidth set to 'low'
17:16:07@884/info - Daemon: using system limit in 4096 max open files
17:16:07@884/info - Daemon: starting NetDB
17:16:07@884/info - Family: 5 certificates loaded
17:16:07@884/info - NetDb?: 0 routers loaded (0 floodfils)
17:16:07@884/info - Reseed: 8 certificates loaded
17:16:07@884/error - RouterInfo?: Can't open file
17:16:07@884/info - Reseed: Downloading SU3 from
6:09@884/info - Daemon: starting Transports
17:16:09@884/info - Daemon: ntcp disabled
17:16:09@884/info - NTCP2: Start listening TCP port 10345
17:16:09@884/info - Transports: Start listening UDP port 10345
17:16:09@884/info - Daemon: Transports started
17:16:09@884/info - Daemon: starting HTTP Server at
17:16:09@884/info - Daemon: starting Tunnels
17:16:09@884/info - Daemon: starting Client
17:16:09@77/warn - SSU: Can't connect to unreachable router and no ipv4 non-expired introducers presented
17:16:09@77/warn - SSU: Can't connect to unreachable router and no ipv4 non-expired introducers presented
17:16:09@884/warn - Addressbook: Can't open /var/lib/i2pd/addressbook/addresses.csv
17:16:09@884/error - Addressbook: resetting eTags


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Sorry, we do only support i2p java version, for I2Pd ask the i2pd devs.

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