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Please add instructions to use 3rd party or Portable-java in wrapper.config

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Currently inside the 'wrapper.config' file (in Windows), the top section/paragraph ( which is under the 2nd # line, and) which has the line "", does not give out instruction on how to use 3rd party or Portable-Java.

In 'PORTABLE' mode, 3rd Party Java or Portable-Java framework / runtime can be used.

If system's default location Java (in Windows) needs to be permitted to have Inbound connections allowed, when using I2P, then that is not a secured setup. Which I2P is doing currently. If 'inbound' connections are allowed then other programs also starts to receive random inbound connections from internet. There are many JAVA exploit based on inbound connections. So currently, to prevent all other Java apps from receiving Inbound connections from Internet except for the I2P, using a 3rd Party or Portable Java installed or located on a different folder, is a much better solution and more secured. Inbound can be allowed only for that 3rd Party or Portable Java (and/or I2P) and controlled in much better way.

The I2P binary (for Windows) need to be fixed or improved further, so that I2P binary itself receives inbound connections, not the java.exe or javaw.exe in Windows. Until the binary is not fixed, below steps (SOLUTION 2) are required.

Currently, in 'wrapper.config' file, this section/area needs to be fixed. Currently (in v0.9.1) it looks like :

# Java Application
#  Specify a specific java binary:
# Gentoo uses the following:
# Tell the Wrapper to log the full generated Java command line.

Above section need to be changed with below corrected lines/code-box:

# Java Application
#  Specify a specific java binary:
# Gentoo uses the following:
# PORTABLE installation:
# If you have installed your Portable/3rd Party Java inside this 
# folder C:\Apps\Java\, then actual binary files are located inside 
# this folder C:\Apps\Java\bin\, so disable above similar options 
# and enable below two lines:

# Tell the Wrapper to log the full generated Java command line.

Last lines of the 'wrapper.config' file (which is inside the Windows I2P installer), should show this message:

#PORTABLE installation:
# Disable lines which has "%temp%" word, by adding a # (hash / pound) symbol 
# at the beginning of those lines, (only if Portable mode is needed).

Because, windows installer adds below 3 lines with the word %temp% in them, at the end of the file. So if above instruction is present, then they can see below 3 lines & disable it, if they need to enable PORTABLE mode:

Also highly recommending to add notes inside the 'wrapper.config' file, related to reasons why users need to use 3rd party or portable java, instead of (Windows) system's default java.


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I've updated the wrapper.config file with some of the suggestions here.

Closing this ticket and opening #741 for making I2P appear as a 'separate app' to Windows.

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