Dec 8, 2009:

10:52 PM Ticket #27 (Replace Eepget with an proper http-get) created by anonymous
Maybe something like http://hc.apache.org/ ?
9:20 PM Milestone 0.7.8 completed

Dec 1, 2009:

10:41 AM Ticket #26 (Invalid html of webconsole) created by _d3r3k4
webconsole is according to its header html but contains non-html tags …

Nov 27, 2009:

4:11 PM gsoc/ideas/i2psnark/improve_ui edited by welterde
4:10 PM gsoc/ideas/router/i2np-ping edited by welterde
4:10 PM gsoc/ideas/router/android-port edited by welterde
4:07 PM gsoc/ideas/router/ipv6 edited by welterde
4:04 PM gsoc/ideas/apps/distributed-data-storage edited by welterde
3:53 PM Ticket #25 (debian rules for building package of I2P are not up-to-date) created by d3r3k4
debian 'control' file has old version (0.7-0). Source: i2p …

Nov 24, 2009:

4:16 PM Ticket #24 (I2P doen't accept option for Router I2CP port) created by d3r3k4
I2P by default listens on 7654 for clients, there's option mentioned …
1:26 PM Ticket #23 (Implement possibility to define multiple/or range of ports in ...) created by anonymous
Users living in areas where access to Internet is under censorship can …

Nov 23, 2009:

12:45 PM Ticket #22 (Implement http proxy/socks support) created by _d3r3k4
Implement http proxy/socks support Please implement http proxy and …

Nov 22, 2009:

7:11 PM gsoc/ideas edited by welterde
7:09 PM Ticket #15 (I2PTunnel instance hangs, when unable to bind to port) reopened by welterde
7:09 PM Ticket #15 (I2PTunnel instance hangs, when unable to bind to port) closed by welterde
invalid: You have to be root to be able to bind to ports < 1024.
7:06 PM gsoc/ideas/router/upnp edited by welterde
timeout ;) (diff)
1:59 AM SandBox edited by welterde
1:59 AM SandBox edited by welterde

Nov 21, 2009:

4:39 PM Ticket #21 (foo) closed by welterde
4:37 PM Ticket #21 (foo) created by welterde
This is a test…
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