Jul 3, 2010:

1:59 PM Changeset [5dee6cb] by zzz <zzz@…>
* I2PTunnel: More error propagation fixes
1:58 PM Changeset [2a96c9a1] by zzz <zzz@…>
1:41 PM Changeset [6435514] by zzz <zzz@…>
* I2PTunnelHTTPClient: Don't use BufferedReader?
1:40 PM Changeset [cd7a419] by zzz <zzz@…>
1:39 PM Changeset [b945254] by zzz <zzz@…>
fix ant distclean poupdate
1:38 PM Changeset [4fa89d5] by zzz <zzz@…>
1:37 PM Changeset [63ece7e1] by zzz <zzz@…>

Jul 2, 2010:

9:29 PM Ticket #58 (Returns same email message regardless of which is selected) created by directedition@…
I have four emails in my susimail account. No matter which email I …
5:45 AM Changeset [4808055] by walking <walking@…>
merge of '02b40376f4c34b45e4f77deb70bd24bdef34f867' and …

Jul 1, 2010:

12:36 PM Changeset [115016e7] by zzz <zzz@…>
add trac.i2p2.i2p (linked from logs.jsp)
11:09 AM Changeset [ee09bfac] by walking <walking@…>
translation fix

Jun 30, 2010:

11:37 PM Changeset [530a3fc] by zzz <zzz@…>
* I2PTunnel: Don't start a tunnel if no valid destinations; …
11:30 PM Changeset [00102293] by zzz <zzz@…>
unused icon
11:29 PM Changeset [d241afc] by zzz <zzz@…>
* EventDispatcher?: Minor cleanups and comments
11:28 PM Changeset [6152578] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Transport: Fix NTCP address generation when host is specified but …
10:29 PM Changeset [b9b737f] by zzz <zzz@…>
propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …

Jun 29, 2010:

7:06 PM Changeset [36a032d] by sponge <sponge@…>
25%-50% cpu savings in BOB. The remainder of the fix is in streaming …
1:40 PM Changeset [726079e] by zzz <zzz@…>
CapacityCalculator? cleanup and comments - no changes to formula
2:32 AM Changeset [6642185] by zzz <zzz@…>
formatSize cleanups
2:30 AM Changeset [df7b3dd] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Scale prng.buffers based on max memory, reduce default from 16 to 9
2:29 AM Changeset [22ea79a] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Jetty: Disable TRACE and OPTIONS in console and eepsite
2:27 AM Changeset [2025fe7] by zzz <zzz@…>
* SOCKS: Better HTTP error message
2:25 AM Changeset [a11c529] by zzz <zzz@…>
* I2PTunnel: Add default HTTPS outproxy
2:23 AM Changeset [edaa2fb] by zzz <zzz@…>
* RouterInfo?: Add main() to dump RI files

Jun 27, 2010:

5:04 PM Changeset [110f01a] by duck <duck@…>
I2P logo in routerconsole sidebar is now themed.

Jun 26, 2010:

9:20 PM Changeset [ada39a9] by forget <forget@…>
Russian translation updated (i2psnark startup delay option)
4:11 AM Changeset [8c264170] by zzz <zzz@…>
- Move connection profile and delay connect to advanced config section …
4:06 AM Changeset [9fcb0725] by zzz <zzz@…>
explicitly set shared client for POP (defaults true anyway)
4:05 AM Changeset [47f39d07] by zzz <zzz@…>
stripHTML on form params
4:04 AM Changeset [bcba5af] by zzz <zzz@…>
4:03 AM Changeset [aec1b3a] by zzz <zzz@…>
* jbigi, jcpuid: Suppress log messages when not in router context
4:01 AM Changeset [a979ed7] by zzz <zzz@…>
* logs.jsp: Add more JVM version info so we can distinguish OpenJDK …
4:01 AM Changeset [5485568] by zzz <zzz@…>
* jetty.xml: Add info on how to configure for following symlinks
4:00 AM Changeset [6f3597c] by zzz <zzz@…>
fix display of interactive setting

Jun 25, 2010:

6:47 PM I2Pguide edited by anonymous

Jun 24, 2010:

8:43 AM I2Pguide edited by anonymous

Jun 19, 2010:

1:15 PM Ticket #52 (NTCP fails if TCP = autodetect & IP = autodetect) created by xor
0) in "I2P internals" i had written my IP address in both "IP …

Jun 17, 2010:

4:01 PM Ticket #50 (Implement reseeding via SSL) reopened by welterde
Support for selfsigned certs then ;-)

Jun 16, 2010:

9:47 PM Ticket #50 (Implement reseeding via SSL) closed by zzz
fixed: This is supported now. However, the SSL cert must be signed by …
4:40 PM Ticket #51 (Implement reseeding from multiple sites) created by welterde
Partly already implemented - but currently fetches 100 entries from …
4:39 PM Ticket #50 (Implement reseeding via SSL) created by welterde
1:29 PM Changeset [1202d099] by zzz <zzz@…>
* FileUtil?: Try to handle lack of unpack200 support more gracefully …
1:23 PM Changeset [266eb83] by zzz <zzz@…>
sort countries using collator for locale for current language
1:22 PM Changeset [8843cc2] by zzz <zzz@…>

Jun 15, 2010:

7:05 PM java edited by zzz
7:03 PM java edited by zzz
12:13 PM Changeset [2c4acce] by echelon <echelon@…>
finally i2ptunnel messages_de
9:27 AM Changeset [87beb2e] by echelon <echelon@…>
updated susidns messages_de, fix kbit/kbyte in i2psnark messages_de

Jun 14, 2010:

5:29 PM Changeset [9c5b7760] by echelon <echelon@…>
mentioned path of jetty to be put in
10:06 AM Changeset [6964786] by echelon <echelon@…>
plural fixes. hope thats all
9:52 AM Changeset [d755756] by echelon <echelon@…>
routerconsole messages_de.po updated
7:38 AM Changeset [fbc970e] by echelon <echelon@…>
updates i2psnark messages_de

Jun 13, 2010:

4:42 PM Changeset [364b905] by zzz <zzz@…>
UDP fix and comments
4:04 PM Changeset [34a1085] by zzz <zzz@…>
use a different user agent for outproxy traffic
4:02 PM Changeset [c460ac8] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Console: Add some divs for languages to news and readmes
4:01 PM Changeset [49a09f61] by zzz <zzz@…>
* i2psnark: - Move config to separate page - Icon tweaks
3:54 PM Changeset [08b4563] by zzz <zzz@…>
zh fix
12:44 PM Changeset [026f62f] by echelon <echelon@…>
i2ptunnel .de
12:41 PM Changeset [2307ac5a] by echelon <echelon@…>
SusiDNS .de and i2psnark .de translations
11:51 AM Changeset [2b18642] by echelon <echelon@…>
change more
11:48 AM Changeset [1dc471e] by echelon-transport <echelon-transport@…>
router console messages_de.po 100 percent done

Jun 12, 2010:

11:06 AM Changeset [db1fb7c] by dev <dev@…>
minor style change
11:03 AM Changeset [e5071a3] by dev <dev@…>
update history
11:02 AM Changeset [e6bfe0c1] by dev <dev@…>
fixed possible race-condition and improved code style

Jun 10, 2010:

8:07 PM Ticket #43 (Implement rate-limits) closed by welterde
fixed: already implemented in 0.7.14

Jun 9, 2010:

1:49 PM Ticket #49 (ClasscastExceptions) closed by welterde
fixed: fixed in [cd4d6d83d33f67dd5e87aaf65be3c5b652ba6bf6]
12:43 PM Changeset [919a97d] by dev <dev@…>
really fixed #49 now.. use Context→routerHash instead of calculating …
12:37 PM Changeset [61216b63] by dev <dev@…>
fixed #49: missing calculateHash()
12:28 PM Ticket #49 (ClasscastExceptions) created by anonymous
12:09 PM Milestone 0.7.14 completed
Codename: Blockade Runner

Jun 8, 2010:

3:37 PM I2Pguide edited by anonymous
3:37 PM Changeset [e065d2b0] by dev <dev@…>
merge of '8c5085970b330a592129aa2da5a473d318426bbb' and …
3:36 PM I2Pguide edited by anonymous

Jun 7, 2010:

12:57 PM Changeset [746bad3c]i2p-0.7.14 by zzz <zzz@…>
remove jetty fixes from release target
12:18 PM Changeset [5bbd61b] by zzz <zzz@…>

Jun 6, 2010:

8:38 PM Changeset [27eb7e4] by zzz <zzz@…>
tweak 2
8:36 PM Changeset [c20bef3] by zzz <zzz@…>
tweaks after review
3:51 PM Changeset [d5aaff7] by dev <dev@…>
merge of '9ec612b8794a44b9337b7743afef8ccbb2fc904e' and …
3:49 PM Changeset [fc60768] by dev <dev@…>
prevent an NPE in case the connection is gone already(but that should …

Jun 5, 2010:

10:32 AM Changeset [8ef1dac] by zzz <zzz@…>
propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
1:10 AM Changeset [2024fb1] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Netdb: - Use new receivedAsReply flag in LeaseSet? to mark …
1:07 AM Changeset [617ca79] by zzz <zzz@…>
conn throttler fix when only total configured

Jun 4, 2010:

11:50 PM Changeset [5081755] by privateer <privateer@…>
- integration of dynamicly configurable startup delay of i2psnark - …
12:18 PM Changeset [7bfb5b1] by zzz <zzz@…>
readme cleanup
3:46 AM Changeset [8d73529f] by walking <walking@…>
po revise

Jun 3, 2010:

11:13 PM Changeset [a19d04d] by dev <dev@…>
merge of '4002ce96746459cd6ab6f91f16795bdbe3165644' and …
11:13 PM Changeset [a9c7748] by dev <dev@…>
minor code style updates to ntcp EventPumper?
4:53 PM Changeset [41e4e95] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Update: Fix multiple updates after manually starting update - …
4:51 PM Changeset [c0b0b5e] by zzz <zzz@…>
Add min delay after startup before fetching news
8:35 AM Changeset [e424479] by forget <forget@…>
peers.jsp: Show definitions panel if any transport is enabled (was: …
7:21 AM Changeset [a8804f3] by dream <dream@…>
merge of 'bdef8183da2c97dd55e2c2fad915537640e0f404' and …
6:27 AM Changeset [6479a24] by dream <dream@…>
merge of '0bd9edccbe59dc0c8dddee2b45cde1af0f8551f2' and …
3:35 AM Changeset [8b372ad] by dream <dream@…>
Fixed build.sh jbigi's build.sh had a number of failed assumptions as …
3:22 AM Changeset [86791a2] by forget <forget@…>
Russian translation updated (descriptions for the stats that are …
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