Feb 14, 2011:

7:27 PM gsoc/ideas/router/i2ap created by welterde
7:17 PM gsoc/ideas edited by welterde
add I2AP as idea.. (diff)

Feb 13, 2011:

9:08 PM Ticket #413 (NPE (GeoIP at startup)) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed 0.8.3-10
8:42 PM Ticket #348 (i2psnark messages_fr.po typo with patch) closed by guest

Feb 12, 2011:

7:53 PM Ticket #414 (Susimail NPE) created by zzz
reported by liberty […]
4:22 PM Ticket #413 (NPE (GeoIP at startup)) created by ReturningNovice
Saw this when starting up a router. STATUS | wrapper | --> Wrapper …

Feb 11, 2011:

7:39 PM Ticket #412 (Investigate possible side-effects from desktopgui spinner) created by Mathiasdm
A spinning task is started along with desktopgui. Could this cause …
7:34 PM Ticket #411 (Add 'browser switching' option to desktopgui) created by Mathiasdm
Allow people to select a specific browser, instead of the default …
7:33 PM Ticket #410 (Add 'disable' option to desktopgui) created by Mathiasdm
Example usage: people who might not want it to be easily noticeable …
7:25 PM Ticket #408 (jrobin graphs do not appear on a headless server) closed by Mathiasdm
fixed: Fixed in -10, as explained in my previous comment.

Feb 10, 2011:

11:22 PM Ticket #407 (INSTALL PATH) closed by zzz
invalid: You cannot install the software from the source package by running …
11:18 PM Ticket #397 (Router runs out of memory.) closed by zzz
6:48 PM Ticket #396 (Unable to login to trac via i2p) closed by Mathiasdm
fixed: Tests have been added in mtn and work.
2:13 AM Ticket #409 (Add local download links on download pages) created by zzz
You set up some mirror scheme and local hosting for those countries …

Feb 9, 2011:

6:10 PM Ticket #408 (jrobin graphs do not appear on a headless server) created by Mathiasdm
Due to the addition of desktopgui, which requires headless to be off …
2:29 AM Ticket #407 (INSTALL PATH) created by samsarawalker
Hi everyone, I am not familiar with Linux, however I have experience …

Feb 8, 2011:

2:02 PM Ticket #406 (UDP NPE in establisher) created by zzz
_still_ not fixed (sigh) http://zzz.i2p/topics/844
9:08 AM Ticket #405 (JVM Crash (followed by ERROR: There appears to be another router ...) created by guest
I2P version: 0.8.3-0 2011/02/08 03:20:50 | # 2011/02/08 03:20:50 | # …

Feb 7, 2011:

9:13 PM Ticket #352 (completed downloads file not found exception) closed by zzz
fixed: closing, either it was fixed or isn't reproducible, please reopen …
9:08 PM Ticket #341 (Various error logs (Pipe closed, streaming ConnnectionPacketHandler, ...) closed by zzz
fixed: should be fixed in 0.8.3.
9:00 PM Ticket #391 (snark: leech not progressing) closed by zzz
fixed: Hopefully fixed in 0.8.3? If it happens in 0.8.3 please reopen ticket …
8:58 PM Ticket #368 (Insufficient filename filtering in I2PSnarkServlet) closed by zzz
8:57 PM Ticket #273 (Several 0.8.1 i2psnark issues) closed by zzz
fixed: 0.8.3 contains fixes so repeated image and css fixes return 304 not …
8:53 PM Ticket #403 (exotrack.i2p inclusion in snark) closed by zzz
fixed: added 0.8.3-5
8:53 PM Ticket #404 (Disappearing Tunnels) closed by zzz
fixed: Message fixed in -5. No idea why the permissions would be set to 757, …

Feb 6, 2011:

8:37 PM Ticket #404 (Disappearing Tunnels) created by ReturningNovice
Not sure exactly when this started... but up to -4 it's still an …
4:21 AM Ticket #403 (exotrack.i2p inclusion in snark) created by woodchips
Hi guys, I'd like to request consideration of including exotrack.i2p …

Feb 5, 2011:

7:04 PM Ticket #394 (Location of outproxy.h2ik.i2p changed to outproxy2.h2ik.i2p) closed by zzz
fixed: refixed, and added to hosts.txt
3:36 PM Ticket #402 (ERROR [JobQueue 1/1] net.i2p.data.RouterInfo : Invalid) created by echelon
13:57:55.038 ERROR 1/1? net.i2p.data.RouterInfo? : Invalid …
2:55 PM Ticket #401 (restart leaves zombie jvm) created by sponge
/usr/local/i2p/i2psvc /usr/local/i2p/wrapper.config …

Feb 4, 2011:

9:43 AM Ticket #400 (server handler queue full) created by echelon

Feb 3, 2011:

5:38 PM Ticket #316 (Don't duplicate flag files in source tree) closed by zzz
4:42 PM Ticket #370 (Potential resource leaks in net.i2p.util.FileUtil) closed by zzz
4:25 PM Ticket #359 (Bad spacing on netdb page for <code>) closed by zzz
4:24 PM Ticket #388 (I2PThread and I2PAppThread not thread safe) closed by zzz
4:21 PM Ticket #399 (https://c.netdb.i2p2.de/ reseed broken) created by zzz
Shows website instead of reseed links
4:20 PM Ticket #327 (Add https support to b.netdb.i2p2.de) closed by zzz
11:26 AM Ticket #398 (i20 0.8.3 fails to start properly) created by halebopp
java -server -Xmx128m -cp …

Feb 2, 2011:

5:24 PM Ticket #373 (findbugs BOB) closed by sponge
not a bug: I grabed a copy of findbugs, ran it, looked at what it complained …

Feb 1, 2011:

12:34 AM Ticket #397 (Router runs out of memory.) created by guest
I have configured wrapper.java.maxmemory=640 Router runs for about 2 …

Jan 31, 2011:

9:30 PM Ticket #394 (Location of outproxy.h2ik.i2p changed to outproxy2.h2ik.i2p) reopened by guest

Jan 25, 2011:

6:08 PM Ticket #394 (Location of outproxy.h2ik.i2p changed to outproxy2.h2ik.i2p) closed by killyourtv
fixed: Thanks dr|z3d! Fixed in …
10:02 AM Ticket #396 (Unable to login to trac via i2p) created by killyourtv
A user, on IRC (let's call him user) experienced difficulty …
9:42 AM Ticket #395 (An absolutely *simple* fix that breaks nothing: outproxy.h2ik.i2p is ...) closed by killyourtv
duplicate: Sorry, just now (for whatever reason) saw ticket:394. Closing as duplicate.
9:38 AM Ticket #395 (An absolutely *simple* fix that breaks nothing: outproxy.h2ik.i2p is ...) created by killyourtv
[…] Source: [http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=4986

Jan 24, 2011:

8:44 PM Ticket #394 (Location of outproxy.h2ik.i2p changed to outproxy2.h2ik.i2p) created by echelon
seems the https outproxy is dead. remove it from the source conifg.
7:00 PM Milestone 0.8.3 completed
3:47 PM Ticket #390 (Previous CSS changes reverted Jan. 11) closed by zzz
fixed: fixed in 0.8.3
3:44 PM Ticket #393 (Remove documentation files from BOB.jar) created by zzz
Please remove license-WTFPL.txt and package.html files from the jar. …
1:07 AM Ticket #360 (Addressbook fails on base64 lookups.) closed by sponge
wontfix: User should be stripping the i2p in their software, changing status to …

Jan 23, 2011:

10:14 AM Ticket #392 (] p.router.transport.ntcp.Writer: Error in the ntcp writer) created by echelon
20:19:42.421 CRIT [P writer 2/4] p.router.transport.ntcp.Writer: Error …

Jan 21, 2011:

11:32 AM Ticket #391 (snark: leech not progressing) created by guest
As of now I have encountered the problem twice. Downloads are starting …

Jan 18, 2011:

5:50 AM guide edited by mrwhite
starting the rewrite (diff)
5:05 AM guide edited by mrwhite
reimportation (diff)
4:56 AM guide created by mrwhite
4:39 AM SandBox edited by mrwhite
4:25 AM I2Pguide edited by mrwhite
first run of spell checking (diff)
3:36 AM WikiStart edited by mrwhite
adding some recursive links to the landing page (diff)

Jan 16, 2011:

3:45 PM Ticket #307 (Unable to create socket manager) closed by zzz
worksforme: no response, closing ticket. Please reopen if you have get more log …
3:43 PM Ticket #358 (Much too high memory consumption.) closed by zzz
fixed: There are some improvements in 0.8.3 as noted above, although they may …
3:39 PM Ticket #353 (no listener found) closed by zzz
not a bug: ok, that's a legitimate error then, a message came in but the plugin …
3:25 PM Ticket #76 (Pipe closed / UPnP timeout / SYN with wrong IDs) closed by zzz
fixed: All UPnP errors changed to warnings in 0.8.3
3:25 PM Ticket #120 (UPnP parser exeption, I always get it) closed by zzz
fixed: All UPnP errors changed to warnings in 0.8.3
3:24 PM Ticket #95 (UPnP Parser Exceptions) closed by zzz
fixed: All UPnP errors changed to warnings in 0.8.3
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