Jul 1, 2012:

5:41 PM Ticket #655 (Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible) created by zzz
Log.error(), warn, etc. may block under extreme logging pressure; when …
5:35 PM Ticket #654 (Improve Symmetric NAT handling) created by zzz
See http://zzz.i2p/topics/1193 for details
5:34 PM Ticket #653 (Harden SimpleTimer2, remove all uses of SimpleTImer) created by zzz
See http://zzz.i2p/topics/1195
9:07 AM Ticket #652 (Console authentication improvements) closed by echelon
fixed: Moin Look into the FAQ, it is present since a few years. …

Jun 30, 2012:

10:05 PM Ticket #652 (Console authentication improvements) created by Quix0r
Please try to add a feature that allows protection of the router by …

Jun 29, 2012:

10:50 PM Ticket #651 (tunnel port kept open on stopping tunnel with invalid dest) created by guest
i2p 0.9-19 reproducible by: create standard tunnel add destination …

Jun 18, 2012:

11:43 PM Ticket #638 (i2jump.i2p 500) closed by zzz
fixed: Give up. 500 since January 2011. I had no idea it had been broken …

Jun 15, 2012:

1:07 AM WikiStart edited by str4d

Jun 14, 2012:

1:59 PM Roadmaps/1.0 edited by str4d
1:56 PM Roadmaps created by str4d
1:53 PM Roadmaps/1.0 edited by str4d
1:03 PM 09roadmap edited by str4d
12:58 PM Roadmaps/1.0 created by str4d
12:23 PM WikiPageNames edited by str4d

Jun 11, 2012:

12:16 PM Ticket #632 (Jetty Error in the log) closed by zzz
no response
12:13 PM Ticket #649 (Apologies Re: CRIT LOG) closed by zzz
not a bug: I don't understand what the problem is, if any. Maybe due to …
12:09 PM Ticket #575 (retry function for torrent fetchin broken) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed a different way in 0.9-12. Torrent file downloads are now …

Jun 9, 2012:

5:04 AM Ticket #650 (Multiple client tunnels instances) created by slow
Reported on irc by noob|2. Logs: […]
1:13 AM Ticket #649 (Apologies Re: CRIT LOG) created by guest
Hello people of I2P. Firstly, my apologies. I am (or, was, until …

Jun 8, 2012:

2:35 PM Ticket #648 (outbound (proxy) node support) created by l4t3r
Allow client to configure outbound (proxy) node. The similar …

Jun 7, 2012:

7:33 PM Ticket #647 (susimail: The colors are biting.) created by guest
Wish: Please write the colors in the CSS. Without it, they might …

Jun 3, 2012:

4:08 PM Ticket #646 (NullPointerException) created by guest
[code] jvm 1 | Exception in thread "Thread-57" …
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