Oct 12, 2012:

2:42 PM Ticket #519 (I2P hogs CPU when unable to connect to peers) closed by zzz
not a bug: As best as I can tell reviewing the above, the behavior is not 'high …
1:19 PM Ticket #579 (i2p.data.i2np.I2NPMessageImpl: Please report DatabaseStoreMessage size ...) closed by zzz
1:18 PM Ticket #553 (Problem handling detected, correct external IP address resulting in ...) closed by zzz
fixed: We updated our UPnP library in 0.9.2 and that should help a lot of …
11:50 AM Ticket #697 (Heavy monitor contention in ntcp.{Reader,Writer}$Runner.run) closed by zzz
fixed: seems like we're done with this one. 0.9.2 contains the changes.
11:48 AM Ticket #682 (SSU PMTU) closed by zzz
fixed: 0.9.2 is out and I see at least two routers advertising a non-default …

Oct 11, 2012:

3:27 PM LimeWire edited by zab
3:24 PM Ticket #742 ("Idle" status based on OS user idle time) created by zab
Right now idle status is determined on whether i2p router itself has …
1:11 AM java edited by guest

Oct 10, 2012:

11:51 PM Ticket #681 (Please add instructions to use 3rd party or Portable-java in wrapper.config) closed by killyourtv
fixed: I've updated the wrapper.config file with some of the suggestions …
11:47 PM Ticket #741 (Make I2P easier to deal with with Windows firewall software) created by killyourtv
Jun   23 22:54:47 <Bry8Star> Dont want to limit i2p's peers. But …
9:36 PM Ticket #711 (i2prouter.sh installdaemon() for archlinux) closed by killyourtv
7:06 PM Ticket #453 (I2P is launching ALL available browsers at startup) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 0.9.2-14

Oct 9, 2012:

4:05 PM Ticket #733 (Syndie Dead?) reopened by zab
I strongly disagree with echelon's resolution to "worksforme" because …
2:13 PM Ticket #740 (ip2 router down) created by guest
[…] […]
11:58 AM Ticket #732 (Regular IRC dev meetings) closed by zzz
not a bug: We haven't had regular meetings since April 2007. Not disagreeing with …
6:31 AM Ticket #733 (Syndie Dead?) closed by echelon
worksforme: Syndie is still alive, at least 3 servers do run and sync. Syndie is …
6:27 AM Ticket #735 (Eepget is difficult to use) closed by echelon
6:26 AM Ticket #736 (Auto bandwidth configuration) closed by echelon
wontfix: You will not get accurate bandwidth settings from auto tests. Users …
6:23 AM Ticket #737 (Auto bandwidth configuration) closed by echelon

Oct 8, 2012:

7:51 PM Ticket #739 (Rate Scheduling) created by guest
I2P has the potential to be quite a bandwidth hog, and for those of us …
7:45 PM Ticket #738 (Router console redesign) created by guest
okay guys.. lets face it, the defualt console is an ugly hodgepodge of …
7:42 PM Ticket #737 (Auto bandwidth configuration) created by guest
when the installer starts, it could test the bandwidth on the current …
7:40 PM Ticket #736 (Auto bandwidth configuration) created by guest
when the installer starts, it could test the bandwidth on the current …
7:32 PM Ticket #735 (Eepget is difficult to use) created by guest
Eepget is difficult to use, especially for a new user. i propose …
7:32 PM Ticket #734 (Eepget is difficult to use) created by guest
Eepget is difficult to use, especially for a new user. i propose …
7:25 PM Ticket #733 (Syndie Dead?) created by guest
the syndie project appears to be dead, which i feel is a shame since …
7:22 PM Ticket #732 (Regular IRC dev meetings) created by guest
As it is, the development process is relatively, but not entirely …
6:59 PM Ticket #731 (Multi user support) created by guest
If two users are using the same system at the same time, they both use …

Oct 6, 2012:

1:47 PM Ticket #730 (Default snark download location should not be "hidden") created by zab
topiltzin> what about snark downloads on windows? Meeh> witch is …
1:42 PM Ticket #729 (on OSX ~/.i2p -> ~/Library/Application Support/i2p) created by zab
The Mac Way(TM) and should be very easy to do from java This is not …
1:08 PM Ticket #728 (UPnP lib NPE) created by decoli
Router doesn't start with message "Network: ERR-Client Manager I2CP …

Oct 5, 2012:

8:31 PM Ticket #727 (Prevent i2p router from getting configured with a private IP address) created by guest
Hi, I'm seeing so many packets getting rejected by my firewall that I …
4:48 PM Ticket #726 (users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting) created by guest
Browser fingerprinting can be used to deanonymize users. Browsers …
1:50 PM Ticket #724 (Tunnel Error) closed by zzz
fixed: fixed in 0.9.2-7
12:12 PM Ticket #725 (UPnP: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) created by killyourtv
A user was on #i2p for help with his port number changing on restart. …

Oct 3, 2012:

8:57 PM Ticket #724 (Tunnel Error) created by guest
Fehler 500: /configtunnelsINTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR …

Oct 1, 2012:

2:42 PM Ticket #723 (i2ptunnel darkloris) created by zzz
Review i2ptunnel servers and mitigate where possible. Several variants …
9:28 AM Ticket #722 (Destination not killed on restart) created by echelon
Hi On a I2P restart one specific destination is not stopped and …

Sep 29, 2012:

11:54 AM java edited by zzz

Sep 28, 2012:

4:22 AM Ticket #721 (webserver tunnel - website name field) created by Anonymous922
I had some confusion about the configuration on the I2P Tunnel Manager …

Sep 25, 2012:

8:04 PM Ticket #717 (Another fallback for UrlLauncher.java on linux) closed by zzz
fixed: xdg-open added in 0.9.2-2. If there's a verified problem on Windows, …
7:57 PM Ticket #671 (Unnecessary StringBuilder in OutboundEstablishState) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 0.9.2-2

Sep 24, 2012:

4:06 PM Ticket #653 (Harden SimpleTimer2, remove all uses of SimpleTImer) closed by zzz
fixed: Propped in 0.9.2-1.
3:29 PM Ticket #720 (Implement per-destination priority) created by zzz
Once #719 is implemented, cross-connection priorities will work …
3:22 PM Ticket #719 (Add priority to FIFOBandwidthLimiter outbound queue) created by zzz
We now have per-connection priority queues in NTCP and SSU (SSU as of …
2:35 PM Ticket #707 (easy tweaks to reduce NTCP reader thread cpu usage) closed by zzz
fixed: Option 3) propped as 0.9.2-1.
11:47 AM Ticket #718 (Support x86, and possibly MIPS on Android) created by sponge
Note to self: :-) […]
7:01 AM Ticket #717 (Another fallback for UrlLauncher.java on linux) created by guest
a common method for applications to open urls is to use `xdg-open …

Sep 22, 2012:

10:18 PM Ticket #716 (I2p doc inaccuracies) created by Eridani
Sorry for not doing this sooner, but here are a few inaccuracies in …
7:20 PM Ticket #715 (Jetty RejectedExecutionException infinite loop) created by zzz
Jetty goes into an infinite loop after hitting thread limit: […] …
3:52 PM Ticket #714 (Ubuntu/Debian 0.9.2+repack-1precise1 error= mkdir: cannot create ...) closed by killyourtv
fixed: Sorry for the troubles, fixed with Debian revision 2
10:27 AM Ticket #714 (Ubuntu/Debian 0.9.2+repack-1precise1 error= mkdir: cannot create ...) created by jeroensky
When starting i2p after update of today at uptodate Ubuntu amd64 i get …
8:28 AM Ticket #713 (Some routers to help hidden routers?) created by guest
Now lots of routers hiddens due to country.That is a problem of …
8:20 AM Ticket #712 (Reseed from other network) created by guest
Can I2P reseed from other network? I tried to reseed I2P from tor, but …

Sep 21, 2012:

10:00 AM Milestone 0.9.2 completed

Sep 20, 2012:

4:10 AM Ticket #711 (i2prouter.sh installdaemon() for archlinux) created by guest
need to replace (or just remove) the sysV init script with a systemd …

Sep 14, 2012:

1:58 PM Ticket #709 (Spurious NPE at Shutdown) closed by zzz
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