Mar 27, 2013:

2:48 PM Ticket #907 (i2psnark does not recognize any torrents when invoked with autoStart=true) created by wolkenzorn
With i2snark.autoStart=true, no torrents at all are displayed in the …

Mar 25, 2013:

8:20 PM Ticket #848 (SimpleTimer2: Connection exited unexpectedly) closed by HungryHobo
8:20 PM Ticket #690 (Bote and/or seedless creating too many connection objects) closed by HungryHobo
8:20 PM Ticket #686 ("GC loop of death" example with 0.9.1-5) closed by HungryHobo
8:19 PM Ticket #880 (i2pbote - org/bouncycastle/crypto/Digest) closed by HungryHobo
8:19 PM Ticket #564 (bote/seedless shutdown issues (was: Addressbook should not try to ...) closed by HungryHobo

Mar 19, 2013:

11:51 PM Ticket #906 (Daemon cannot read config file if umask is set during .deb installation) created by kmmhutubuq
When running dpkg-reconfigure after installing the .deb package as …

Mar 14, 2013:

6:01 PM Ticket #905 (What a mess with log files in Windows :-() created by DISABLED
After some hours from start it seems that the path to log file for …

Mar 11, 2013:

1:22 AM Ticket #904 (IRC tunnel filters SASL) created by DISABLED
SASL is useful for authenticating to IRC networks. Will I2P support …

Mar 10, 2013:

10:36 PM Ticket #903 (Open Syndie URIs through command-line) created by DISABLED
Allow a Syndie URI to be passed to Syndie as a command-line parameter …

Mar 9, 2013:

6:48 PM Ticket #896 (Seedless in I2PSnark) closed by DISABLED
invalid: zzz has said many times that seedless support will _not_ be coming to …
6:39 PM Ticket #902 (Describe "Rejecting Tunnels" better) created by DISABLED
If we are rejecting tunnels, tell the user why for each case. …
6:38 PM Ticket #901 (Reject tunnels on Update) created by DISABLED
If our update policy is "Download, Verify, Restart", we should start …
3:56 PM Ticket #900 (Router console in IE10) created by DISABLED
Theme support in the router console is currently disabled for all …
3:28 PM Ticket #899 (SOCKS5 Ports) created by DISABLED
Relevant log line: ERROR i2ptunnel.socks.SOCKS5Server: No outproxy …
12:50 PM Ticket #898 (Stop rejecting ALL tunnels) created by DISABLED
Don't reject client(me connecting to IRC2P or someone connecting to my …
12:48 PM Ticket #897 (Check for outdated plugins is broken) created by killyourtv
Steps to reproduce: 1. Have an old plugin version installed for which …
12:46 PM Ticket #896 (Seedless in I2PSnark) created by DISABLED
The ability for I2PSnark to use maggot links (and make use of …

Mar 8, 2013:

1:03 PM Changeset [9b0c4815]i2p-0.9.5 by zzz <zzz@…>
11:00 AM Milestone 0.9.5 completed

Mar 4, 2013:

8:07 PM Ticket #895 (IMule no traffic (iMule- / SAM) created by DISABLED
04/03/13 20:55:45 ERROR [v3Handler 32] net.i2p.sam.SAMv3Handler : …

Mar 3, 2013:

8:47 PM Ticket #857 (Router console - Invalid form submission) closed by zzz
fixed: Thanks for the report, reproduced here, fixed in …
8:32 PM Changeset [77cfe0b] by zzz <zzz@…>
graphs.jsp: Fix saving settings (ticket #857)
6:42 PM Changeset [041da81] by kytv <kytv@…>
merge of '4482eec8563d6ed220c2042b18fc09164aaa4404' and …
5:22 PM Changeset [7b7f3ea] by kytv <kytv@…>
update geoip based on the Maxmind GeoLite? Country database from 2013-02-19
5:15 PM Changeset [53d5c08] by kytv <kytv@…>
removing email address per request
5:08 PM Changeset [b2f1e78d] by meeh <meeh@…>
Temporary removing ju1c3d's reseed server until it's up and working …
3:52 PM Ticket #894 (Router console inaccessible) created by DISABLED
The router console times out when I try to connect with a large uptime …

Mar 2, 2013:

7:02 PM Ticket #893 (A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment) created by DISABLED
$ uname -a Linux ssh 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 #1 SMP Tue Mar 8 00:01:30 UTC …
12:06 AM Ticket #727 (Prevent i2p router from getting configured with a private IP address) closed by DISABLED
not a bug

Mar 1, 2013:

5:59 PM Ticket #892 (Syndie archive not pushable) created by DISABLED
My syndie archive is not pushable, although I have the 'Others can …

Feb 27, 2013:

11:43 PM Ticket #891 (Special symbols in URL parsing) created by james
There is a problem with parsing some special symbols in URL, like |, …

Feb 26, 2013:

1:16 AM Ticket #890 (Graphs page, bw.combined) created by DISABLED
/graphs has every stat but bw.combined as a graph view page link, …
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