Jan 31, 2014:

6:38 PM Changeset [99f2851] by zzz <zzz@…>
* SOCKS: Remove static logs
6:37 PM Ticket #1193 (wrapper log encoding) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 7e55a9f0914d73edfb148ad46bc1b7892fe811e9 0.9.10-9-rc to read …
6:36 PM Ticket #1190 (corrupt RIs are not always removed) closed by zzz
fixed: Corrupt files were removed on DFE but not IOE, and the …
6:34 PM Changeset [05aa88b] by zzz <zzz@…>
* /logs: Fix encoding of wrapper log section (ticket #1193) - …
6:32 PM Changeset [887f953] by zzz <zzz@…>
* NetDB: Fix cases where corrupt RouterInfo? files were not deleted …
4:21 PM Ticket #1195 (New floodfill integration improvements) created by zzz
When a router first becomes floodfill, it should directly connect to …
1:23 PM Ticket #1194 (Exception in thread "UPnP-Disposer") created by denixx
1:03 PM Ticket #1193 (wrapper log encoding) created by zzz
<denixx> I have one question: is it configurable to make wrapper.log …
3:03 AM Ticket #1192 (Hidden mode needs major improvement) created by zzz
Doesn't work well at all, which is a problem since we enable it by …
2:59 AM Ticket #1191 (Ant target and support for i2psnark standalone) created by zzz
Target was removed years ago, didn't work at the time, or it was to …
2:15 AM Ticket #1190 (corrupt RIs are not always removed) created by killyourtv
The following were found in my netDb directory: […]

Jan 30, 2014:

5:01 PM Ticket #1189 (Speed test / replace MD5Digest with JVM version) created by zzz
In org.bouncycastle.oldcrypto, used in SSU HMAC. Evaluate with …
2:56 PM Ticket #1188 (Check for OBEP/IBGW transport compatibility) created by zzz
<orignal@freenode> I notice one thing. When you pick you outbound …
1:02 PM Changeset [5e16c42] by zzz <zzz@…>
* InboundMessageDistributor?: Set reply flag on LeaseSets?

Jan 29, 2014:

11:18 PM Ticket #1187 (Prevent dup RI stores to floodfills after connect) created by zzz
When a router publishes its RI to the netdb it connects directly to …
9:41 PM Changeset [2cea7cd] by meeh <meeh@…>
7:45 PM Changeset [e60da8e] by meeh <meeh@…>
Added new https reseed, i2p-netdb.innovatio.no (Sindu)

Jan 28, 2014:

10:50 PM Changeset [be12995] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Tunnels: Change expl. IB default to 2 + 0-1
10:48 PM Changeset [c304191] by zzz <zzz@…>
* /configclients: Add link to plugins.i2p; don't show delete button …
10:40 PM Changeset [2cacded] by zzz <zzz@…>
datagram sigtype bugfix
10:35 PM Changeset [ec22a1da] by zzz <zzz@…>
- Only store LS with more than 6 leases to routers that support it
9:33 PM Ticket #1166 (Investigate LS lookups over client tunnels) reopened by user
thx for the fixes so far. router version 0.9.10-7 and still having …
9:11 PM Changeset [434bf13b] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
* I2PSnark: Make 'kitty.png' transparent.
5:42 PM Changeset [236df32] by zab2 <zab2@…>
2:21 PM Changeset [28575db] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Key certs: - Hide setting in i2ptunnel edit pages unless advanced …
1:28 PM Ticket #1166 (Investigate LS lookups over client tunnels) closed by zzz
fixed: LDJ in e7ad6d2e4c020323240c8a5dc4507f63ee5ec16e 0.9.10-7
1:27 PM Changeset [5b9d669] by zzz <zzz@…>
* I2CP: Use client tunnels for b32 lookups (ticket #1166) - convert …

Jan 27, 2014:

6:50 PM Changeset [b2f4fde] by zzz <zzz@…>
history for prop, -6
4:47 PM Changeset [9eefe1e] by zzz <zzz@…>
propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2cp' (head …
4:38 PM Changeset [b91f041] by zzz <zzz@…>
I2CP: - Add missing session ID assignments in HostLookup/Reply?
4:37 PM Changeset [ba96f72] by zzz <zzz@…>
help tweak
2:47 PM Changeset [5d32224] by zab2 <zab2@…>
Ticket #1183 - move message serialization later in the SSU pipeline
1:41 PM Changeset [47712a3] by zzz <zzz@…>
i2psnark: - Support arbitrary location for torrent data. Save …
1:32 PM Changeset [6b16907] by zzz <zzz@…>
* i2ptunnel HTTP Proxy: Fix default enable for outproxy plugin

Jan 26, 2014:

7:00 PM Ticket #1186 (Scheduled task net.i2p.router.tasks.CoalesceStatsEvent@d2ce52 exited ...) created by dg
Reported by 'ka' on IRC. System is a Raspberry Pi. […] […]
2:26 PM Changeset [18146da] by zzz <zzz@…>
i2psnark: - Add missing nonce protection for file priority setting - …

Jan 25, 2014:

7:04 PM Ticket #1185 (Convert UpdateManager to ClientApp) created by zzz
0.9.4 brought both the UpdateManager? and the ClientAppManager?, with …
6:23 PM Changeset [0c326f9] by zzz <zzz@…>
Remove outproxy hook vestiges in context, history for prop, -3
6:16 PM Changeset [e0a499d] by zzz <zzz@…>
propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.outproxy' (head …
5:56 PM Changeset [0f862124] by zzz <zzz@…>
- Tweak display name of HTTP client tunnel - Show outproxy plugin …
3:52 PM Changeset [d00be4c] by zzz <zzz@…>
update error pages for HTTPS
3:10 PM Ticket #1174 (Error processing job [Iterative search timeout] on thread 2: null) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in eb2820957208e17c76e8c10a2c36e59e0da61895 0.9.10-2
3:08 PM Changeset [ec83548] by zzz <zzz@…>
* NetDB: Fix NPE after client shutdown (ticket #1174)
3:07 PM Changeset [f9144f2] by zzz <zzz@…>
* StatisticsManager?: Lower frequency for publishing stats again
3:06 PM Changeset [5d2ff5e6] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Installer: Update links * Update release checklist
3:05 PM Changeset [ce475d2c] by zzz <zzz@…>
sort imports
2:58 PM Changeset [72bd1fe] by zzz <zzz@…>
* i2psnark: Lower threshold for auto-stop * Update: All updates via …
1:17 PM Ticket #1135 (Move streaming impl to new package) closed by dg
fixed: Closing. This is in 0.9.10.
12:59 AM Changeset [747d8333] by zab2 <zab2@…>
12:46 AM Changeset [3427464] by zab2 <zab2@…>
Move OutNetMessage? buffer preparation to the Writer threads (Ticket …

Jan 24, 2014:

6:44 PM Ticket #1184 (Remove external proxy support for news fetching) created by _Vi
I see big block binary data (like …
4:52 PM Changeset [9ca625a] by zzz <zzz@…>
- Fix up the header processing for SSL thru HTTP proxy - Fix the …
3:35 PM Changeset [9e87fd9] by zab2 <zab2@…>
Sync fix for NTCPConnection._currentOutbound
2:34 PM Ticket #1183 (Various transport-related OOMs) created by Zlatin Balevsky
My router has been dying with OOM frequently. According to the …
2:44 AM Ticket #1182 (Address book should support adding entries by .b32.i2p address) created by _Vi
Steps to reproduce: 1. Get some mysterious .b32.i2p eepsite from the …

Jan 23, 2014:

10:23 PM Ticket #1181 (After switching to IPv6-only mode, network status stays "Testing") created by _Vi
The router itself more works (although with high lags and performance …
2:59 PM Ticket #1180 (Add Content Security Policy header to console) created by zzz
at css.jsi line ~35 also for webapps ref: …
12:00 PM Milestone 0.9.10 completed

Jan 22, 2014:

7:08 PM Ticket #1179 (New download site SSL certs) created by zzz
Google code gone, new default is currently download.i2p2.no, meeh has …
6:33 PM Ticket #1178 (java.net.SocketException: No buffer space available) created by Eche|on
HI 1/21/14 9:15:38 PM ERROR [] …
6:29 PM Ticket #1177 (Possible Maxmind GeoIP changes) created by zzz
Not clear if these affect the files we are using. Investigate if …
1:30 AM Changeset [5b6ed48e]i2p-0.9.10 by zzz <zzz@…>

Jan 21, 2014:

1:10 AM Ticket #1176 (Allow user to add messages into log file(s)) created by ReturningNovice
I think it would be usefull for testers and advanced users if there …
12:51 AM Changeset [96f6865] by zzz <zzz@…>
bump for review
12:00 AM Changeset [fa50f9f2] by meeh <meeh@…>
* Adding http(s) uk.reseed.i2p2.no (Meeh) * Adding http …

Jan 20, 2014:

5:00 PM Changeset [538b4b1] by kytv <kytv@…>
Translation updates from Transifex
4:17 PM Changeset [bdb3e26] by kytv <kytv@…>
geoip (v4 and v6) updates
4:13 PM Changeset [ec87600] by kytv <kytv@…>
Chinese language update
3:52 PM Changeset [0624f46] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Console: Change www.i2p2.i2p links to i2p-projekt.i2p * Reseed: …
3:43 PM Ticket #1175 (Include new GeoIP file in update) created by zzz
We haven't done this in a while. Once we get to 100% torrent update we …

Jan 19, 2014:

5:37 PM Ticket #1174 (Error processing job [Iterative search timeout] on thread 2: null) created by dg
19/01/14 XX:XX:XX CRIT 3/5? net.i2p.router.JobQueueRunner? : …
11:36 AM Ticket #1173 (make eepget pass proxy auth) created by user
currently we can require a user and a password in the eepProxy yet …
11:26 AM Ticket #1172 (add filebrowsing for torrent creation) created by user
if possible, add a button that enables browsing files in the i2psnark …

Jan 17, 2014:

12:20 AM Ticket #1171 (Fix tunnel message documentation) created by str4d
<orignal> I've found the big mistake in the documentation <iRelay> …

Jan 16, 2014:

7:03 PM Ticket #1170 (Implement Pluggable Transport API) created by str4d
Following discussions at 30C3 and RWC, a new Transport should be …

Jan 15, 2014:

7:12 AM Ticket #1169 (Disable 'local bypass') created by dg
Connections through I2P's streaming library will bypass the I2P …
2:31 AM Changeset [ece1198] by str4d <str4d@…>
Fixed NPE

Jan 14, 2014:

5:09 AM Changeset [a83c88e] by str4d <str4d@…>
propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …

Jan 12, 2014:

7:21 PM Changeset [8bbab31] by zzz <zzz@…>
* NetDB: Fix handling of DSM down client tunnels
3:24 PM Changeset [8c6922a] by zzz <zzz@…>
* NetDB: Fix handling of DSRM down client tunnels ISJ log tweak
5:49 AM GNS edited by str4d
5:47 AM GNS edited by str4d
Comments from Christian Grothoff, split GNS column into stock and … (diff)
1:10 AM Changeset [6b67f399] by zzz <zzz@…>
* NetDB: - Reduce min part tunnels for ffs to 35 - Use client …

Jan 11, 2014:

5:14 PM Changeset [a959863] by str4d <str4d@…>
Missing file from BOB logging fix
4:31 AM Ticket #827 (Cannot change I2CP port on client side) closed by str4d
fixed: The problem was that `I2PSocketManagerFactory.createManager(PKStream, …
4:30 AM Changeset [1fb2672] by str4d <str4d@…>
BOB: Pass through I2CP host/port (ticket #827)
1:56 AM Changeset [4308ce6] by str4d <str4d@…>
Fixed logging for BOB-one.jar

Jan 10, 2014:

9:11 PM Changeset [32b095e] by str4d <str4d@…>
BOB: Implement ClientApp? interface (ticket #347)
4:31 PM Changeset [eb4bdfc] by zzz <zzz@…>
add i2pjump
2:42 PM Ticket #1155 (Document new plugin interfaces) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed and cleaned up in ecbc3d2a0ee12bf80faac135ef15c16710092d11 Not …
11:44 AM Changeset [fc6554c] by kytv <kytv@…>
typo fix (a03adeb0, part 2)
6:15 AM Changeset [058590f6] by str4d <str4d@…>
Fixed language names in routerconsole
2:24 AM Changeset [576984b] by zzz <zzz@…>
I2CP: - Add SessionID to HostLookup/Reply? messages, for future …

Jan 9, 2014:

7:33 PM Changeset [9825fcf] by kytv <kytv@…>
update of en source files, bump build
7:24 PM Changeset [1ed96d7] by kytv <kytv@…>
i2prouter translation updates
7:24 PM Changeset [a29935a] by kytv <kytv@…>
New Brazilian Portuguese translation - New translation from Transifex …
7:21 PM Changeset [e92a5da] by kytv <kytv@…>
tx: update hostname in config, add pt_BR
7:17 PM Changeset [f08e029] by kytv <kytv@…>
Updated translations from Transifex
2:03 PM Changeset [9757435] by zzz <zzz@…>
NewsFetcher?: Delay news fetch on new installs (ticket #1153)
12:27 PM Changeset [80fadb4] by zzz <zzz@…>
Kad: Fix NPE when removing yourself
4:31 AM Ticket #1168 (Cannot see new emails if inbox was empty) closed by str4d
fixed: Fixed in c2ab7829e807ffa5307919422da8a29a5340bda2
4:31 AM Changeset [8658c23] by str4d <str4d@…>
susimail: Fixed pagination with zero entries (ticket #1168)
3:46 AM Ticket #1168 (Cannot see new emails if inbox was empty) created by str4d
Steps to recreate: - Have zero emails in inbox of an address - Send …
3:35 AM Ticket #508 (Susimail encoding issues) closed by str4d
fixed: Patch looks good. Tested and I can send Russian text between mail.i2p …
3:34 AM Changeset [0264cc9] by str4d <str4d@…>
susimail: UTF-8 support from wockenfuss (ticket #508)
3:33 AM Changeset [bd5b6b3] by str4d <str4d@…>
Updated history
3:10 AM Changeset [dc0a128] by str4d <str4d@…>
Migrated overlap fix from Fux (ticket #773)
12:12 AM Ticket #1113 ("No issuer chain was provided" for i2p2.de and geti2p.net) closed by killyourtv
fixed: Resolved when echelon took over geti2p.net's hosting and by the revamp …

Jan 8, 2014:

6:56 PM GNS created by str4d
Amended zzz's list http://zzz.i2p/posts/7604 with what I know, …
3:17 PM Changeset [c20c697] by zzz <zzz@…>
RouterAppManager?: Allow registration of untracked ClientApps?, required …
2:21 AM Ticket #1156 (mtn docs use deprecated syntax) closed by str4d
fixed: Fixed.
12:32 AM Changeset [44e7110] by zzz <zzz@…>
Fix StandardServerSocket?.isClosed() and close() thx cacapo ref: …
12:30 AM Changeset [c860c49c] by zzz <zzz@…>
Add jisko.i2p to home page Icon source: …
12:04 AM OpenITPReview/Plan created by str4d
Copied list from 30C3 mtg http://zzz.i2p/posts/7537

Jan 7, 2014:

8:29 PM Ticket #807 (Revamp of website) closed by str4d
fixed: Done :)
2:52 PM Ticket #1167 (Bote enhancement requests) created by zzz
2:35 PM Ticket #1166 (Investigate LS lookups over client tunnels) created by zzz
Not a new idea but perhaps not documented before. Better or worse for …
12:06 PM Ticket #1165 (Remove remaining Jetty dependencies in susimail) created by zzz
Our webapps should depend only on javax.servlet, not Jetty classes. …

Jan 6, 2014:

4:56 PM Changeset [b16e66d] by zzz <zzz@…>
Add GUI outproxy plugin enable setting for all tunnel proxies (only …
4:54 PM Ticket #1164 (Changing outproxy list in i2ptunnel) created by zzz
In the outproxy error page we claim you can edit your outproxy list, …
4:06 PM Changeset [3b06f0b] by zab2 <zab2@…>
Change the test url to www.i2p-projekt.i2p
1:57 PM Changeset [0bc6c23a] by zzz <zzz@…>
Remove outproxy hook in context, use ClientAppManager?: - Add …

Jan 5, 2014:

4:38 PM Changeset [17e63b0] by zzz <zzz@…>
add sigtype to i2ptunnel client gui too
2:55 AM Changeset [0fae064] by zzz <zzz@…>
missing file
12:52 AM Changeset [d054e129] by zzz <zzz@…>
New interface and context hooks for in-jvm outproxy Support in HTTP …

Jan 4, 2014:

11:40 PM Changeset [dc60c2b] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
* Console: Change /configclients 'advanced warning' to include …
10:43 PM Ticket #1163 (Increase default bandwidth) created by dg
The default bandwidth has not been increased since 8.x as far as I can …
10:38 PM Ticket #1162 (Minimize waiting delay for I2PTunnel clients) created by dg
After I2P is started, it can take 3-4 minutes (sometimes up to 5) for …
10:10 PM Changeset [b59aa1fb] by zzz <zzz@…>
move I2PSocketOptionsImpl from mini to impl
7:57 PM Changeset [54a21bf] by zab2 <zab2@…>
Fix compilation of non-JUnit tests (disabled by default)
7:56 PM Changeset [50f5587] by zab2 <zab2@…>
make public method protected
7:45 PM Changeset [f9ff2623] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
Fix junit tests for streaming, thank you zab (and thank you zzz) for …
6:15 PM Ticket #1161 (Streaming exception: Wrong stream) created by dg
Reported to zzz earlier. He wasn't sure what it is. […]
5:41 PM Changeset [91ba76f] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
merge of '1fd43bf251a91d33bb1ea9b06f2b35a40be3b9c9' and …
5:39 PM Changeset [ec97bc2] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
Stab at fixing streaming tests. Add javadoc package.html Fix import order
5:32 PM Changeset [fba209c] by zzz <zzz@…>
restore method used by bote
4:54 PM Changeset [b91b242] by zzz <zzz@…>
4:48 PM Changeset [38186c8] by zzz <zzz@…>
TunnelPoolSettings?: Split out the defaults for expl/client IB/OB. …
4:43 PM Changeset [1b3aefbb] by zzz <zzz@…>
PeerManager?: Remove small same-country bonus This was done back when …
4:40 PM Changeset [c03511b9] by zzz <zzz@…>
exception causes
4:39 PM Changeset [78e7599] by zzz <zzz@…>
better wording
4:38 PM Changeset [dc871cf] by zzz <zzz@…>
2:31 PM Ticket #865 (Pebble vulns) closed by dg
worksforme: kytv added a warning to his site.
2:27 PM Changeset [e98b9d0] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
bump for testing
2:09 PM Changeset [2a09d5b] by dg2-new <dg2-new@…>
* Streaming: Move streaming to new package (ticket #1135)

Jan 3, 2014:

3:31 PM Changeset [41e071e] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Key cert GUI support: - Add setting in i2ptunnel server edit page …
12:22 AM Changeset [e8e2396] by zzz <zzz@…>
* Crypto: More implementation for key certs - Support …

Jan 2, 2014:

10:08 PM Ticket #1160 (Wrong port in documentation http://hq.postman.i2p/?page_id=11) closed by rfree
fixed: <postman> rfree: the entry has been fixed. Thanks for finding this bug …
12:38 PM Ticket #1160 (Wrong port in documentation http://hq.postman.i2p/?page_id=11) created by rfree
http://hq.postman.i2p/?page_id=11 says about POP3 at port 1110 "telnet …

Jan 1, 2014:

5:56 PM Ticket #1159 (Configure startup browser) created by zzz
http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=10906 May be a dup ticket but too …
5:52 PM Ticket #1158 (Add way to change settings in susimail) created by zzz
http://zzz.i2p/topics/319 http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=10910
2:34 PM Ticket #1157 (GPG release signing key) created by zzz
Lots of issues, some emphasized at CCC; - 1024 bit, need a longer one …
2:27 PM Ticket #1156 (mtn docs use deprecated syntax) created by zzz
New dev page (and others?) use the deprecated mtn syntax (separate …
2:25 PM Ticket #1155 (Document new plugin interfaces) created by zzz
Plugin docs only describe startup via main(), not new interfaces for …
2:23 PM Ticket #1154 (Document peer selection fast tier slicing) created by zzz
Slicing of the fast tier slicing into 4 parts for slower churn is not …
2:21 PM Ticket #1153 (Extend delay for news fetch time on new installs) created by zzz
From discussion w/ ech. at CCC: Initial news goes away too quickly, …
2:17 PM Ticket #1152 (Reduce 20 min. part. tunnel delay) created by zzz
Request by tuna @ CCC Would improve cover traffic at startup and …
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