Oct 31, 2014:

1:08 PM Ticket #1404 (I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords, #2) created by ihave2p
This borderlines major/critical. Marking as critical since Bote is now …

Oct 30, 2014:

11:39 AM Ticket #1403 (NPE while building GarlicMessage) created by str4d
[…] […]
11:01 AM Ticket #1402 (Router thinks it is firewalled even though it is not) created by rfree
Finished tests (as part of #623) and now I'm sure that ports are …
12:39 AM Ticket #1401 (Group or order the links on the Console "Home" page better) created by somewon
At the moment, the links at the bottom of the "Home" page are ordered …

Oct 29, 2014:

10:16 AM Ticket #1400 (router listens on IPv6 instead of IPv4 despite disabling IPv6) created by rfree
Despite setting in network config: IPv6 Configuration: (*) Disable …

Oct 27, 2014:

9:10 PM Ticket #1399 (UDP connectivity problems should be reported better) created by rfree
I was getting no inbound UDP (as we discussed today in #i2p-dev) and …
10:06 AM Ticket #1398 (Waiting too long for retrying participating traffic) created by rfree
Related to bug #1397 , #623 - if our peer for any reason is unable to …
9:52 AM Ticket #1397 (High transport.sendProcessingTime and Message delay) created by rfree
On some of my i2p routers (debian 7, with mempo/grsecurity btw) I get …

Oct 22, 2014:

6:59 PM Ticket #1396 (Errors on translated blog posts at geti2p.net) created by r
Errors at …

Oct 19, 2014:

2:05 PM Ticket #1395 (Console lockup) created by zzz
Related: ​http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=11340 and #1260 That thread …

Oct 18, 2014:

5:36 PM Ticket #1300 (Router fails to build inbound client tunnels) closed by zzz
5:34 PM Ticket #1205 (I2P Windows installer asks for Java 5) closed by zzz
no response

Oct 15, 2014:

2:34 PM Ticket #1389 (reseed host ssl.webpack.deivae2he9.sg4.e-plaza.de not serving RIs) closed by backup
wontfix: Yes, su3 ONLY server.
9:10 AM Ticket #623 (I loose all participating clients - not getting participating) reopened by rfree
This is still happening. EDIT: to be more exact, in my case the node …

Oct 14, 2014:

12:31 PM Ticket #1180 (Add Content Security Policy header to console) closed by zzz

Oct 10, 2014:

8:44 AM Ticket #1394 (I2P 0.9.15-7: crashed then restarted) created by viha12
[…] […] […]

Oct 4, 2014:

10:35 PM Ticket #1393 (Clarify HTTP/HTTPS client outproxy configuration) created by ihave2p
1) Clarify the need to enter same proxy twice *OR* eliminate that need …

Oct 3, 2014:

5:41 PM Ticket #1391 (magnet with &dn=some%27text rejected by snark) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 96450861aa81f30a8d6ac5e7fe8bd4a80360497a 0.9.15-6

Oct 2, 2014:

12:22 PM Ticket #1392 (Setup a reseed mailing list.) created by meeh
Giving myself the task to setup a mailing list for reseeders.

Oct 1, 2014:

1:22 AM Ticket #1391 (magnet with &dn=some%27text rejected by snark) created by killyourtv
A magnet with %27 in the dn= bit of a magnet URL could not be …
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