Sep 21, 2015:

8:04 AM Ticket #1665 (provide _() replacement according to #1456) created by kay
the changes for #1456 are attached for Bote. in addition to a minor …

Sep 20, 2015:

8:10 PM Ticket #1664 (i2p / Namecoin Integration) created by user
from https://github.com/i2p/i2p.i2p/issues/4 >Hi! > >probably you …
7:31 PM Ticket #1554 (Button - Reset reseeding configuration to default.) closed by dg

Sep 19, 2015:

5:07 PM Ticket #372 (Button for manual recheck) closed by zzz
fixed: In aead05a4ce9e18e118ac3cc1ee9098bcbe28fd58 0.9.22-7 on details page
6:52 AM Ticket #1661 (curly bracket missing in I2P-Bote build.xml) closed by kay
fixed: patch for #1663 adds the bracket.
6:48 AM Ticket #1663 (I2PBote test dependency missing; patch attached) created by kay
mockito-core-2.0.31-beta needs byte-buddy-0.6.14 If ByteBuddy? is …

Sep 18, 2015:

11:52 PM Ticket #1627 (Torrents do not start when torrent file is added to i2psnark directory) closed by dg
fixed: Replying to zzz: > I believe this was fixed by dg just …
11:51 PM Ticket #1195 (New floodfill integration improvements) closed by dg
fixed: Fixed already, closed.
11:50 PM Ticket #766 (Auto-start by default in i2psnark) closed by dg
fixed: This was fixed in 0.9.22 (.21-7, …
10:55 PM Ticket #1079 (I2PSnark directory listing is slow) closed by zzz
fixed: In f52bef215b1756b9237b24c01680bb55e0583408 0.9.22-6
9:31 PM Ticket #1636 (i2psnark fills up tmp) closed by zzz
9:30 PM Ticket #1633 (Snark gets stuck before download complete) closed by zzz
9:26 PM Ticket #1309 (please move the add-file inbox to top too) closed by zzz
wontfix: Not going to do it.
9:23 PM Ticket #1027 (More convenient next/previous page buttons) closed by zzz
wontfix: I don't have the CSS skills to lock these in place without bad side …
9:18 PM Ticket #784 (Total uploader limit not being utilized) closed by zzz
no response: please reopen if you respond.
8:44 PM Ticket #1631 (eepget's man page contains wrong number) closed by zzz
fixed: In 263d360281de0e3cef764f6552833ac5ce702db0 to be 0.9.22-6 Retry …
8:23 PM Ticket #1649 (I2P 0.9.21 installer for Windows fails to install when Sandboxie ...) closed by zzz
no response: Please reopen when you provide the requested information, thanks.

Sep 17, 2015:

9:29 PM Ticket #1575 (I2PSnark: Specified data dir resets to default after first failure if ...) closed by zzz
fixed: I think this is the same as #1658 -- see that ticket for resolution.
9:23 PM Ticket #1658 (I2PSnark "forgets" data location if not available) closed by zzz
fixed: In f26cea6a39323764ac04531a118cd366b27e9d1a 0.9.22-5 It was too hard …
8:22 PM Ticket #1485 (I2P-Snark: magnets forget saving location) closed by zzz
fixed: In 2f629f864957042ca034c9015abf243c98c1ef15 0.9.22-4 Torrent name, …
7:32 PM Ticket #1662 (prevent NPE when looking up addresses before connection is established) created by kay
prevent npe when network and therefore dht is not present. steps to …
8:43 AM Ticket #1661 (curly bracket missing in I2P-Bote build.xml) created by kay
curly bracket missing in I2P-Bote build.xml (on github) in line 251, …

Sep 15, 2015:

1:41 PM Ticket #1425 (Translated news feeds) closed by zzz
fixed: In 0.9.22-2 692ca02289c553712d874fc7dd6313264925db6d and previous …
6:57 AM Ticket #1660 (I2P-Bote: p2p plugin update) created by user
Just like I2P router updates via torrents now, it would be nice if …

Sep 14, 2015:

8:42 PM Ticket #1659 (I2P-Bote: webui tweaks) created by user
I think great progress has been made, UI-wise with the new material …

Sep 13, 2015:

12:41 AM Ticket #1643 (Bote v0.4: Error while checking whether new mail has arrived.) closed by str4d
fixed: 0.4.1 is out, and I'm not seeing constant error messages in the logs …

Sep 12, 2015:

3:40 PM Ticket #1641 (Bote v0.4: User guide and FAQ are in english only ?) closed by str4d
fixed: (Trivial) bug found, fixed in 6f2c7a668a121e5ad78ca970cff5647f2281a5dd.
12:00 PM Milestone 0.9.22 completed
11:33 AM Ticket #1658 (I2PSnark "forgets" data location if not available) created by uvok
I'm running I2P 0.9.21 under Linux. I added a torrent to I2PSnark and …

Sep 10, 2015:

6:49 PM Ticket #1657 (distributed chat) created by user
it would be nice, if vuze's distributed chat were implemented in i2psnark

Sep 9, 2015:

1:43 PM Ticket #1656 (Improve SSU introduction offers) created by zzz
ref: http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/spec/ssu We have nothing in the …

Sep 8, 2015:

2:44 PM Ticket #1655 (IKVM.NET JRE issues) created by zzz

Sep 6, 2015:

3:06 AM Ticket #1654 (Snark should clearly indicate if a torrent is completed/seeding even ...) created by somewon
At the moment, a torrent in the state "Tracker Error" will not …

Sep 4, 2015:

9:08 PM Ticket #481 (UPnP: [Fatal Error] :15:1: Content is not allowed in trailing section.) closed by zzz
fixed: See #1653 for resolution
9:07 PM Ticket #1653 (SAXParserException 'Content not allowed in trailing section') closed by zzz
fixed: tested here on two already-working UPnP devices license agreement …

Sep 3, 2015:

8:44 PM Ticket #1653 (SAXParserException 'Content not allowed in trailing section') created by kay
In order to prevent SAXParserException 'Content not allowed in …

Sep 2, 2015:

12:40 PM Ticket #1652 (Hash Visualizations) created by zzz
We could do this on the proxy-generated address helper page. Wacky …
12:21 PM Ticket #1456 (rename _() methods) reopened by zzz
Please don't close the ticket as fixed until it's reviewed by somebody …

Sep 1, 2015:

9:00 PM Ticket #1456 (rename _() methods) closed by kay
fixed: Using both git-format-patches the test suite passes successfully (as …
8:20 PM Ticket #1651 (scala tests will break with java 8 (oracle)) created by kay
Using jdk1.8.0_51 or jdk1.8.0_45 leads to the following scala problem: …
12:46 PM Ticket #1650 (Additional connections during tunnel opening are rejected) created by zzz
If an application attempted multiple connections and the tunnel wasn't …
11:57 AM Ticket #1648 ([hutdown hook]) closed by zzz
fixed: Not a bug, just a truncation to the last 12 chars of the thread name. …
11:37 AM Ticket #1649 (I2P 0.9.21 installer for Windows fails to install when Sandboxie ...) created by djjeshk
Installed Sandboxie from http://www.sandboxie.com/ and configured it …

Aug 31, 2015:

8:49 PM Ticket #1646 (dummy sub-ticket for replying) closed by kay
not a bug: close obsolete dummy ticket.
6:10 PM Ticket #1647 (sub-ticket for adding the patch for task #1456) closed by killyourtv
duplicate: Duplicate of #1456. If you couldn't comment on exiting bugs before …
5:42 PM Ticket #1648 ([hutdown hook]) created by IGot2P
Should be [Shutdown hook] in the I2P Service logs.

Aug 30, 2015:

7:17 PM Ticket #1647 (sub-ticket for adding the patch for task #1456) created by kay
The diff/patch can be found here: https://paste.ee/r/SIWG0 (clearnet)

Aug 25, 2015:

8:13 PM Ticket #1646 (dummy sub-ticket for replying) created by kay

Aug 22, 2015:

7:44 PM Ticket #1645 (Bote v0.4: Error while checking whether new mail has arrived. ...) closed by zzz
duplicate: Dup of #1643
5:52 AM Ticket #1645 (Bote v0.4: Error while checking whether new mail has arrived. ...) created by hummingbird
Strange errors in my log, I didn't have this with previous Bote …
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