Jan 3, 2016:

3:06 PM Ticket #1742 (Lots of unencrypted Database Store messages) created by zzz
In most cases (when both the storing/querying router and the floodfill …

Jan 2, 2016:

2:13 PM Ticket #1741 (Change Jetty request logging from b64 to b32) created by zzz
Back when we started the custom I2P version of Jetty's NCSARequestLog, …

Dec 29, 2015:

11:59 PM Ticket #1380 (lists.i2p2.(i2p|de) is noted on the website but cannot be reached) closed by killyourtv
fixed: lists.i2p2.de and lists.i2p.i2p work now.

Dec 28, 2015:

12:31 PM Ticket #1539 (I2PControl add support for advanced config) reopened by tuna

Dec 27, 2015:

1:57 PM Ticket #1740 (i2prouter: environment variables for ARCH) created by backup
i2prouter reads on startup only /etc/environment /etc/default/locale …

Dec 20, 2015:

9:12 PM Ticket #457 (Specify encoding in all getBytes() calls) closed by z3r0fox
fixed: Pushed, closed.

Dec 19, 2015:

10:18 PM Ticket #1738 (outer.tunnel.pool.BuildHandler: B0rked in the tunnel handler) closed by zzz
fixed: fixed up in 7e2fc8fbb6603ecbe0625bdbab079c50776b7a65 to be 0.9.23-16
9:58 PM Ticket #1739 (Summary Bar overflow) created by zzz
Russian + Debian version causes the table in the 'General' section to …
9:38 PM Ticket #1738 (outer.tunnel.pool.BuildHandler: B0rked in the tunnel handler) reopened by zzz
Reopening as we aren't properly handling no 'from' when not IBGW.

Dec 18, 2015:

3:45 PM Ticket #1738 (outer.tunnel.pool.BuildHandler: B0rked in the tunnel handler) closed by zzz
fixed: In 70bdc5ffec4776524908d7cc4a956996479ebf6a 0.9.23-15
6:39 AM Ticket #1738 (outer.tunnel.pool.BuildHandler: B0rked in the tunnel handler) created by echelon
12/17/15 8:19:25 AM CRIT [dHandler 2/3] …

Dec 17, 2015:

12:01 PM Ticket #1737 (I2P-Bote: Cannot mark message as unread on http interface) created by dllud
On I2P-Bote Android we can mark a message as unread. On the Material …
9:21 AM Ticket #1736 (0.9.23 - windows - path does not exist) created by echelon
Hi After migration of Windows 8.1 and updating to 0.9.23 log section …

Dec 15, 2015:

3:20 AM Ticket #1735 (I2P-Bote: Add Curve25519 ECC curve) created by dllud
Taking into account the controversy around NIST curves, not only in …

Dec 14, 2015:

3:00 PM Ticket #1734 (I2P-Bote Android: Handle content share) created by dllud
Like most email apps, Bote for Android should handle ACTION_SEND …

Dec 13, 2015:

1:13 PM Ticket #1733 (Error in the ntcp reader: AIOOBE) created by dg
[…] […] Busy router, no other similar errors.

Dec 12, 2015:

11:31 PM Ticket #1732 (I2P-Bote: Custom folders) created by dllud
Just like IMAP, Bote should allow the creation of user-defined …
11:16 PM Ticket #1731 (libjbigi-jni package missing on Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie image) created by dodonas
Hello, Missing package on raspbian jessie: […] Made a fresh …
4:29 PM Ticket #1730 (I2P-Bote Android: FC when adding attachment) created by dllud
I get a Force Close when selecting a file to attach with either …

Dec 11, 2015:

3:31 PM Ticket #1722 (Deadlock) reopened by zzz
More in 24f4d6663de894774fc067aa4ff9c4245ac25e48 0.9.23-12 reopening …

Dec 10, 2015:

8:47 PM Ticket #1729 (Android 'please restart' message after no config changes) created by zzz
After first install. Going to any settings page, then immediate back …
3:40 PM Ticket #1728 (Bote 0.4.2: java.nio.BufferUnderflowException) created by hummingbird
While the node is running since several hours (and Bote unused), I see …
2:32 AM Ticket #1727 (I2P-Bote: local messages' search) created by dllud
Bote should have a search box to search on all locally stored …
2:24 AM Ticket #1726 (I2P-Bote: Add dark Material theme) created by dllud
A dark Material theme would be a life saver for my eyes, on both …

Dec 9, 2015:

6:05 PM Ticket #1725 (Router console appears to be inaccessible before the time is synched) created by killyourtv
Found with 0.9.23 with the netdb deadlock fix backported What I'm …

Dec 8, 2015:

2:15 PM Ticket #1724 (NetDb lookup reduction and negative cache improvements) created by zzz
Copied from http://zzz.i2p/topics/1996 post 13: Another theory I've …

Dec 6, 2015:

5:26 PM Ticket #1723 (Implement EdDSAKey getEncoded()) created by zzz
... and related support for decoding. See #1510 comment 5. Not making …

Dec 5, 2015:

4:36 PM Ticket #1516 (Router freezes for about one minute on UPnP port map hang) closed by zzz
no response
4:36 PM Ticket #1699 (UPnP deadlock) closed by zzz
4:35 PM Ticket #873 (Port changing .. obscurely) closed by zzz
4:33 PM Ticket #1614 (I2P killed all network at midnight, no sign in logs) closed by zzz
4:32 PM Ticket #1579 (UDP bad checksum) closed by zzz
not our bug
4:31 PM Ticket #1541 (announce configuration (transports)) closed by zzz
4:29 PM Ticket #1163 (Increase default bandwidth) closed by zzz
fixed: Increased default outbound to 60 KBps in 0.9.21
3:45 PM Ticket #1094 (Error in the ntcp reader: java.lang.NullPointerException) closed by zzz
no response
3:42 PM Ticket #1590 (atal Error] :3:25: The element type "NewExternalIPAddress" must be ...) closed by zzz
no response
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