Mar 12, 2016:

1:55 PM Ticket #1779 (HTTP 500 NullPointerException when checking UPnP status) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 2121088a5e575cd4354d617e8a2475ed61880747 0.9.24-11-rc thanks
12:18 AM Ticket #1779 (HTTP 500 NullPointerException when checking UPnP status) created by j65da7cp6
Error Details […] I2P Version and Running Environment […] …

Mar 4, 2016:

5:50 AM Ticket #1778 ([CLOSED SAM TCP Client]: Failed to build tunnels) created by hummingbird
I don't know if this is a real issue : 03/03/16 16:40:43 CRIT [l …

Feb 28, 2016:

4:19 AM Ticket #1750 (Avoid copying data for one-shot EdDSA sigs) closed by str4d
fixed: Object reuse tests: e5a697230382356b6cfeca313b1b8e1c8ff3a959

Feb 27, 2016:

4:18 PM Ticket #1628 (Bug in tunnel creation) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed to not default to a file that already exists. In …

Feb 25, 2016:

6:32 PM Ticket #1722 (Deadlock) closed by zzz
fixed: Optimistically closing.
6:20 PM Ticket #1718 (Reseed Server broken - i2pseed.zarrenspry.info) closed by zzz
fixed: Confirmed commented out in 0.9.24
6:16 PM Ticket #1656 (Improve SSU introduction offers) closed by zzz
fixed: Implemented in 0.9.24.
5:29 PM Ticket #1582 (Console shows No stat specified after Restart is clicked while graph ...) closed by zzz
fixed: Correction, graph.jsp, not viewstat.jsp. In …
4:26 PM Ticket #1604 (Static content will become invalid if port, tunnel ID and other ...) closed by zzz
fixed: i2ptunnel http proxy error pages are now rewritten on-the-fly to fix …
4:18 PM Ticket #1600 (add "send via slowest tunnel" functionality) closed by zzz
wontfix: On further consideration, this sounds difficult to impossible. If …
4:15 PM Ticket #1496 (delay own tunnels) closed by zzz
wontfix: closing as the OP, in comment 3, is happy with the workaround in comment 2.
4:02 PM Ticket #1568 (Console UI broken in Firefox) closed by zzz
worksforme: Can't reproduce config page tab issue here on Windows 8, Firefox …
4:01 PM Ticket #1777 (Sidebar link text blurry on IE) created by zzz
See #1568 comment 1 and attachment. Reproduced here on Windows 8 w/ …
3:38 PM Ticket #1567 (shared clients: SendMessage w/o session error causes first browser ...) closed by zzz
fixed: This was fixed in 0.9.23, see #1650 #1698
3:34 PM Ticket #1676 (I can't visit the site google when I running I2P) closed by zzz
not a bug
3:33 PM Ticket #1690 (I2PSnark-Request feature-add ".part" to end of unfinished downloads, ...) closed by zzz
3:32 PM Ticket #1465 (Add introduction tag request to SSU) closed by zzz
fixed: Implemented in 0.9.24.
3:28 PM Ticket #1741 (Change Jetty request logging from b64 to b32) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 0.9.24.
2:58 PM Ticket #1763 (I2P console security enhancement) closed by zzz
fixed: In 9a1afcdb60287670ec54d464eca359d05b26a39f to be 0.9.24-9

Feb 24, 2016:

7:20 PM Ticket #1776 (Ability to reach eepsites degrades over time, returns when restarted.) created by YesYesYes well maybe
I2P version: 0.9.24-0 Java version: Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_80 …

Feb 23, 2016:

1:04 PM Ticket #1773 (Can't connect to anywhere) closed by zzz
not a bug
1:03 PM Ticket #1774 (successfuly fixed) closed by zzz
not a bug
1:01 PM Ticket #1775 (i2psnark; Fix end-game parallelism) created by zzz
Two peer connections can't work on the same piece at the same time. In …
10:32 AM Ticket #1774 (successfuly fixed) created by caen
Instalation from the repo for jessie has solved the situation. During …
9:34 AM Ticket #1773 (Can't connect to anywhere) created by caen
iptables -L are empty. i2p under the same provider with other machines …

Feb 22, 2016:

4:05 PM Ticket #1710 (News CSS) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed CSS for h4, added CSS for h5 and h6. Increased margins, added …

Feb 21, 2016:

3:02 PM Ticket #1769 (AM ERROR [Mv3Handler 1] net.i2p.sam.SAMv3Handler : SEND failed) closed by zzz
fixed: Closing as fixed. #1768 appears to be unrelated.
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