Apr 30, 2016:

3:53 PM Ticket #1744 (Debian unstable repo has no armhf package for libjbigi-jni) closed by zzz
fixed: Copied libjbigi-jni armel and armhf from stable to unstable
3:10 PM Ticket #1778 ([CLOSED SAM TCP Client]: Failed to build tunnels) closed by zzz
fixed: The 'failure to build tunnels' is a fairly typical error when a router …
2:30 PM Ticket #1709 (Remove sud/su2 router update support) closed by zzz
2:29 PM Ticket #1743 (Internal Error CRASH -- NormalizerImpl fail'd init) closed by zzz
not our bug: Indeed, seems to be a problem with the JVM installation, possibly …
2:25 PM Ticket #1723 (Implement EdDSAKey getEncoded()) closed by zzz
fixed: Have not received any additional info from the draft spec authors, nor …
2:20 PM Ticket #1786 (Streaming Timer AIOOBE/NPE) closed by zzz
not our bug: A quick google search doesn't turn up anything similar. Doesn't appear …
1:17 PM Ticket #1789 (In : remove 'eepsites.i2p' ?) closed by zzz
fixed: In cf3abd1d6a1aee4ebdbad368c8af1e019c510a6a to be 0.9.25-9
1:17 PM Ticket #1790 (In : replace 'ugha.i2p' by 'i2pwiki.i2p') closed by zzz
fixed: In cf3abd1d6a1aee4ebdbad368c8af1e019c510a6a to be 0.9.25-9

Apr 29, 2016:

11:12 AM Ticket #1679 (remove trouble causing commons-logging.jar from i2p install (blocks #1678)) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 0.9.24 as described in comment 15 above.

Apr 28, 2016:

11:59 AM Ticket #1216 (Update GMP/jbigi) closed by zzz
fixed: Propped to trunk as 0.9.25-6 -6 notes: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2116

Apr 25, 2016:

10:55 PM Ticket #1791 (Server-side close doesn't propagate to client) created by zzz
Standard server tunnel http://zzz.i2p/topics/2113 Categorizing as …

Apr 20, 2016:

5:05 AM Ticket #1790 (In : replace 'ugha.i2p' by 'i2pwiki.i2p') created by hummingbird
In 'Ugha's Wiki' 'ugha.i2p: An open …
5:01 AM Ticket #1250 (I2Phex will not start properly) closed by hummingbird
not a bug
4:58 AM Ticket #1789 (In : remove 'eepsites.i2p' ?) created by hummingbird
At the page, in 'I2P-Hidden Services of …

Apr 19, 2016:

4:36 AM Ticket #1788 (Optimizing throttling to make better use of router bandwidth within ...) created by foible
I have noticed that I2P's total bandwidth use tends to vary …

Apr 18, 2016:

10:17 AM Ticket #1787 (Update I2PAndroidHelper to recognise legacy release builds (e.g. for ...) created by nextloop
The App ID when building the legacy release is …

Apr 15, 2016:

2:49 PM Ticket #1786 (Streaming Timer AIOOBE/NPE) created by zzz

Apr 14, 2016:

9:52 PM Ticket #1785 (installing plugins from downloaded files not possible) created by anonymous maybe
tried to download neodatis and installing it from "Plugin Installation …
12:55 AM Ticket #520 (Last-Modified header for http://www.i2p2.de/hosts.txt) closed by aargh
fixed: I tested and can confirm that http://www.i2p2.de/hosts.txt does a few …

Apr 11, 2016:

4:17 PM Ticket #1784 (More info on OS X Java problems...) created by lunokhod
After doing a little more digging, it appears that the java …

Apr 9, 2016:

12:53 PM Ticket #1782 (Patch for i2p.scripts/git/update-git.sh) closed by zzz
fixed: applied, thanks

Apr 8, 2016:

12:22 PM Ticket #1783 (Can not upgrade to 0.9.25 on OSX) created by lunokhod
I have been using I2P on OSX for a long time and have never had any …

Apr 7, 2016:

3:14 PM Ticket #1782 (Patch for i2p.scripts/git/update-git.sh) created by nextloop
Somebody with mtn privileges please apply this patch I append to this …

Apr 6, 2016:

3:38 PM Ticket #1781 (Crawling: i2p2.i2p recursive source loops) created by k1773r
While crawling www.i2p2.i2p i get recursive links which lead to a …

Apr 1, 2016:

1:40 PM Ticket #1780 (App crashes at MTK) created by orignal
Version 4.2.1. Occurs every time Wi-Fi disconnects. P.S.: on behalf …
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