Nov 13, 2016:

6:54 PM Ticket #954 (org.klomp.snarkxl.SnarkManager: Error in the DirectoryMonitor) closed by zzz
not our bug: XL is long-dead
6:49 PM Ticket #1434 (Don't request LS from client until we have OB tunnels too) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed in 0.9.21
4:54 PM Ticket #622 (All Icons should be flexible to style.) closed by zzz
wontfix: not going to happen, not worth the trouble imho
4:49 PM Ticket #421 (restarting from desktopgui) closed by zzz
invalid: Not clear what this is all about. DTG, at least now, knows nothing …
4:47 PM Ticket #418 (Desktopgui and windows service) closed by zzz
not a bug: We don't want to start it when running as a service, and we don't.
4:45 PM Ticket #412 (Investigate possible side-effects from desktopgui spinner) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixups in 0.9.26. Spinner only started outside of router context, …
4:43 PM Ticket #415 (Desktopgui general 'tracker ticket') closed by zzz
fixed: Lots of DTG fixups in 0.9.26, and the above was probably fixed even sooner.
4:41 PM Ticket #753 (Implement subscription feeds) closed by zzz
fixed: We abandoned this approach. We implemented Atom (XML) news feeds, …
4:33 PM Ticket #728 (UPnP lib NPE) closed by zzz
fixed: See #1681 for resolution
4:31 PM Ticket #1681 (UPnP start failed - port conflict?; UPnP error, please report) closed by zzz
fixed: in 4cae8a65d4dc2f2a20e9863425f05c664688d2e2 0.9.27-9
3:57 PM Ticket #1153 (Extend delay for news fetch time on new installs) closed by zzz
fixed: News system was reworked to save old entries, and /news page was …
3:12 PM Ticket #1480 (UPnP: IllegalArgumentException while parsing SSDPPacket) closed by zzz
fixed: In 4bb450029ed7735fdb8fc6da8a10357b912ebb29 0.9.27-9
3:01 PM Ticket #1754 (Graphs page crashes JVM) closed by zzz
worksforme: There's not a lot to go on here. It could be the jrobin code …
2:39 PM Ticket #1765 (I2P console shutdown doesnt match inside system shutdown) closed by zzz
wontfix: So, apparently the complaint is that the console stops before …
2:32 PM Ticket #1576 (Fortuna AIOOBE) closed by zzz
wontfix: Not worth chasing further, workaround is sufficient
2:21 PM java edited by zzz
1:49 PM Ticket #1328 (Save important state periodically) closed by zzz
fixed: snark DHT in d656772801692b4435474644c500aca998fe0691 0.9.27-9

Nov 12, 2016:

8:40 PM Ticket #1197 (I2P suddenly died and now fails to start (had to reinstall)) closed by zzz
fixed: This was fixed long ago, in cbd596c1b0920fde3352a271aa9921a1f9d46013 0.9.14
7:43 PM Ticket #1374 (Please add a Logout button to all views in SusiMail) closed by zzz
fixed: In 82df6567fd149cdc56061be96a984d5a08e705dc 0.9.27-9 Added to message …
6:46 PM Ticket #968 (Persistent private key overwritten) closed by zzz
fixed: related: #1628 which was fixed in 0.9.25. That ticket is for files …
6:07 PM Ticket #1606 (Error sending the signed leaseSet) closed by zzz
fixed: In ea9470ef3806974a28e052e215be6518433b04aa 0.9.27-9
5:34 PM Ticket #1063 (Add websocket support) closed by zzz
not a bug: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Websocket Proxy traversal WebSocket?
5:13 PM Ticket #978 (Interrupted while write queue was full) closed by zzz
wontfix: This is probably due to a tunnel/session shutdown. We may be doing the …
5:02 PM Ticket #1169 (Disable 'local bypass') closed by zzz
wontfix: Closing wontfix. As it's all hypothetical, and there's no use case to …
4:58 PM Ticket #1879 (Move transport HTML methods to router console) created by zzz
There's a large chunk of HTML generation code for /peers in …

Nov 9, 2016:

9:10 PM Ticket #1854 (RFC: Count Total NTCP/UDP IPv4 and IPv6 Incomming Connections) closed by zzz
fixed: In 7bca246c8494c50a81c21cbce5dc69fa93f27eea 0.9.27-8 thank you

Nov 8, 2016:

3:43 PM Ticket #1795 (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError, 123,75MB available memory, ignoring ...) closed by zzz
fixed: In 88e8d21c756f1dd5d03e4e01a91becac177c7db7 0.9.27-8

Nov 7, 2016:

9:52 PM Ticket #1878 (Super Möglichkeit mit Zodiac) closed by user
12:24 PM Ticket #1878 (Super Möglichkeit mit Zodiac) created by svea.katschner
Das Zodiac Casino wurde 2010 eröffnet und ist über die …

Nov 4, 2016:

4:23 PM Ticket #1818 (Couldn't initialize the InstanceManager required by Tomcat Jasper) reopened by zzz
This will be fixed when we move to Tomcat 8, see #1870
3:16 PM Ticket #1827 (Add help for Debian users on the trac wiki Crypto/ECDSA page due to ...) closed by zzz
fixed: changes applied
3:16 PM Crypto/ECDSA edited by zzz
151 -> 155 (diff)
3:13 PM Crypto/ECDSA edited by zzz
more ticket 1827 (diff)
3:11 PM Crypto/ECDSA edited by zzz
ticket 1827, java 9 (diff)
3:05 PM Ticket #1829 (Peertest IPv6-only 0.9.26-8 gives warning with ipv4 address) closed by zzz
fixed: the messages will probably continue until the 0.9.28 release is out, …
3:03 PM Ticket #1832 (Add a checkbox to the "Create Reseed File" function to include this ...) closed by zzz
wontfix: no response, closing
2:21 PM Ticket #1876 (i2p/router: Make Minimum Peer Setting Configurable) closed by zzz
fixed: In dcfc1c9bbcc91ba84722c111d7069815bc7ef2f8 0.9.27-7 I cleaned it up a …
1:45 PM Ticket #1875 (Fix Long-Standing Regression for Running Local Test Networks) closed by zzz
fixed: In 5459f44c248b7d1c497b9de4fbc882b934edcd08 0.9.27-7 thank you
1:20 PM Ticket #1871 (Windows batch script for i2psnark-standalone) closed by zzz
fixed: In 50ba5276f60f708a59237606c1a56e1a4d1cf582 0.9.27-7 author is …

Nov 3, 2016:

3:41 PM Ticket #1877 (Test Networks: Check locally supplied addresses for IPv6) created by Obscuratus
This trac ticket is to support local, sand-boxed testing networks …
3:29 PM Ticket #1876 (i2p/router: Make Minimum Peer Setting Configurable) created by Obscuratus
The trac ticket is primarily to support a small-ish number of routers …
3:06 PM Ticket #1875 (Fix Long-Standing Regression for Running Local Test Networks) created by Obscuratus
I2P has infrastructure to allow running in a sand-boxed local network …

Nov 2, 2016:

10:05 AM Ticket #1874 (PGP key identification is unsafe) closed by echelon
fixed: Hi! new zzz signing key was noted in long format on syndie project …
10:02 AM Ticket #1873 (Signature of syndie-cli download) closed by echelon
fixed: Hi! Website is fixed with correct key ID of zzz signing key. Should …

Nov 1, 2016:

1:44 PM Ticket #1874 (PGP key identification is unsafe) created by n_i_c_k
The syndie download page <http://www.syndie-project.net/download.html> …
1:35 PM Ticket #1873 (Signature of syndie-cli download) created by n_i_c_k
The download page <http://www.syndie-project.net/download.html> …

Oct 31, 2016:

12:24 PM Ticket #1872 (service-wrapper .deb for jessie armhf missing) created by echelon
Hi! deb.i2p2.no is missing the service-wrapper package for jessie on …

Oct 30, 2016:

10:32 PM Ticket #1871 (Windows batch script for i2psnark-standalone) created by r4sas
Please, add batch for windows: launch-i2psnark.bat File contents: /* …

Oct 28, 2016:

3:35 PM Ticket #1870 (Java 9 issues) created by zzz
Testing with openjdk-9-jdk (9~b114-0ubuntu1) on xenial. Multiple …
1:39 AM Ticket #1853 (Self-signed cert field review) closed by zzz
fixed: In 76da1aeb57f708e2cc906a3a475b3eff6b4cd681 to be 0.9.27-6

Oct 27, 2016:

6:18 PM Ticket #1869 (GMP 6.1.2) created by zzz
6.1.0 released 2015-11-01; 6.1.1 with minor fixes released 2016-06-20 …

Oct 26, 2016:

5:01 PM Ticket #1868 (Set javac.version=1.6 in Android build) created by zzz
In i2p.i2p 85146390a4375076c261bbc8b58883012d3e9413 to be 0.9.27-5 …

Oct 24, 2016:

8:55 PM Ticket #1867 (Bote: Making tracking by other nodes more difficult) created by sarji
Right now, the destinations is send and saved plain text. This enables …

Oct 23, 2016:

4:50 PM Ticket #1866 (SSL Console fail (keygen)) closed by zzz
fixed: In 49c17c0af9b0ec564f37e4949222270fa92a674e 0.9.27-3 This was broken …
4:05 PM Ticket #1866 (SSL Console fail (keygen)) created by zzz
http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=12601 […]
1:43 AM Ticket #1865 (Issues in macOS jbigi and jcpuid with ...) created by Aniba
I found these performing a native compile of jbigi for macOS. I …

Oct 22, 2016:

4:56 PM Ticket #1864 (IzPack 5) created by zzz
Thought dead but finally had a first release a year ago and many more …
1:00 PM Ticket #1863 ([patch] fix jbigi build for Arch Linux when using jre8-openjdk) closed by zzz
fixed: In a3e5cda975789e5fec3f0aae78dbf40dfd95e3ee to be 0.9.27-3, added some …

Oct 21, 2016:

2:48 PM Ticket #1863 ([patch] fix jbigi build for Arch Linux when using jre8-openjdk) created by anonimal

Oct 20, 2016:

6:32 PM Ticket #1861 (IPv6 Peer Testing: Check for minimum I2P version of 0.9.27) closed by zzz
fixed: Copy/paste error, fixed in a55fb8c6b6c259080f307ba3a4a769140101623d …
8:36 AM Ticket #1862 (Disable HTTP referer stripping by default) created by unknown11
By default HTTP proxy tunnel strips some headers like HTTP_REFERER and …

Oct 18, 2016:

9:02 PM Ticket #1861 (IPv6 Peer Testing: Check for minimum I2P version of 0.9.27) created by Obscuratus
The IPv6 Peer Testing code isn't filtering out peers that are <0.9.27. …

Oct 17, 2016:

12:00 PM Milestone 0.9.27 completed

Oct 15, 2016:

1:30 AM Ticket #1860 (404 in common-structures under LeaseSet) created by anonimal
In https://geti2p.net/spec/common-structures#leaseset is a link to …
1:25 AM Ticket #1859 (Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel ...) created by anonimal

Oct 14, 2016:

6:37 PM Ticket #1858 (404 Javacoc link on Network Database page) created by anonimal
12:50 PM Ticket #1752 (IPv6: Firewalled Status Not Detected) closed by zzz
fixed: Optimistically closing, however we are unable to fully test until this …
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