Jun 7, 2017:

7:33 AM Ticket #1130 (Reseed via SOCKS) reopened by backup
Wishlist for reseeding via tor: SOCKS5 proxy support

Jun 4, 2017:

8:51 PM Ticket #2000 (Link in I2P documentation correct? - https://geti2p.net/en/about/intro) created by slumlord
The link for MNet in the paragraph […] is …
1:28 PM Ticket #1999 (armbian: i2p : Depends: libjbigi-jni but it is not installable) created by manjago
I have Orange Pi Pc Plus with armbian …

Jun 2, 2017:

3:25 PM Ticket #1998 (IterativeSearchJobs clog job queue) created by zzz

May 26, 2017:

3:21 PM Ticket #1997 (I2P Website: Documentation Pages Poorly Formatted For Printing) created by slumlord
I tried to print out some pages of I2P documentation from the website …

May 22, 2017:

12:50 PM Ticket #1996 (UI prop issues) created by zzz
Big ticket for all my issues after review. Review spanned several …
12:42 PM Ticket #1995 (Android: su3 news) created by zzz
su3 news implemented in 0.9.23 #1425 with implementation in separate …

May 21, 2017:

7:33 PM Ticket #1988 (translations of website are not working) closed by arghento
no response: It has been fixed a few days ago, thanks. Now I can continue …
6:51 PM Ticket #1994 (zzzot scrape returns malformed info_hash) closed by zzz
fixed: Bencoder was UTF-8 encoding the hashes. Above fix would have worked …

May 20, 2017:

7:30 PM Ticket #1994 (zzzot scrape returns malformed info_hash) created by lazygravy
The zzzot scrape returns malformed info_hashes. According to the BEP …

May 17, 2017:

6:34 PM Ticket #1993 (Not updated in console/router (wrapper) with commmand ") created by Mexxter
Not updated online in a network of i2p console (wrapper) with …

May 15, 2017:

3:10 AM Ticket #1972 (Android: Remove static Daemon reference) closed by str4d
fixed: Fixed in 6fc532a00c183619706736ec862579c59661d0a5.

May 14, 2017:

12:08 PM Ticket #1986 ([deb] Apparmor profile for Debian needs to be updated) closed by zzz
fixed: Thanks for review and testing. I added the whole GeoIP directory to …
11:51 AM Ticket #1992 (i2psnark html broken) closed by zzz
fixed: In 20108c049ab43d3c3d468ff5ef3c3c5ee60997b0 to be 0.9.30-4 thank you

May 13, 2017:

11:31 AM Ticket #1992 (i2psnark html broken) created by 2121
it seems the latest version of i2psnark has broken html: […]

May 10, 2017:

1:42 PM Ticket #1991 (0.9.30 Debian package misses systemd service file) closed by zzz
fixed: Built i2p-0.9.30p-2~trusty+1 based off the precise source, but with …

May 9, 2017:

3:58 PM Ticket #1991 (0.9.30 Debian package misses systemd service file) created by vk
Hi, the systemd service file is missing in the latest .deb, this …
3:22 AM Ticket #1990 (stack trace on running a torrent while hashing...) reopened by zzz
I'm going to reopen this, as the error message isn't very good, so …

May 8, 2017:

11:15 PM Ticket #1968 (-- not allowed in comment, jetty9) closed by zzz
wontfix: We did option b). Here's the instructions on how to fix it manually. …
5:19 PM Ticket #1990 (stack trace on running a torrent while hashing...) closed by echelon
not a bug: Oh, it is a permission denied in another form... sorry…
5:16 PM Ticket #1990 (stack trace on running a torrent while hashing...) created by echelon
I added a new torrent to i2psnark. It is still on stop, it hashes the …
4:38 AM Ticket #1989 (NPE ...) created by 2121
i get this message on my i2p router sporadically and after (re)start: …
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