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Jul 4, 2017:

1:45 PM Ticket #2013 (Exception in thread "org.eclipse.jetty.util.RolloverFileOutputStream" ...) closed by zzz
not our bug: This is a Jetty 9.2.x bug, through 9.2.21. They've fixed it in 9.4.x, …

Jul 2, 2017:

2:17 PM Changeset [87d6c30] by str4d <str4d@…>
Minor theme tweaks: - Console: - Cosmetic changes to new firewalled …
10:31 AM Ticket #2014 (links inside "I2P Router Logs" are not useful) created by anonymous maybe
the links which added inside "I2P Router Logs" for reporting bugs are …
10:20 AM Ticket #2013 (Exception in thread "org.eclipse.jetty.util.RolloverFileOutputStream" ...) created by anonymous maybe
weird task i have found in the Service (Wrapper) Logs - I2P Version …
3:56 AM Changeset [afec920] by str4d <str4d@…>
Bump -16
3:42 AM Changeset [873b0b0] by str4d <str4d@…>
SusiDNS: Default to the console theme
3:29 AM Changeset [96c73e7] by str4d <str4d@…>
i2psnark: ubergine fix for hidpi
3:25 AM Changeset [56f6a68] by str4d <str4d@…>
Console: Show correct icon for "Firewalled" network status
3:07 AM Changeset [7cd7f01] by str4d <str4d@…>
Console light theme: prevent identicon breaking out of its container
1:42 AM Changeset [1650cbe8] by str4d <str4d@…>
Bump -15
1:42 AM Changeset [dc46f00] by str4d <str4d@…>
merge of '95d429bc46db23b3e3181caf4e622b763cff51eb' and …

Jul 1, 2017:

7:55 PM Changeset [d2edce8] by str4d <str4d@…>
I2PSnark: - Standalone: - Better target the per-theme resources - …
7:47 PM Changeset [bd84ba2] by str4d <str4d@…>
SusiMail?: set button widths
7:44 PM Changeset [bd74b22] by str4d <str4d@…>
Console: - /netdb: - All Routers/Leasesets/Sybil? sections: - …
7:43 PM Ticket #2011 (Family Key export failed) closed by zzz
fixed: in 95d429bc46db23b3e3181caf4e622b763cff51eb 0.9.30-14-rc
7:41 PM Changeset [c768b8f] by zzz <zzz@…>
DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress? - …
6:59 PM Changeset [56c0fbe] by str4d <str4d@…>
Tag "local" strings on /tunnels (tagged for translation elsewhere …
8:08 AM Changeset [5bc9d0a] by str4d <str4d@…>
I2PSnark: Fix unclosed <label>
12:02 AM Ticket #2012 (Router listens on public interface when local address is configured as ...) created by slumlord
I set up an I2P router recently and found that it was listening for …

Jun 30, 2017:

2:01 AM Ticket #2011 (Family Key export failed) created by slumlord
Seeing these in my logs when I try to export a family key. Tried on …

Jun 28, 2017:

7:57 PM Ticket #2010 (CSS menus unusable on some tablets (missing :active)) created by polygon
The CSS menus at geti2p.net (About, Help, Volunteer) do not drop down …

Jun 22, 2017:

6:35 PM Ticket #2009 (Feature: Add a list of magnet links to I2PSnark) created by slumlord
= Feature = == I2PSnark == Allow a list of magnets to be provided as …
6:32 PM Ticket #2008 (Feature: RSS feed management & auto-downloading based upon regular ...) created by slumlord
= Feature = == I2PSnark == Automated downloads of torrents by using …

Jun 19, 2017:

1:47 PM Changeset [12cbbfb] by str4d <str4d@…>
Bump -13
1:46 PM Changeset [4aa4ff7] by str4d <str4d@…>
Console: - Add untagged strings for /tunnels tooltips and local …
1:00 PM Changeset [3d535a22] by str4d <str4d@…>
I2PSnark: - Disable JavaScript? td:onclick (handled by css) - Fix …
12:52 PM Changeset [36030ae1] by str4d <str4d@…>
i2ptunnel: consistent tooltips and Destinations for editClient and …
11:29 AM Changeset [e21479a] by str4d <str4d@…>
Cleanup & formatting tidyups for welcome page readmes, remove unneeded …

Jun 15, 2017:

3:51 PM Ticket #1998 (IterativeSearchJobs clog job queue) closed by zzz
fixed: Several changes in 6234e2fc996409c95813d89bf902f8fa19aa839e 0.9.30-12 …
3:48 PM Changeset [32efa2e] by zzz <zzz@…>
DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress? - …

Jun 14, 2017:

10:33 AM Ticket #2007 (routerconsole: disable Reseed URL Selection) created by backup
I made small mini patch for apps/routerconsole/jsp/configreseed.jsp …

Jun 12, 2017:

2:15 PM Ticket #2006 (Once Syndie (v1.107b) installed, no icons in the DE (XFCE)) created by hummingbird
Once Syndie (1.107b) installed, ther is none Syndie icons in the …
1:11 PM Changeset [8216b68] by str4d <str4d@…>
bump -11
1:04 PM Changeset [3e4318c] by str4d <str4d@…>
/netdb: Fix UI bug with unpublished LeaseSets?
12:45 PM Changeset [cf7a604] by str4d <str4d@…>
UI updates Console: - /logs: fixed environment/running info table …
9:10 AM Ticket #2005 (SelfSignedGenerator.java - invalid rsa private keys) created by backup
SelfSignedGenerator?.java creates according to openssl check invalid …
5:51 AM Ticket #2004 (Link to paper on Sybil attack 404s.) created by Repeal Amusively
Page: http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/about/performance/future Link to …

Jun 11, 2017:

4:30 PM Changeset [25c709a] by zzz <zzz@…>
Reseed updates
4:26 PM Changeset [58b38b2] by zzz <zzz@…>
Remove forum.i2p links
3:27 PM Ticket #2003 (Server doesn't restart listening after soft restart) created by zzz
Tunnel is up and being published, all green in hidden svcs mgr, …
9:54 AM Ticket #2002 (on konqueror add torrent in i2psnark does not work) created by Eche|on
Hi! just tested, after hitting "add torrent" nothing happens, same …
9:50 AM Ticket #2001 (new deisgn i2psnark page kills firefox 53 esr on linux) created by Eche|on
Hi testing 0.9.30-10 on debian linux stretch - recetn up to date …

Jun 7, 2017:

7:33 AM Ticket #1130 (Reseed via SOCKS) reopened by backup
Wishlist for reseeding via tor: SOCKS5 proxy support

Jun 5, 2017:

11:08 PM Changeset [931d7a9] by zzz <zzz@…>
poupdate source
7:58 AM Changeset [d771cc6e] by str4d <str4d@…>
7:58 AM Changeset [e21a57a1] by str4d <str4d@…>
Switch light theme to the same top-nav style as the other themes
7:29 AM Changeset [1ede0c8] by str4d <str4d@…>
Boost letter spacing and margins slightly
7:14 AM Changeset [57f3b89] by str4d <str4d@…>
Fix alignment of language flags
12:42 AM Changeset [9eedb5c] by str4d <str4d@…>
Add state classes to network status messages in sidebar

Jun 4, 2017:

8:51 PM Ticket #2000 (Link in I2P documentation correct? - https://geti2p.net/en/about/intro) created by slumlord
The link for MNet in the paragraph […] is …
1:28 PM Ticket #1999 (armbian: i2p : Depends: libjbigi-jni but it is not installable) created by manjago
I have Orange Pi Pc Plus with armbian …
10:26 AM Changeset [4964b11] by str4d <str4d@…>
Hardcode language names in their native language for usability
5:10 AM Changeset [bd1ccba] by str4d <str4d@…>
SusiDNS: Update SVG image to use grouped objects for styling and hotlinks
5:04 AM Changeset [3334d9f] by str4d <str4d@…>
Fix regression in snark CSS
5:02 AM Changeset [135920a] by str4d <str4d@…>
Updated history
5:00 AM Changeset [c0742b5c] by str4d <str4d@…>
Remove capitalization of SusiDNS config options in light theme
4:59 AM Changeset [163023e] by str4d <str4d@…>
String tweaks
4:59 AM Changeset [791bc9a] by str4d <str4d@…>
String de-duplication
1:01 AM Changeset [c91f942] by str4d <str4d@…>
/netdb: Fix bug rendering the "Add to addressbook" link for local …
12:43 AM Changeset [66385c0] by str4d <str4d@…>
Minor theme tweaks: - Use theme-consistent colours for graphs (dark + …
12:33 AM Changeset [6fe5552] by str4d <str4d@…>
i2psnark: Fix bug in status tooltips
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