Sep 19, 2017:

6:33 PM Ticket #2044 (i2p-keyring on debian stable/stretch not working) created by Eche|on
hi dpkg -i i2p-keyring_2017.09.18_all.deb Selecting previously …

Sep 14, 2017:

3:04 PM Changeset [de48741] by zzz <zzz@…>
Router: Don't lookup hostnames in addresses (proposal #141)

Sep 12, 2017:

10:08 AM Changeset [bcd7b7e] by str4d <str4d@…>
Update history after prop
10:08 AM Changeset [8f4f7b7b] by str4d <str4d@…>
propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.bench' (head …

Sep 8, 2017:

4:25 PM Changeset [10cfa6e] by str4d <str4d@…>
Add NativeBigInteger? benchmarks
11:28 AM Changeset [9e2bd4a] by str4d <str4d@…>
Fix bench.jarUpToDate
11:24 AM Changeset [1a49309] by str4d <str4d@…>
Add usage info to benchmark script
11:16 AM Changeset [3d24cc9] by str4d <str4d@…>
Move benchmarks into core
10:49 AM Changeset [7346ce1] by str4d <str4d@…>
Enable benchmarks.sh to run with everything in one directory
10:28 AM Changeset [d5e97d2] by str4d <str4d@…>
Clean up benchmarks dir

Sep 7, 2017:

2:07 AM Ticket #2043 (Legacy feeder flag) created by Hosenduft
It would be helpful if there was a i2psnark flag to mark "legacy" …
12:06 AM Ticket #2042 (Do not lose .torrent's) created by Hosenduft
Please, when "ejecting" a torrent, better move the .torrent file to a …

Sep 4, 2017:

12:39 PM Ticket #2040 (plz help me) closed by zzz
not a bug: more logs in #2041, nothing new The error message is clear. You have …
12:29 PM Ticket #2041 (critical error) closed by zzz
duplicate: dup of #2040

Sep 3, 2017:

10:23 PM Ticket #2041 (critical error) created by Denisreach77
9/4/17 1:21:18 AM CRIT [istener:7654] client.SSLClientListenerRunner: …
10:22 PM Ticket #2040 (plz help me) created by Denisreach77
9/4/17 12:58:33 AM WARN [impleAppMain] …

Sep 2, 2017:

12:21 PM Changeset [2cd9b34] by zzz <zzz@…>
Data: Prohibit excess key data in certs (ticket #2035)
12:18 PM Changeset [94738c1] by zzz <zzz@…>
new opentrackers
12:15 PM Changeset [8d89d1ee] by zzz <zzz@…>
new reseed
12:13 PM Ticket #2037 (Router should not redirect System.out and System.err) closed by zzz
fixed: In 2a6889552fa84500fb788acca7263ddecc96d791 0.9.31-2
12:12 PM Changeset [8fd354e] by zzz <zzz@…>
Startup: Add property to disable output redirect (ticket #2037)

Aug 30, 2017:

2:36 AM Ticket #2039 (Pluggable Router Trust Filtering) created by ocean1
PROBLEM: We would like to ignore some Routers that aren't …
2:28 AM Ticket #2038 (Pluggable Reseeding Logic) created by ocean1
PROBLEM: We need to be able to provide a custom implementation of the …
2:21 AM Ticket #2037 (Router should not redirect System.out and System.err) created by ocean1
PROBLEM: Right now when a Router starts up it will redirect …

Aug 27, 2017:

1:17 PM Ticket #2020 (trac.i2p2.i2p nearly unusable - connection reset) closed by zzz

Aug 26, 2017:

9:41 PM Changeset [f611f4c9] by str4d <str4d@…>
Minor cosmetic issues in the default console and snark themes
8:46 PM Changeset [40642c8] by str4d <str4d@…>
Remove old benchmarks
8:41 PM Changeset [2bb0ca9] by str4d <str4d@…>
Use I2PAppContext for obtaining instances of AES and SHA256 This …
8:08 PM Changeset [d828ed4] by str4d <str4d@…>
Shorten the benchmark names
7:17 PM Changeset [a06c3fe] by str4d <str4d@…>
Add a script for running the benchmarks with or without jbigi

Aug 25, 2017:

9:55 PM Ticket #2036 (Improve performance of ElGamal) created by str4d
I2P's ElGamal engine has remained basically unchanged since it was …
5:40 PM Ticket #2033 (trac errors when creating new topic or replying) closed by Meeh
fixed: Should be resolved now. :)
5:05 PM Ticket #2035 (Ensure excess data in key certs is rejected) created by zzz
As raised by orignal. According to str4d, based on a code inspection, …

Aug 22, 2017:

12:42 PM Changeset [d77cd04] by zzz <zzz@…>
Transport: More invalid ports
12:39 PM Changeset [1efc167] by zzz <zzz@…>
i2ptunnel: Check for RFC 7239 Forwarded header
12:36 PM Changeset [2071cf8] by zzz <zzz@…>
more Skylakes
12:34 PM Changeset [51d4827] by zzz <zzz@…>
i2psnark: finals for Message class recognize BiglyBT cleanups
1:40 AM Ticket #2034 (client.SSLClientListenerRunner: Created self-signed certificate for I2CP) closed by zzz
not a bug: No it's not an error. Your clue is that it doesn't say "ERROR" …

Aug 21, 2017:

1:41 PM Ticket #2034 (client.SSLClientListenerRunner: Created self-signed certificate for I2CP) created by anonymous maybe
i dunno if this is a good sign or not ? - I2P Version and Running …

Aug 20, 2017:

9:13 PM Changeset [6615586] by str4d <str4d@…>
Add benchmarks for ElGamal?
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