May 28, 2018:

6:23 PM Ticket #2126 (Bandwidth Limiter conversion error?) closed by zzz
fixed: Closing, heard no objections about 0.9.34 changes
6:21 PM Ticket #2117 (Connect from i2ptunnel to Jetty internally) closed by zzz
5:50 PM Ticket #2017 (Translated String fixes from 0.9.31) closed by zzz
fixed: Most of comment 1 fixed. Didn't remove any i2ptunnel tooltips, may as …
3:46 PM Ticket #2190 (Enable optional gzip compression on HTTP server tunnel) closed by zzz
not a bug: In discussion on IRC a few weeks ago, I explained comment 4 further. I …
3:36 PM Ticket #2089 (Susimail login errors should be at top) closed by zzz
6:49 AM Ticket #2229 (I2PSNARK Disregards download priorities after restart) created by uz-spark
I2PSNARK Disregards download priorities after restart. As is, they're …

May 26, 2018:

10:10 PM Ticket #497 (Misspelling in logs "ademlia") closed by zzz
wontfix: thanks, but we should have just closed this years ago, not worth the …
10:05 PM Ticket #2228 (I2Ping not working) closed by zzz
fixed: You didn't say how you invoked the i2ptunnel CLI, but you didn't …
9:48 PM Ticket #2152 (I2PSnark: Hide Up/Down rate columns when there's no activity) closed by zzz
fixed: Hide peers button if no peers on that page (comment 4 bullet 5) In …
8:07 PM Ticket #2105 (Add bandwidth tiers to NetDB overview) closed by zzz
wontfix: Not going to happen, due to lack of resources. Additionally, anything …
1:57 PM Ticket #2137 (I2p sidebar status should report "Installing Plugin" not "Updating ...) closed by zzz
fixed: Changed h3 to 'Update Status' in …
1:34 PM Ticket #2228 (I2Ping not working) created by Reportage
12:33 PM Ticket #2201 (Use DNS over HTTPS for Reseed and NTP lookups) reopened by zzz
- At least one commenter in IRC does trust their ISP more than …
12:17 PM Ticket #1315 (Use of Authenticated Encryption) closed by zzz
wontfix: NTCP2 will use ChaCha20/Poly1305. See #2199 and proposal 111. Any …
12:10 PM Ticket #1240 (Investigate alternate DH implementations) closed by zzz
fixed: NTCP2 will use X25519 with AES obfuscation. See #2199 and proposal 111.
11:49 AM Ticket #2223 (Debian: Incorrect directory for wrapper.config in logs) closed by zzz
fixed: Code checked only if running as a service, but for the Deb pkg, it's …

May 25, 2018:

7:39 PM Ticket #2225 (Clicking "Generate" Button on New Hidden Service Server Tunnel page ...) closed by zzz
fixed: In 5d74a84e3a9c73df1e083d319e73990446cfe89b 0.9.34-11
5:36 PM Ticket #2227 (configtunnels: Unpleasant error while saving.) closed by zzz
fixed: In dd1528af2c106b89bb620ad913a2592ad18781e2 0.9.34-10

May 22, 2018:

7:47 AM Ticket #2227 (configtunnels: Unpleasant error while saving.) created by lg
My attempt to change the tunnel length at runtime has shown that all …

May 20, 2018:

12:36 AM Ticket #2226 (Bote HTTP ERROR 500) created by user
In I2P-Bote in the sidepanel where the folders are supposed to be …

May 15, 2018:

4:56 AM Ticket #2225 (Clicking "Generate" Button on New Hidden Service Server Tunnel page ...) created by slumlord
Steps to reproduce: 1. Open I2P Tunnel Manager Page - …

May 10, 2018:

2:11 PM Ticket #2224 (FAQs Page Updates) created by slumlord
Notes: * Re-categorize/re-organize * Remove old/outdated questions …

May 9, 2018:

6:54 PM Ticket #2180 (Trac old stable and SSL certificate) closed by echelon
6:50 PM Ticket #2202 (Susimail error when opening a mail) closed by echelon
fixed: looks fixed. closing.
6:49 PM Ticket #2208 (run I2P with user privilege inside windows) closed by echelon
wontfix: Installing the service in windows requires admin rights. Installation …
1:36 PM Ticket #2223 (Debian: Incorrect directory for wrapper.config in logs) created by slumlord
From #2222, it seems that installs from the package manager on Debian …

May 8, 2018:

10:34 AM Ticket #2222 (Out of memory error causing router to crash) closed by Xeyed1
not a bug: Thanks slumlord for the good advice. I did find wrapper.config in …

May 7, 2018:

11:09 AM Ticket #2222 (Out of memory error causing router to crash) created by Xeyed1
system is debian stretch amd64 I searched for tickets that mentioned …

May 6, 2018:

4:44 AM Ticket #1087 (Compile list of open reseach questions) closed by jaruga
fixed: Yay :) No problem. I'll mark this as resolved for now.

Apr 30, 2018:

1:57 PM Ticket #2221 (Offload transparent decompression to browser) created by zzz
ref: #2190 and subsequent discussion Following recent changes to …

Apr 29, 2018:

8:58 PM Ticket #2220 (500 JAVA.LANG.NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION) closed by zzz
fixed: In b5c9e98242c01b4708a7ffc1622c57a54e56a986 0.9.34-8

Apr 28, 2018:

4:49 PM Ticket #2220 (500 JAVA.LANG.NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION) created by astral0pitek
Removed everything with side panel […] […]
3:26 PM Ticket #2219 (mtn build fails for new ssl.jsp) closed by zzz
fixed: Forgot to check in a file, thanks In …
1:36 PM Ticket #2219 (mtn build fails for new ssl.jsp) created by Reportage
3:15 AM Ticket #2190 (Enable optional gzip compression on HTTP server tunnel) reopened by Reportage
Browsing a locally hosted .i2p domain that's being served by a 3rd …
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