Aug 21, 2018:

5:59 PM Ticket #2297 (ipv6 only: weird effects with v4 inbound disabled) created by jogger
I have 2 routers set to ipv6 only. They have full ipv6 connctivity. …

Aug 20, 2018:

6:12 PM Ticket #2296 (Android bug; net.i2p.crypto.SelfSignedGenerator.generateCRL) created by meeh
Today, 11:08 on app version 4745242 Venturer i7 (RCT6773W22), Android …

Aug 11, 2018:

10:30 AM Ticket #2295 (Seedless fail to start (end of life)) created by hummingbird
I just wanted to track here, that from I2P v0.9.35, or from Ubuntu …
9:37 AM Ticket #2294 (I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04 ('wrong Java ...) created by hummingbird
I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04. The error …

Aug 10, 2018:

9:09 AM Ticket #2293 (Switch To CachedIteratorCollection in PeerState) created by slumlord
As per ongoing discussion, I have been testing using …

Aug 6, 2018:

11:30 PM Ticket #1244 (Adding a comparison about I2P and RetroShare) closed by villain

Jul 31, 2018:

8:20 AM Ticket #2248 (Changes to debian download page) closed by slumlord
fixed: Seeing no further comments, I am closing this ticket.

Jul 28, 2018:

9:45 PM Ticket #2292 (Setting read timeout on streaming sockets doesn't work) closed by zzz
fixed: I put the FIXMEs in 3 years ago when working on related fixes. Guess I …
8:07 PM Ticket #2292 (Setting read timeout on streaming sockets doesn't work) created by zab
I'm initializing an I2PSocketManager with the following code: […] …
7:07 PM Ticket #1529 (Error 500 after clicking on config) closed by zzz
fixed: No, it will return first available context. Declaring fixed.

Jul 27, 2018:

3:59 PM Ticket #2285 (i2p/router: Fix router.rejectStartupTime Configuration Parameter) closed by zzz
fixed: On review of the history, this feature was added by hottuna in 2013 …
4:51 AM Ticket #2291 (I2PSnark corrupts torrents downloaded with the same filename) created by Reportage
If an existing torrent exists in I2PSnark, and a new torrent is added …

Jul 25, 2018:

3:17 PM Ticket #2290 (I2CP documentation improvements) created by zab
Some improvements on the I2CP documentation to make app development …
6:02 AM Ticket #2249 (adding new firefox images) closed by slumlord
fixed: Seeing no other comments/issues, closing.

Jul 24, 2018:

3:08 PM Ticket #2217 (Choose proper namings according to functionality inside I2Pconosle) closed by anonymous maybe
7:58 AM Ticket #1215 (Unit tests may run a router (and reseed it)) closed by slumlord
fixed: Have not heard anything from zzz. As far as I can tell tests run …
6:58 AM Ticket #2010 (CSS menus unusable on some tablets (missing :active)) closed by slumlord
fixed: Seeing no responses to indicate that the changes have not worked, or …
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