May 8, 2020:

4:01 PM Ticket #2666 (AccessFilter 10 sec. rewrite) closed by zzz
fixed: presumed fixed
3:59 PM Ticket #2692 (Maxmind GeoLite2 locked down, new license) closed by zzz
fixed: Changed to db-ip.com just before the .45 release.
11:11 AM Ticket #2694 (FloodfillPeerSelector: Remove bottlenecks) closed by zzz
fixed: Still not sure I understand comment 9, real-world data _is_ random. …
1:10 AM Ticket #2735 (I2P Post-Quantun Cryptography) created by anonymous maybe
I wonder if I2P has a roadmap for applying pqc into their design, …

May 7, 2020:

9:31 PM Ticket #2699 (Fix FragmentHandler) closed by zzz
fixed: Looked at this one more time, I agree with zab, pretty sure the …
6:17 PM Ticket #2413 (Bandwidth Test always fails in Tokyo, Japan) closed by zzz
fixed: Several fixes were in 0.9.45. See #2672
6:15 PM Ticket #2379 (NPE in ntcp reader) closed by zzz
worksforme: no further reports
6:14 PM Ticket #2315 (Automate Sybil reporting) closed by zzz
fixed: This was in 0.9.38.
6:03 PM Ticket #2445 (Make streaming compliant with RFC 6298) closed by zzz
fixed: Essentially resolved by the fixes for #2706 #2708 #2710 #2715 #2719
5:58 PM Ticket #2525 (Signature Type changing to DSA-SHA1 by turning the tunnel off/on) closed by zzz
fixed: Fix to copy over all relevant config for all shared clients will be in …
5:54 PM Ticket #2589 (Fine-tune congestion avoidance growth factor) closed by zzz
wontfix: obsoleted by fixes for #2708 #2715 #2719
10:35 AM Ticket #2688 (router.dispatchThreaded=true causes endless NPEs) closed by zzz
fixed: In bec02d043b86d4ca57743a865e3994909a937a97 to be 0.9.45-17

May 6, 2020:

2:00 PM Ticket #2706 (Reduce DEFAULT_INITIAL_ACK_DELAY) closed by zzz
fixed: In 6876773e8311ca47b937304679a9ceec43ccbb73 to be 0.9.45-17

May 5, 2020:

7:10 PM Ticket #2726 (Susimail: Missing icon) closed by idk
7:03 PM Ticket #2734 (Update OSX installer/launcher build docs) created by zzz
launchers/macosx/README.md last updated Oct. 2018 contains …

May 4, 2020:

9:24 PM Ticket #2449 (Add option to clear screen logs on /logs) closed by zzz
fixed: It was as painful as I thought it would be, but didn't want to leave …

May 2, 2020:

10:53 AM Ticket #2731 (Arabic Translation is not formatted properly) closed by zzz
fixed: Fixed it the easy way, just checked it in, did not touch transifex. In …

May 1, 2020:

9:00 PM Ticket #2732 (Arabic Translation is not formatted properly) closed by zzz
duplicate: see #2731
2:07 PM Ticket #2733 (I2PSnark: improve sort algorithms) created by Reportage
Patch to provide more intuitive sort for Status and ETA columns. Also …
12:14 PM Ticket #2732 (Arabic Translation is not formatted properly) created by rany
Below is a fixed version of the help page as an example. original → …
12:14 PM Ticket #2731 (Arabic Translation is not formatted properly) created by rany
Below is a fixed version of the help page as an example. original → …
4:46 AM Ticket #2730 (I2PSnark torrent names sometimes will not wrap to next line) created by YesYesYes well maybe
I2PSnark torrent names sometimes will not wrap to next line. They push …

Apr 30, 2020:

10:00 PM Ticket #2729 (Adopt JPackage for Windows and Mac installs) created by Zlatin Balevsky
With Java 14 comes a tool called JPackage which promises to provide a …
5:39 PM Ticket #2728 (no uninstall on windows) created by Eche|on
installed I2P 0.9.45 java installer with service. No entry in "Apps" …
12:54 PM Ticket #2719 (Streaming: TCP-Westwood+) closed by zzz
fixed: A reworked and simplified version of the patch in comment 4 above, …

Apr 29, 2020:

12:52 PM Ticket #2726 (Susimail: Missing icon) created by zzz
Light theme "Mark All" button missing icon in light theme, CSS …

Apr 24, 2020:

12:45 PM Ticket #2725 (I2PSnark: Torrents marked .BAD if tunnels not fully open and restart occurs) closed by zzz
fixed: - Don't mark torrent BAD on I2CP errors and OOMs - Give clients more …

Apr 23, 2020:

3:25 PM Ticket #2725 (I2PSnark: Torrents marked .BAD if tunnels not fully open and restart occurs) created by Reportage
Steps to reproduce: - Set autostart torrents to 1 minute - Ensure …

Apr 19, 2020:

3:12 PM Ticket #2715 (Streaming: single retransmit timer per connection) closed by zzz
fixed: We made significant additional changes to the above patch to fix bugs, …
3:00 PM Ticket #2718 (Streaming: TCP-Westwood) closed by Zlatin Balevsky
wontfix: Resolving as wontfix as it's obsoleted by #2719 (Westwood+)

Apr 18, 2020:

3:06 PM Ticket #2288 (Seeding torrents do not download new comments) closed by zzz
fixed: Vuze and Bigly do not advertise ut_comment. Added counter to prevent …

Apr 17, 2020:

8:46 PM Ticket #2724 (Can't connect to i2p via localhost:7657) closed by Eche|on
not a bug: Your config is not readable or not available. | Warning - No client …
7:35 PM Ticket #2724 (Can't connect to i2p via localhost:7657) created by Steve Smith
From ticket 2722-2723 which is closed. Ditched the i2pbrowser which …
8:06 AM Ticket #2723 (The information you requested.) closed by Eche|on
not our bug: Sorry, we do only support i2p java version, for I2Pd ask the i2pd …

Apr 16, 2020:

9:53 PM Ticket #2723 (The information you requested.) created by Steve Smith
I am running arch linux and have installed i2pd from my distro. I then …
5:37 AM Ticket #2722 (Addressbook not accepting addresses. Java errors.) created by Steve Smith
Trying to visit some sites listed on identiguy.i2p but with no luck. …

Apr 15, 2020:

5:29 PM Ticket #2721 (Streaming: Reduce cwnd on idle) created by zzz
RFC 5681 sec. 4.1 Without doing this, snark blasts out large number of …

Apr 14, 2020:

9:08 PM Ticket #2717 (Console green triangle) closed by idk
1:03 PM Ticket #2710 (Streaming: Retransmit timer needs to be reset after an ACK (rfc 6298 ...) closed by zzz
fixed: Combined patch with #2708 in 50c3a79c761dfbb1eb24e4af01c6e2fdef6df736
1:02 PM Ticket #2708 (Slow start not compliant with RFC 5681) closed by zzz
fixed: Above patch in 50c3a79c761dfbb1eb24e4af01c6e2fdef6df736 0.9.45-9

Apr 11, 2020:

5:10 PM Ticket #2709 (Streaming: Second retransmit happens after 4xRTO) closed by zzz
fixed: Tested and reviewed here, looks good. Fixed in …
6:27 AM Ticket #2720 (Cannot update to 0.9.45 on I2P Browser) created by huluhoop
I am using I2P Browser beta7. i have followed the instructions and …

Apr 10, 2020:

6:12 PM Ticket #2599 (GzipFilter deprecated) closed by zzz
fixed: In 90dcc8a6964eac73ea6071e44c10e4866427fbdc to be 0.9.45-8 See also …
1:41 PM Ticket #2719 (Streaming: TCP-Westwood+) created by Zlatin Balevsky
This builds on top of ticket #2718 and implements "anti-aliased" …
12:20 AM Ticket #2718 (Streaming: TCP-Westwood) created by Zlatin Balevsky
This ticket builds upon #2715, or more specifically if the patch in …

Apr 8, 2020:

3:00 PM Ticket #2473 (Lower Snark piece size) closed by zzz
fixed: Added preference to lessen chance that peers with 0-3 pieces will be …
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