Oct 3, 2020:

1:21 PM Ticket #2776 (I2CP Connection die after approx 24 days) closed by Zlatin Balevsky
not our bug: Problem was a Thread.sleep(Integer.MAX_VALUE) at the end of the …

Oct 1, 2020:

6:29 PM Ticket #2776 (I2CP Connection die after approx 24 days) created by Zlatin Balevsky
My MuWire? hostcache and update server die after approximately 24 days …

Sep 22, 2020:

5:14 AM Ticket #2775 (Can't view any emails (Susimail NoSuchMethodError)) created by writtenblound27
On loading any emails in susimail, this error page is presented: …

Sep 17, 2020:

11:07 AM Ticket #2774 (Compatibility for OpenBSD) created by nickel
Currently the installer doesn't work for OpenBSD, wrapper used for …

Sep 16, 2020:

1:48 PM Ticket #2759 (Automatic blacklisting of routers in same country for routers in ...) closed by zzz
fixed: Several checkins over last week, finished in …

Sep 11, 2020:

5:30 AM Ticket #2773 (Description of enabling SSL for the Tunnel looks misinformed) created by anonymous maybe
When you point your mouse on the SSL option in the tunnel the message …
1:24 AM Ticket #2772 (Tunnel Wizard using ElGamal encryption as default) created by anonymous maybe
Make sure to change default configuration of creating new tunnel from …

Sep 8, 2020:

1:18 PM Ticket #2769 (NTCP2 skips afterSend()) closed by zzz
fixed: In 35999a3c385464f621249f5a3bc8fbda7ae71a01 to be 0.9.47-3
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