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The real roadmap is here http://www.i2p2.i2p/roadmap.html but it is pretty vague about 0.9, and pretty modest, since we just released 0.8 in early July. We haven't put serious thought into 0.9 yet.

I guess the target for 0.9 would be mid-to-late 2011?

If you have any ideas for 0.9, add them here. If you are interested in getting paid to work on I2P (for example Google Summer of Code 2011 or funding.... not that we've ever gotten either) be sure to add your ideas here. Also look at the GSoC page here on the wiki.

For starters, below is the info copied from the website.

  • Include some seed data in the distribution so a central reseed location isn't required?
  • Reachability Mapping / handle peers partially reachable / enhanced restricted routes
  • Improve help pages and website
  • More translations
  • SSU disconnect message
  • Iterative floodfill lookups