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link to a http/1.0 vs 1.1 benchmark

The real roadmap is here http://www.i2p2.i2p/roadmap.html but it is pretty vague about 0.9, and pretty modest, since we just released 0.8 in early July. We haven't put serious thought into 0.9 yet. We need some ambitious goals.

I guess the target for 0.9 would be mid-to-late 2011?

If you have any ideas for 0.9, add them here. If you are interested in getting paid to work on I2P (for example via Google Summer of Code 2011 or funding…. not that we've ever gotten any funding, but it could happen) be sure to add your ideas here. Also look at the GSoC page here on the wiki.



  • Iterative floodfill lookups
  • Encrypted netdb responses
  • HTTPS reseeding


  • Reachability Mapping / handle peers partially reachable / enhanced restricted routes
  • SSU disconnect message
  • Better profile and netdb expiration / memory usage
  • Circumvention for various types of state firewalls
  • Multicast?
  • Restricted routes - start work on this - see http://zzz.i2p/topics/114
  • Lower default connection limits
  • More IPV6
  • SSU analysis and improvements
  • TLS Transport?
  • Transport timeouts / fallback analysis and improvements
  • Bridges like Tor has them?
  • I2P-over-HTTP (to pass through HTTP proxies)


  • Congestion and WRED analysis and improvements
  • Continue CPU and memory optimization
  • Crypto review, possible DSA 1024/160 replacement, see http://zzz.i2p/topics/715
  • Peer profiling formulas - analysis and improvements
  • Restrict file permissions
  • Use Java 1.6 features
  • Update CPUID, JBigi
  • Bigger I2NP Messages?
  • 3 hop default for everything?
  • Streaming improvements
  • working on getting i2p slim and fast
  • proof of security and reliability


  • Improve help pages and website
  • More translations
  • AJAX (jquery?) console
  • Full proxy setup help pages in console for various proxy-switcher and browser combinations
  • Simplified console
  • Links on the router console to all known plugin repositories
  • task-centric router interface as an option with all the current technical stuff either hidden & available on the current one or pushed into an "advanced" section
  • Make it easier and clearer for newbies to see what one can DO with I2P - i.e., Applications. Need to integrate I2PBote, Tahoe-LAFS, I2PMessenger, Syndie, etc. or make it easy to find out about these applications and how to install them if they cannot be integrated into the I2P distribution. Add I2P website links to suggested Firefox Add-ons also.


  • Include some seed data in the distribution so a central reseed location isn't required?
  • Much easier setup - bundled browser? Or a plugin?
  • Android router working
  • Android UI
  • Meego router working
  • Meego UI
  • Official .deb packages and repo
  • Official USB key package
  • Other mobile platforms?
  • Revisit split directory issues - go non-split for windows?
  • Update installer and i2prouter script, deal with non-x86 better
  • splitting the distribution into router- and core-part and application package
  • Make a Browser like for tor as well for i2p, so that i2p is always running if the browser is used, I suggest to use for that idea, as here a i2p proxy is already in fir .i2p sites, while normal sites in another tab can be loaded as well.


  • 3 hop default for everything?
  • Anonymous Digital Cash to pay for I2p resources anonymously, using a digital cash library such as this one:
  • Backup release signers
  • Better handling of multiple outproxies (stay with one while it is working)
  • Chat plugin
  • Compact tracker responses
  • Lots more plugins
  • Outproxy plugin? !!!! Yes Please +1
  • Susimail improvements
  • Syndie - restart work on it?
  • Tahoe-LAFS plugin
  • Streaming audio improvements and plugin
  • VOIP / voice chat plugin
  • Support HTTP/1.1 in the eeproxy for reduced page load times
  • Improve I2PSnark usability with things like: group torrents by status (stopped, completed, seeding, downloading…), adding torrents with just a click in browser instead of cut 'n' paste to the UI, show number of distributed copies?


  • Improve help pages and website