We're planning a meetup in Toronto! The general idea is to have a few talks, have some technical discussions, show people what I2P is about and meet other I2P folks.


15-16 August, 2015


Hacklab: 1266 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6K 1L3

Lounge: Google Maps, a private residence provided by TorontoCrypto

Who is going?

  • hottuna
  • zzz
  • echelon
  • psi
  • xmz
  • cacapo
  • orignal
  • kytv
  • str4d (virtual attendance via skype)
  • meeh (unlikely)
  • lazygravy


Need talk commitments and titles by July 11. Announcement will be shortly after that.

15 Aug

official schedule at

16 Aug

official schedule at

Who is in charge of what

  • Overall Meeting Head Planner - hottuna
  • Finance - echelon
  • PR / Marketing - psi
  • Facilities / Logistics - hottuna
  • Overall Schedule - hottuna
  • Crypto Party Planning - hottuna
  • Crypto Party Presentation - psi
  • Deep technical presentation - zzz
  • i2pd presentation / planning session - orignal
  • Android presentation / planning session - str4d via skype
  • Roadmap / technical sessions lead - zzz
  • Snacks/drinks coordinator - echelon (tuna looking for local delegate for drinks)
  • Stickers - psi
  • Video / audio recording - no current plans. Periscope via @i2p? zzz has mini-tripod and phone mount

Crypto Party Stations

  • Getting started with I2P - kytv
  • Vuze/I2P - z3r0fox
  • Veracrypt -
  • I2PBote -

Requirements for running a station

  • A laptop for demoing purposes
  • Knowing how to teach a newbie about the subject. (Why? How?)


Total cap 10K Euro. Reserve 2K Euro for hacklab, snacks, team lunch or dinner, misc. expenses Approx. 8k€ cap for travel expenses. People who wants to apply for a grant on travel cost should get in touch with echelon ASAP. Partial reimbursement only. Amounts granted depend on total requests and individual need.



  • Bring slide changing remote


  • Make live video at the event happen


  • Test remote presentation software


  • Do MC work at the actual event
  • Post blog
  • Continue to organize lounge/rest space


  • Gummy worms, for day1
  • Beer for day1
  • Pizza, for day2


  • Tub of ice + ice for beer, for day1
  • Crypto party station (Vuze/I2P)
  • Make video recordings happen. (Setting up cameras, filming, post production, and distribution)

All local volunteers

  • Meet up at hacklab to plan layout and have a look around.

Snacks department

  • we aren't feeding the masses on saturday, other than light snacks. have a dinner break.
  • is some bar available nearby? Or do we need to bring all along with us?
  • Keg of beer for Saturday?
    • Buying some beer and having it hacklab has been okayed by hacklab.
    • We have to be reasonable about it though. But getting a bottle of beer or two for each attendee is probably ok. Doing it on the sunday might be cheaper. Any input?
  • Any wishes for snacks?
  • Group-lunch on sunday somewhere nearby? possibly bring in pizza/sandwiches
  • should we buy and get stuff on our own or use a caterer?
    • I2P might sponsor a I2P-folks dinner, other than that, you're on your own
    • Friday night would be best for the I2P dinner
  • Thursday night bar meetup? Sadie suggests



  • echelon and zzz to visit Niagara Falls on Friday (psi and lazyg also) - anyone want to join? Bus is C$80, leave at 8 AM, return at 6 PM; Reserve yourself for pickup at Residence Inn Wellington St. downtown.
  • CN tower? saturday or monday morning?
  • Sadie has lots of ideas

Toronto people to follow


  • Can anybody attend? Yes
  • Will it cost anything to attend? No, but we will have a bucket for donations
  • How can I volunteer? Contact @hottuna_i2p
  • Need more details? Will be announced soon
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