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Android presentation should be after I2P dev presentation, then I can leverage that info


We're planning a meetup in Toronto! The general idea is to have a few talks, have some technical discussions, show people what I2P is about and meet other I2P folks.


15-16 August, 2015



Lounge: Google Maps, a private residence provided by TorontoCrypto

Who is going?

  • hottuna
  • zzz
  • echelon
  • psi
  • xmz
  • cacapo (?)
  • kytv (?)
  • str4d (?)
  • orignal (?)
  • meeh (?)


15 Aug

  • I2P General presentation, by zzz
  • Cryptoparty presentation, by ?? (j?)
  • Cryptoparty, by j

16 Aug

  • I2P Technical presentation, by zzz
  • Technical discussion, by
  • I2P Add Dev Intro, by psi
  • I2P on Android, by str4d (via skype)


8k€ cap for travel expenses. People who wants to apply for a grant on travel cost should get in touch with echelon asap.


  • orignal: Confirm i2pd presentation/technical session/trip to bar
  • j: Confirm actual hacklab hours. If 16Aug wasnt nighttime, that would be ideal
  • irongeek: invited, asked to do video
  • lance: invited, asked to bring buddies and have a talk

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