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Added Nick Johnstons talk


We're planning a meetup in Toronto! The general idea is to have a few talks, have some technical discussions, show people what I2P is about and meet other I2P folks.


15-16 August, 2015


Hacklab: 1266 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6K 1L3

Lounge: Google Maps, a private residence provided by TorontoCrypto

Who is going?

  • hottuna
  • zzz
  • echelon
  • psi
  • xmz
  • cacapo
  • orignal
  • kytv
  • str4d (virtual attendance via skype)
  • meeh (unlikely)


Need talk commitments and titles by July 11. Announcement will be shortly after that.

15 Aug

tentative time: 2PM - midnight Not necessarily in this order

  • Nick Johnston: TOS and PII, what happens to your data when the company gets bought and sold? Different terms of service from popular web apps
  • short I2P General presentation, by zzz
  • Cryptoparty presentation, by ?? (j?)
  • Cryptoparty, by j
  • Guest speaker #1 (1 hour) (before cryptoparty or after?)
  • Dinner break - where/when?

16 Aug

tentative time: 12AM - 8 PM Not necessarily in this order

  • Confirmed guest speaker #1 (1 hour)
  • Unconfirmed guest speaker #2 (1 hour)
  • Possible guest speaker #3 (TBD)
  • I2P Technical presentation, by zzz
  • Technical discussion, led by (zzz??)
  • I2P App Dev Intro, by psi
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy of I2P on Android, by str4d (via skype)
  • i2pd presentation by orignal
  • Roadmap meeting. led by zzz: When is 1.0? Crypto migration (RI), Java 7, 12-month plan
  • Organizational meeting, led by zzz: Finances, roles, servers and services, CCC planning
  • Dinner break - where/when? Order sandwich/pizza delivery? Guest speakers probably need to be before the break, as they may be flying out.

Who is in charge of what

  • Overall Meeting Head Planner - hottuna
  • Finance - echelon
  • PR / Marketing - psi
  • Facilities / Logistics - hottuna
  • Overall Schedule - hottuna
  • Crypto Party Planning - hottuna
  • Crypto Party Presentation - psi
  • Deep technical presentation - zzz
  • i2pd presentation / planning session - orignal
  • Android presentation / planning session - str4d via skype
  • Roadmap / technical sessions lead - zzz
  • Snacks/drinks coordinator - echelon (tuna looking for local delegate for drinks)
  • Stickers - psi
  • Video / audio recording - no current plans. Periscope?

Crypto Party Stations

  • Getting started with I2P - kytv
  • Vuze/I2P - z3r0fox
  • Veracrypt -
  • I2PBote -

Requirements for running a station

  • A laptop for demoing purposes
  • Knowing how to teach a newbie about the subject. (Why? How?)


Total cap 10K Euro. Reserve 2K Euro for hacklab, snacks, team lunch or dinner, misc. expenses Approx. 8k€ cap for travel expenses. People who wants to apply for a grant on travel cost should get in touch with echelon ASAP. Partial reimbursement only. Amounts granted depend on total requests and individual need.



  • Construct speaker podium.
    • Get crates (kdaq)
    • Print podium graphics: The Fed Ex 459 Bloor street west
  • Next IRC meeting:
    • Allow photos without explicit consent?
    • Allow videos?


  • lance: invited, asked to bring buddies and have a talk. Add his two talks properly.

Sadie /@YrB1rd

  • Flyer design
  • Marketing


  • Approve/modify flyer
  • Post blog
  • Continue to organize lounge/rest space


  • Gummy worms, for day1
  • Beer keg + plastic cups OR beer bottles, for day1
  • Pizza, for day2


  • Tub of ice + ice for beer, for day1

All local volunteers

  • Meet up at hacklab to plan layout and have a look around.

Snacks department

  • we aren't feeding the masses on saturday, other than light snacks. have a dinner break.
  • is some bar available nearby? Or do we need to bring all along with us?
  • Keg of beer for Saturday?
    • Buying some beer and having it hacklab has been okayed by hacklab.
    • We have to be reasonable about it though. But getting a bottle of beer or two for each attendee is probably ok. Doing it on the sunday might be cheaper. Any input?
  • Any wishes for snacks?
  • Group-lunch on sunday somewhere nearby? possibly bring in pizza/sandwiches
  • should we buy and get stuff on our own or use a caterer?
    • I2P might sponsor a I2P-folks dinner, other than that, you're on your own
    • Friday night would be best for the I2P dinner
  • Thursday night bar meetup? Sadie suggests



  • echelon and zzz plan to visit Niagara Falls on Friday - anyone want to join? Bus is C$80, leave at 9 AM, return at 6 PM; possible company:
  • CN tower? saturday morning?
  • Sadie has lots of ideas

Toronto people to follow


  • Can anybody attend? Yes
  • Will it cost anything to attend? No, but we may have a bucket for donations
  • How can I volunteer? Contact @hottuna_i2p
  • Need more details? Will be announced soon

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