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     1= How to Submit a Bug Report =
     3Submitting ''good'' bug reports is very important.
     5== Before you Submit any bug ==
     7* If you're reporting a bug in I2P, it is important that you include as many details of the bug as you can. Version information, which is located at the top of [], should also be included in any ticket filed.
     9* If you're having a problem with the Debian or Ubuntu package, check to see if a new package has been uploaded (`sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade`). If not, continue.
     12* If your report is about a crash or a third-party plugin:
     14 Remember: '''we don't support third-party plugins'''.  We didn't develop those plugins and can't help you with those issues.
     16  1. Make sure your plugins are of the most current version available.
     18  2. Disable plugins you have loaded (one by one) until you eliminate the source of the crash.
     20* If you're experiencing very high RAM or CPU usage
     22  1. Make sure you're using a recommended version of Java. Oracle Java Version 7, OpenJDK 7, or IcedTea7 are recommended for most systems. On the Raspberry Pi, use Oracle 8 Early Access. PowerPC users should try IBM SDK 7.
     24  2. If you're running on plugins such as Seedless or I2P-Bote, try disabling them to see if the problem goes away.
     26* If your bug is other than third-party plugin or crash -related (new features, improvements, etc.), follow the steps below.
     28= Steps for Bug Report Submission =
     301. Check that your problem is not related to a third-party plugin or a crash (read above). If your problem is related to a crash (whether or not it's also related to a third-party plugin), you will have to get the proper log (read below).
     322. [/search?q=&noquickjump=1&ticket=on Search for existing bug reports], in order not to submit a duplicated one.
     343. [/newticket Create a new ticket].[[BR]]
     36  #!Genshi
     37  <div xmlns:py="">
     38   <py:choose>
     39    <py:when test="req.session.authenticated">
     41    </py:when>
     42    <py:otherwise>
     43     <p><b>To file a new ticket, you'll need to
     44        <a  href="${req.href.login()}">log in</a> or
     45        <a  href="${req.href.register()}">create an account</a>
     46        first. Unfortunately the old passwords were lost so if you're unable to login to your account you can <a href="${req.href.reset_password()}">reset your password here</a>.</b></p>
     47    </py:otherwise>
     48   </py:choose>
     49  </div> 
     50  }}}
     52= Obtaining a thread dump =
     53If asked to obtain a thread dump, the following steps will help you do so.
     551. If you can access the router console (usually at, go to the [ service tab]. In the '''Debugging''' section will be a ''Dump Threads'' button. Click it.
     562. The thread dump will be visible in the [ wrapper.log file]. The location of `wrapper.log` will also be listed on the [ router console's logs page].
     573. Copy & paste the thread dump to http://pastethis.i2p, noting the URL in the ticket, or attach a file with the thread dump to the ticket.
     59If you cannot load the router console and you're running Linux, OSX, *BSD, or Solaris, try running `i2prouter dump` to dump the threads to your `wrapper.log`.