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As discussed at I2PCon.

Next roadmap 0.9.22 - 0.9.25 4 releases, 8 months


0.9.22 (1.0?) early Oct.

  • start rekey
  • GMP 6

0.9.23 (1.0?) late Nov - early Dec.

  • continue rekey
  • Java 7 (desktop only, i.e. apps/, keep core and router at 6 for android and embedded)

(strands XP)

  • SAM 3.2
  • Jetty 9

0.9.24 (1.0?) early Feb.

  • finish rekey

0.9.25 (1.0?) late March

Rough consensus at I2PCon was that we should not do 1.0 anytime soon.


which crypto? when? (end of forum.i2p, tracker.welterde.i2p) snark rekey - which crypto? when? (end of tracker.welterde.i2p)

(don't want to use multisession because that doubles the leasesets)

EC vs. Ed for RI rekey

i2pd doesn't support Ed yet some routers (red hat) don't support EC yet, warnings in place since botnet doesn't support either EC since 0.9.12 2014-03-31: 99.2% of net (minus unknown redhat, minus botnet) Ed since 0.9.15, 2014-09-20 bug fixed in 0.9.17: 2014-11-30 96.7% of net (minus i2pd)

other features

Addressbook, naming, signed entries (stalled) GMP 6 (need builders and testers) LS2 (stalled) NTCP2 (stalled in research phase, start with DH) New DH (stalled in research phase) Java 7 (this would eliminate XP?) SAM 3.2 requires java 7 (¾ done) Jetty 9 (9.2? 9.3?) requires java 7 (barely started) Pluggable transports (stalled, lots to do) a must for resisting DPI since we don't have 40 phd students to make a new one each month Scriptable interface (stalled, needs merge) want to entice researchers into playing with and setting up their own test networks NetDB redo? ("next backend")

other code

Android roadmap Bote + Android Bote Fixed Orchid plugin? (merge/test effort) Syndie I2pcontrol + clients Other plugins

non-code roadmap

audits and reviews website threat model outreach debian reseeds


zzz would like non-coding tasks in a separate chart from coding tasks. Also, separate release-oriented java i2p tasks from other coding tasks (plugins etc.)

Previous gantt chart for just completed cycle 0.9.18 - 0.9.21, with annotations

What do the colors mean?

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copied from previous roadmap, unmodified.