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    3737 * __How does I2P bootstrap?__
     39> '' RN: this question popped up in #-2p-help, and the person asking did not wait long enough for an answer, it expands the question above, and is probably too long but I put it here to illustrate what new i2people want to know... and I'll answer it as best I can..
     41 * __how do the I2Prouters find each other? In public routing there are HELLO packets like in OSPF - but i don't know how it works in a virtual net... read something about garlic routing, but there is no explanation about " how the router find eachother in detail" there must be a central instance which is the first point of contact, or ?
     42  * ''RN: When a new i2p router first starts up, it contacts sites that distribute some initial 'seeds'  These are information about other routers and are stored in your netDB.  They expire after a while, so that's why i2p does not ship with default seeds installed.  Once your router has been running a while, it gets information about other routers that it connects to (through the ones it already knows) and stores those as well, this is why your Known-Peers number displayed in the console goes up over time; and why, if your internet connection goes down, the number goes down since it gets no response from each router it tries to contact.
    3944 * __How safe is this 'bootstrap' process?__