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    1111 * __I've heard of Tor. What's different about I2P? Should I use both?__
    12    * I2P and Tor both offer means of communicating anonymously and untraceably on the internet.
    13    * ''duck: awesome question, needs to be compressed for maximum effect.''
    1413   * I2P and Tor are both anonymizing tools that run on a variety of platforms, and serve the interests of similar users. Where Tor sees its primary role as a platform for circumventing censorship on the net at large and providing the tools to evade direct monitoring by governments, ISPs etc, I2P takes a slightly different approach. Where Tor creates a two-tier system of clients and relay nodes, I2P by default puts every user in the role of both client *and* relay. However, unlike Tor, by running I2P there is no risk of takedown notices or worse, since I2P keeps all the traffic hidden and encrypted end-to-end. Tor facilitates access to the net at large, and therefore exposes itself, and its users, to some risk of monitoring and legal intervention. Since everything in I2P happens within I2P, there is no risk of external monitoring by ISP's or governments. In this sense, Tor is more a conventional proxy onto the net at large, whereas I2P is a darknet implementation.
    1918 * __Whats an "eepsite"? Who is "Itoopie"? What is a darknet?__
    2020   * Needs Glossary page. http://trac.i2p2.i2p/wiki/glossary
    2222 * __Is it safe? Has the code been audited? __
    2324   * ''duck: splendid stuff, suggest rephrasing to atleast mention privacy / anonymity. safe is too generic.''
    2526 * __Is my router an "exit node" to the regular Internet? I don't want it to be.__
    2628   * You're confusing Tor and I2P! By default, everyone on the network participates in the network to help route traffic for other I2P users. We do not configure an "outproxy" on a default installation, so the only traffic a default I2P installation will route will be for other I2P routers (nodes) within the network, encrypted and anonymous by design.
    5052 * __What is a floodfill?__
    5153   * Needs Glossary page. http://trac.i2p2.i2p/wiki/glossary
    5255   * ''duck: how will they know about floodfill? can we rephrase it elsewhere to make this floodfill clear at the first point of introduction.''
    5659 * __What ports does I2P use?__
    5761   * I2P use a random port which you can see on If you don't like that port you can change it on the same site below.
    6771== Dig in - Non Technical Aspect ==
    6873=== Paranoid ===
    8994== In Operation ==
    9096=== FAQ of FAQ ===
    9198 * __I'm missing lots of hosts in my addressbook. What are some good subscription links?__
    135142 * __How do I startup I2P automatically on boot time?__
    136144   * Just open your router console at and click left on I2P services. On the right frame you see a new menu bar. There's a link to "Service" - click it. Now scroll down in the right frame to to section "Run on startup". In this section you press the button "Run I2P on startup". If you get some errors after boot with a Windows system, disbaled it with the same procedure but pressing the "Don't run I2p o startup" button. Now you can try to put your Windows Startmenu Link of I2P "Start I2P (no window)" in the Autostartsection of your Windows. This should work.
    137145   *''squeezeIt: PLZ add for Linux systems if desired.