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    1616 * __What is the difference between I2P and Freenet, TOR, JonDoe.__
    1717   * ''duck: do people still know Freenet? couple years ago it was the privacy thing that everybody was aware of. any other (regional) candidates?''
     18   * Let's turn this question on its head and ask what do all of the above have in common? They all support online privacy and anonymity to some degree, though implementation and scope of use vary wildly. I2P and Freenet share roughly the same goals insofar as their _primary_ purpose is to implement a darknet environment where all communications between users of the system are off-the-radar. Tor and JonDoe (aka Jap) are primarily concerned with anonymized access to the internet at large. Of course, there's overlap in what these software packages provide.. I2P's eepsites (and .i2p domains) are roughly analogous to Tor's .onion sites; I2P provides a basic "outproxy" to browse content on the net, as does Tor, though I2P's implementation is bested by Tor's given the different project goals. As for Freenet and I2P, both implement darknets and offer similar features, though Freenet's distributed filesystem that conscripts users drives into a shared datapool is different to I2P's conscription of users (I2P routers) to relay packets. *** more clarification needed - dr|z3d ***
    1920 * __Whats an "eepsite"? Who is "Itoopie"? What is a darknet?__